I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 118 Adaptation Training

What an arrogant boy!

The veterans stared angrily at Shiqi, but they did not stand up to destroy the formation even if they were angry.

They turned their attention to the 100-man commander one after another.

“Captain Tan?” A 100-man commander stood up and bit his teeth and asked Hong Xi’s guard captain, “Is it OK?”

As Hong Xi’s guard captain, even a thousand families did not dare to offend him easily.

“I just came to announce the appointment!” Captain Tan glanced at Shiqi and said with a smile, “But since Commander Chen has this confidence, you are welcome!”

After saying that, he withdrew to one side.

Tan Yuqi was very impressed by Hong Xi. He was still curious about Shiqi. He rarely saw Commander Hong admiring a young man who had just joined the army.

He knew Shiqi’s intentions, so he chose not to interfere. One person picked at the six hundred Bauhinia army, whether it was arrogant or self-confident, you could see at a glance.

The new city guards looked at him with excitement one by one. They hoped that “Chen Pengfei” could ultimately defeat those veterans! After all, Shiqi was a member of their city guard!

“Master Commander, subordinate Meng Fei at the mid-term cultivation base of the True Origin Realm, please advise!”

Seeing that Captain Tan chose not to interfere, the 100-man commander Meng Fei who had just stood up, directly challenged Shiqi.

“I, Chen Pengfei, also cultivate in the middle of the True Origin Realm!” he asked, “are you alone? I think it’s better for 600 of you to go together!”

“The subordinate also has cultivation in the middle of the True Origin Realm!” Meng Fei repeated with a cold face.

Shiqi shook his head and said helplessly, “Then you can make a move!”

“Sorry to offend!”

Meng Fei said politely, but every move was a killer move. He was like a tiger, and his murderous aura broke out. He kicked straight at Shiqi’s throat!

It was easy to kick a broken rock! Shiqi could clearly feel the coolness at his throat.

At that time, when Meng Fei’s foot was about to kick his throat, Shiqi took a shot.

He grabbed Meng Fei’s ankle lightly with one hand. His hands were like iron claws, and Meng Fei stopped in midair.

Shiqi slammed it hard, and Meng Fei mercilessly hit the ground.

With a bang! Meng Fei was smashed into the ground.

Captain Tan took a deep breath. This tremendous force, even the pinnacle master of the True Origin Realm, might not be able to do it!

The veterans’ expressions were just like seeing a ghost!

Is there such a big gap in the middle stage of the same true origin realm?

“Cough cough!” Meng Fei got up from the ground, utterly embarrassed by the dust!

However, Shiqi’s move was very well-measured, and the mid-True Origin Realm masters were not that fragile.

“Commande Meng, you can try it with a sword!”

Shiqi could tell that the person who had the most hope to become a 1000-man commander was Meng Fei.

So he chose to give him another chance!

“Since the commander has said it, then I will try again!”

Meng Fei drew out his long sword, and it instantly turned crimson, as if it was about to burn.

This time, he was cautious. He had already treated Shiqi as an enemy.

“Fierce fire!”

Slashing off with a single sword, Shiqi didn’t dodge, but Meng Fei didn’t recover. He was very aware of the opponent’s strength and suffered a significant loss just now!

Everyone on the scene looked at Shiqi, waiting for him to take action.

Shiqi took a shot, still the same trick. He grabbed the blade with one hand! His right hand almost turned into gold, so he simply caught Meng Fei’s crimson red long sword.

Meng Fei thrust it fiercely, but the long sword didn’t move. Everyone on the scene looked at Shiqi in amazement, and they couldn’t believe it!

Shiqi was able to seize the sword empty-handed! This gap was too big.

“Your sword … the temperature is good!” Shiqi let go of the long sword, and Meng Fei staggered and backed away several steps. The Shiqi’s blows decently beat him, and he could hardly have any resistance to it.

Even in the face of the peak master of the True Origin Realm, he had never been so powerless! From beginning to end, the opponent did not draw his sword.

Shiqi drew out his long sword, and the blood-red killing aura suddenly erupted. With the incomplete eruption of the evil spirit aura, all the soldiers in the entire camp were enveloped!

On the scene, as if entering the ice and snow, the tragic wind, the strong blood-red killing aura that could not be dissipated, everyone resisted desperately, and they were almost unable to lift their heads by the killing pressure!

Many soldiers had found that the speed at which their true qi runs in the body begins to drop! And the source of killing intent, Shiqi’s burly body, was like an evil spirit!

“I am a 1000-man commander. Do you have any comments?”



“No opinion!”


The veterans struggled to resist the killing intent, but the new city guards all looked like chicken blood. They looked at him enthusiastically and shouted crazily.

As soon as the killing intent was over, all the veterans breathed a sigh of relief, only to hear him sink his voice and say, “If you still have any comments, welcome to my door to challenge, and I will not refuse!”

The veterans all looked at him with a wry smile. I’m afraid no one with eyes open will challenge him after today.

“Commander Meng, you are responsible for training new recruits and follow the standards of your Bauhinia Army!”

“The subordinates obey!” Meng Fei has accepted his fate. At least during Shiqi’s rule, he had no chance.

“They are all brothers who came with me. I hope the veterans can teach them seriously!” Shiqi asked loudly, “Is it all right?”


“No problem!”


The veteran’s answer was sparse, but he didn’t care. He just made a statement and told the veterans not to bully the recruits too much!

The military camp was hierarchical. Under intense pressure, many soldiers’ strings were stretched tightly, while bullying new recruits had become a means for some veterans to vent their emotional pressure.

After Shiqi left, all the veterans in the camp gave a long sigh of relief. Just now, he put too much pressure on them.

“How many people did Commander Chen kill? Even the general is not as murderous as he is! “

“The average person is so murderous, and he has long been possessed!”

“It’s terrifying!”

“His strength is terrifying!”

“Yes, Commander Meng could hardly resist him!”

“Commander Chen must be a body forging martial artist, otherwise he can’t be so strong!”

“Nonsense, he still has a heavy sword!”


“Or, we ask those newcomers? Commander Chen seems to be from the Bauhinia City Guards. They must know about him!” 

The city guards were pleased to share the questions of the veterans. This was also an excellent opportunity to join the Bauhinia Army! Shiqi’s strength made them very proud. When talking about his deeds, it was natural to exaggerate a little!

The notoriety of the Shiqi’s “Blood-Hand Slaughter” not only let the veterans reject him but he was recognized by them instead!

In the following time, Meng Fei trained recruits in the morning and took time to train everyone in the afternoon!  As in the city guards, the training of the soldiers was to adapt to the evil spirit aura.

Since the Crimson Blood Devil Sword evolution, the evil spirit aura had also been strengthened, and the evil spirit aura was no longer what it used to be. It was aimed at everyone except the swordmaster!

So the soldiers quickly adapted to the evil spirit aura.

As the adaptive training progressed, Shiqi found that almost all the soldiers looked at him with enthusiasm. In the evil spirit aura, the performance was undeniable, and even some had crazy tendencies. After closing the evil spirit aura, that kind of fanaticism remained and turned to reverence.

Chen Hao took the performance of all the soldiers in his eyes. Only then did he discover the actual effect behind the brief introduction of the evil spirit aura. He really looked forward to Shiqi’s crazy performance with this group of men on the battlefield.

The enemy here was no ordinary mountain thief and bandit!

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