The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 26: Waiting For The Great Arrival

Yesterday, this General of the Northern Star Empire had to take Lu Yiping and the others down, but now, when he saw Lu Yiping coming, he was with a smile on his face.

“I am general Chen Yuan of the Northern Star Empire, has seen Lord Lu.” Chen Yuan cupped his fist to Lu Yiping.

Above the general was the marshal. However, in the major empires, only a god realm expert could become a grand marshal. This Chen Yuan in front of him was only at the seventh stage of the Great Emperor realm. Of course, an admiral of the seventh level of the Great Emperors, in the Northern Star Empire, was also a significant figure.

Lu Yiping nodded, then sat down and lifted his cup of tea, “What’s the matter?” He didn’t let the other party sit down.

Chen Yuan frowned, thinking of the Emperor’s order this time, suppressed the displeasure in his heart, and said, “I have been ordered by the Emperor to come and invite Master Lu to join the celebration later.” Then he took out a golden invitation.

Song Ning stepped forward, took the golden invitation, and delivered it to Lu Yiping.

Chen Yuan smiled and said, “This invitation is inscribed by our great emperor himself. For this celebration, our great emperor personally inscribed ten invitations, and this one, Master. Lu, is one of them.”

Then fearing that Lu Yiping still did not know the preciousness of this invitation, he added, “One of them was given to Prince Yun Haitian and the Hundred Flower Empress!”

Hearing these two names, Song Ning’s heart shook wildly and said in surprise, “Prince Yun Haitian! Hundred Flower Empress!”

Yun Haitian!

Hundred Flower Empress!

These two names were undoubtedly two of the most famous people in the Divine Martial Continent in the last hundred years.

As long as the forces on the Divine Martial Continent were on the stage, they had definitely heard about these two people.

“Oh, Yun Haitian, the Hundred Flower Empress.” However, Lu Yiping’s expression remained as usual. Although he had only been out of the world for a month or so, he had heard about these two people.

Yun Haitian, with the constitution of a twin saint, possessing two great saint bodies and extremely high attainments in both the sword dao and the zither dao. He was the young master of the Yun family, one of the four great families of the Divine Martial Continent.

He was also the current youngest god realm expert in the divine martial continent!

The Hundred Flower Empress, on the other hand, was the emperor of the Hundred Flower Empire.

There were hundreds of empires in the Divine Martial Continent, and the Hundred Flowers Empire was one of the ten strongest empires in the Divine Martial Continent.

The Hundred Flower Empress was not only beautiful but also still unmarried, like the Great Emperor of the Northern Star Empire, Zhou Dingtian, she was the founding emperor, that was to say, the Hundred Flower Empire was built by this Hundred Flower Empress herself, rather than inheriting from her father.

“Yes, it is none other than Young Master Yun Haitian and the Hundred Flower Empress.” Chen Yuan laughed.

Suddenly, Lu Yiping opened his mouth and asked, “Do you have a superior godhead In the hands of your Emperor?”

Chen Yuan was stunned, obviously not expecting Lu Yiping to ask this question suddenly. Superior Godhead?

“Hmm, well, go back and tell your Emperor that I will attend then.” Lu Yiping said.

Chen Yuan smiled, “Then, when the time comes, I will be waiting for you, Master Lu.” Then he said goodbye and left.

After Chen Yuan left, Song Ning smiled at Lu Yiping and said, “Young master, I didn’t expect that the Great Emperor of the Northern Star would personally inscribe the invitation and have General Chen Yuan send it to you.”

This was simply a supreme honor. Even many Divine Spirit Realm experts did not have this honor.

Although the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect had also received an invitation for the celebration, it was different from Lu Yiping’s. It was only inscribed by the expert of the department in charge of sending invitations in the Northern Star Empire.

Lu Yiping opened the invitation and saw that there were not many words on the invitation. There were dragon flying and phoenix dancing, through a kind of arrogance, overpowering, with the emperor’s power.

“The words are written in a sloppy manner.” Lu Yiping took a look and said.

Although the Northern Star Empire was not founded long, only 10,000 years, it can become the first empire of the Divine Martial Continent. It could be inferred that this Zhou Dingtian was not simple.

Although Yun Haitian and Hundred Flower Empress were famous in Divine Martial, they were still quite inferior to Zhou Dingtian. The legendary deeds about this Zhou Dingtian were innumerable.

However, Lu Yiping also knew that Zhou Dingtian invited him, not because he thought he could be comparable to Yun Haitian, Hundred Flower Empress, but because of the Yellow Springs Demon Sect, Su Xiu!

It seemed that the other party mistakenly thought that he was Su Xiu’s disciple or nephew?

When Song Ning listened to Lu Yiping said that the Northern Star Empire Emperor Zhou Dingtian’s writing was sloppy, he was all sweaty.

He stole a glance, only to see the words of the invitation, the emperor’s power of the world came to the surface, and an astonishing sword aura seemed to rise to the sky.

Obviously, this simple more than a dozen characters contained the supreme sword dao. Song Ning swallowed his saliva. Is this still sloppy?

Afterward, Song Ning gave a respectful bow to Lu Yiping and retreated. Now, he couldn’t wait to refine the Divine Spirit Golden Pill.

He was already at the peak of the tenth stage of Ancient Emperor and had been stuck for many years. This Divine Spirit Golden Pill should be able to help him break through the Emperor Realm, and it should also help him touch the God Realm.

While Song Ning went back to his room to cultivate, Lu Yiping came to the courtyard where Lu Peng and Lu Xiaoyu were practicing.

Lu Peng and Lu Xiaoyu were practicing and sparring the Shura Sword Technique.

Sword Qi in the courtyard flew out vertically and horizontally. However, the sword Qi only circulated in the courtyard and did not leak out of the courtyard.

Compared to a month ago when Lu Yiping first met them, the swordsmanship had improved by more than one level. Obviously, the two had put in hard work in the past month or so.

“Young Master.” When Lu Peng, Lu Xiaoyu saw Lu Yiping’s arrival, they stopped their practice and hurried over, saluted respectfully.

“The Shura Sword Technique has been cultivated well.” Lu Yiping said with a smile.

Lu Peng scratched his head, embarrassed, “I’m too untalented, I always can’t cultivate the twentieth move of the Shura Sword Technique.”

Lu Yiping shook his head, “It’s not that you have no talent, the Shura Sword Technique requires profound true qi after the twentieth move to be able to cultivate it, and your realm is too low.” Speaking of this, he took out two True God Golden Pills refined by Su Xiu and shot them directly.

The Two True God Golden Pills immediately passed through the bodies of the two and entered their Dantians.

“Just now, it was two True God Golden Pills. Now, I will integrate these two True God Golden Pills into your dantian, in the future, when you cultivate, the power of this True God Golden Pills will slowly disperse and integrate into your dantian, transforming into your true qi, helping you to quickly raise your realm.” Lu Yiping explained.

“True, True God Golden Pill!” Lu Peng and Lu Xiaoyu both trembled, stunned. The two were completely blinded.

True, true god!

When the Shura Sect was not yet overthrown, the Shura Sect master, not even an Ancient Emperor, True God, was an existence they did not even dare to think about.

“Cultivate well.” Lu Yiping said, “Later, rebuild the Shura Sect.”

After all, the Shura Sect was created by his good friend, and he did not want it to be lost like this.

“Thank you for your great kindness, Young Master!” Lu Peng, Lu Xiaoyu woke up from their shock and prostrated on the ground. This big man, Lu Peng, cried.

Lu Yiping asked the two to get up, did not disturb their cultivation, and left the courtyard.

Out of the courtyard, Lu Yiping took the Dragon Horned Golden Bull with Zhang Jin and a few people out of the mansion and walked around.

Not long after they left the house, they met the masters of the Wuji Dynasty, the Xiao family, and the Zheng family.

Xiao Changfeng, Princess Taiyan, and Zheng Yue were riding their mounts, walking side by side, talking eloquently, and laughing.

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