The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 27 His Name Is Lu Yiping

The Golden Bull Chariot was conspicuous, especially under the sunlight.

Xiao Changfeng, Princess Taiyan, Zheng Yue and others, saw the Golden Bull Chariot one after another.

When Princess Taiyan, Zheng Yue saw the Golden Bull Chariot, they were all surprised, not expecting to meet Lu Yiping even in the Northern Star Empire.

“It’s you!” Xiao Changfeng saw that it was Lu Yiping, at once, his eyes were cold, obviously much more excited than Princess Taiyan, Zheng Yue’s reaction.

All the experts of the Xiao family behind Xiao Changfeng also looked at Lu Yiping angrily.

However, the Xiao family experts considered that the imperial capital of the Northern Star Empire prohibits killing, so they hold their anger in their hands. Although they wanted to kill Lu Yiping no one dared to do it.

Since the Northern Star Empire covered up the incident of the White Bone Sect yesterday, so the Wuji Dynasty, Xiao Family, Zheng Family, and others did not know about the incident of the White Bone Sect yesterday.

At this time, Princess Taiyan came forward and said to Lu Yi Ping, “I didn’t expect to meet Young Master Lu here, are you also here for the Northern Star Empire celebration?”

Xiao Changfeng smiled and snorted, “The North Star Empire celebration, how can anyone participate in it, the celebration stipulates that only experts of the Golden Core realm or above can enter the palace!”

The North Star Empire sent invitations to invite experts from all over the world, and each invitation could bring ten people into the palace, but the disciples brought must be above the Golden Core realm.

Xiao Changfeng, who had just broken through the Golden Core realm, was accompanying his father to attend the celebration this time.

“Golden Core?” The Dragon-horned Golden Bull laughed.

Zhang Jin, Zhao Wen, Wei Bing, and Chen Yongyuan also laughed.

Even Lu Yi Ping shook his head and laughed, he did not have a trace of true qi, not a trace of internal energy, not to mention a trace of divine energy, no wonder Xiao Changfeng and others thought he was a mortal.

Not to mention Xiao Changfeng, or Zhou Dingtian, or Wan Wuxiang, or Jiang Yuheng, event the first person in this world, the strongest in the world, it was impossible to see his true body.

Wan Wudi, the Lord of the Divine Martial Continent, was also the ancestor of the first family of the Divine Martial Continent, the Wan family.

And Jiang Yu Heng was the ancestor of the Supreme Unity Sect, was also the first person in the Divine Martial Continent.

Xiao Changfeng’s face sank when he saw the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, Zhang Jin, and others laughing.

At this time, suddenly, several people came from afar.

“Princess Taiyan.” One of the young men saw Princess Taiyan and said joyfully.

Princess Taiyan was surprised to see the visitor and smiled sweetly, “So it’s Young Master Hua of the Cloud Empire.”

Xiao Changfeng, Zheng Yue, and the two of them were astonished at hearing this.

Yun Guohua? The direct descendant of the Yun family’s Yun Haitian!

Although he was young, not older than them by a few years, he was already a life-seizing realm expert! His talent, straight after Yun Haitian, was hailed as the most gifted disciple of the Yun Family’s younger generation, and one of the most gifted disciples of their Northern Star Empire’s younger generation.

“I, Xiao Changfeng of the Xiao Family of the Wuji Imperial Dynasty, and Zheng Yue of the Zheng Family, have seen Young Master Yun Guohua.” Xiao Changfeng, Zheng Yue both hurriedly came forward and said.

Yun Guohua gave a slight nod to the two men, then came to Princess Taiyan and smiled, “When did Princess Taiyan come to the imperial capital?”

Princess Taiyan smiled and said, “We just arrived today as well.”

Lu Yi Ping said to the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, “Let’s go, go to the Heavenly Chamber of Commerce.”

The Heavenly Chamber of Commerce bought and sold things, but, it could also inquire about news. He wanted to go there to ask for some information.

Seeing that Lu Yi Ping was leaving, Princess Taiyan spoke, “Young Master Lu, that Scarlet Flame Sword, I wonder if I can have a look at it?”

The Scarlet Flame Sword?

Yun Guohua and several experts of the Yun family behind him looked towards Lu Yiping.

But Lu Yiping ignored it.

The chariot continued to move forward.

Princess Taiyan was stunned.

At this moment, a Yun family expert stopped in front of the Golden Bull chariot with a flash of his body, and his gaze was burning as he stared at Lu Yi Ping, “Yang Dong’s Scarlet Flame Sword, is it on you?”

“The Scarlet Flame Sword, did you pull it?”

Sword God Yang Dong’s Scarlet Flame Sword had been pulled out, and for more than a month, the news had spread, and surprising many imperial dynasty experts in the Divine Martial Continent.

Lu Yi Ping looked at that Yun family expert who was straddling the middle of the road with a glance and said indifferently, “It’s not too late for you to get out of the way.”

Princess Taiyan, Yun Guohua, Xiao Changfeng, Zheng Yue, and others were all stunned.

Xiao Changfeng laughed coldly. This Lu surnamed, he was simply courting for death! He even dared to be so arrogant in front of the Yun Lu Family experts.

These few Yun family experts together with Yun Guohua were all wearing Yun family direct disciple brocade robes, these Yun family direct disciples, were the descendants who are trained by the Yun family in a key way, their status was far from those Yun family sidelines and external disciples can compare.

The Yun family expert was stunned and obviously did not expect Lu Yi Ping to directly tell him to get lost.

His face sank sharply, “What did you just say?” Staring coldly at Lu Yi Ping, “Kid, do you know who you are talking to?”

However, just as he finished speaking, suddenly, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull kicked directly, and before that Yun Family expert could react, he was kicked into the high air by the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

When the crowd looked, they found that the Yun family expert had disappeared into the clouds.

“I told you to get lost, and still nagging.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull withdrew his leg.

The crowd was shocked and looked at the high altitude in disbelief, and waited for a while, but still did not see that cloud family expert fall.

Xiao Changfeng, Zheng Yue, and others also swallowed foam at the mouth.

These Yun family direct disciples could be with Yun Guohua it meant that their strength should not be weaker than Yun Guohua, only afraid that they were also life-seizing realm experts.

And now they were kicked just like that! In the silence of the crowd, the chariot continued to move slowly.

Yun Guohua’s eyes burst with coldness and his fists clenched, but in the end, he did not stop the chariot.

“If there is another time, it will be your end!!” Lu Yi Ping’s indifferent voice came out.

The crowd was stunned. No one knew to whom Lu Yi Ping was saying this.

Princess Taiyan, however, had a sinking heart. Those words, were they said to her?

Just now, when Yun Guohua came over, she suddenly started to think, in fact, she was harboring some small thoughts.

Princess Taiyan looked at the distant chariot, her eyes twinkling, she never believed that this Lu Yiping was a mortal, but unfortunately, she never saw him make a move.

And that bull, the strength was also beyond her imagination. However, the news of the Scarlet Flame Sword would soon spread, she did not believe that she could not see Lu Yiping’s strike.

Just a long time after Lu Yiping left, that Yun family expert finally fell from the high altitude and smashed down on top of the walls of the Northern Star Empire, scaring the soldiers of the Northern Star Empire who were on patrol!

When Yun Guohua carried the body of this direct disciple of the Yun family back to the Yun family experts, the Yun family experts looked at the Yun family disciple who had smashed down from a high altitude, falling so hard that he could not even recognize his own mother, and all of them had cold faces.

Yun Xingyun, the Yun Family’s supreme elder, looked at his grandson’s corpse and could not restrain the killing intent in his heart, he gritted his teeth, “Who did this?!”

“His name is Lu Yiping!” Yun Guohua hurriedly said, “Yang Dong Scarlet Flame Sword was pulled out by him.”

The Yun Family experts were stunned.

“Where is he now?” Yun Xingyun’s face sank.

“He went to the Heavenly Chamber of Commerce, he should still be in there now!” Yun Guohua said.

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