I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 117: Promoted to 1000-man Commander

Shiqi immediately ordered to stop marching and prepare for the battle Upon receiving the warning from the sword.

In the battle yesterday, under Shiqi’s leadership, the two thousand city guards defeated he ultimately convinced the three thousand black blood kingdom army, a hearty victory, and the remaining soldiers. Everyone was willing to obey his order.

It was said that they were ready to fight. Half of the city guards at the rear of the team can rush to the team’s front. All the soldiers drew out their weapons, and the archers were ready to shoot arrows, and they moved swiftly.

The city guards had just made preparations for battle, and the vibrations under their feet became more and more apparent.

Now everyone was nervous again.

Although the City Guard defeated the Black Blood Kingdom army in the battle yesterday, it also lost half of its combat power. At present, they had barely more than a thousand soldiers. 

Even if they had Shiqi charged forwards, their strengths were still much worse than that of the regular army of the Black Blood Kingdom.

“Calm down, everybody, calm down!” Shiqi did not ride a horse this time. He stood in front of the battle and laughed loudly. “If it is really an enemy, just follow me.”

Soon, familiar flags appeared, and a group of foot soldiers wearing purple and black armor appeared in front of the city guards.

Xiao Qixiang was pleasantly surprised: “It’s the Bauhinia Legion! It’s our people! Not the enemy! Not an enemy! “

“Our people!”

“It’s our people!”


Seeing that it was the Bauhinia Legion, Shiqi was also relieved. It should be the people who sent the information from the carrier pigeons last night and the Bauhinia Legion sent to pick them up.

The Bauhinia Legion stopped 30 meters away from the city guards. A general wearing black and purple full-body armor and riding a horse came slowly: “Who is your commander?”

Xiao Qixiang was about to come forward when he just took two steps and found that almost all the soldiers looked at Shiqi.

He walked awkwardly to Shiqi and pushed him: “Go over!”

Shiqi nodded and did not refuse.

“Chen Pengfei, one of the 100-man commanders in Bauhinia City, has seen the general!”

“100-man commander?” The general of the Bauhinia Legion looked at Shiqi with some surprise and said, “The highest position here is 100-man commander?”

“It’s Xiao Qixiang, Commander Xiao!” Shiqi said truthfully.

Xiao Qixiang rushed forward and explained: “General, I am Xiao Qixiang, but Chen Pengfei is now the commander of the team!”

The middle-aged general asked in a low voice: “So, yesterday you encountered the army of the black blood kingdom, and the battle commander was Chen Pengfei!”

“Yes!” Xiao Qixiang had nothing to hide.

He told the truth about yesterday’s situation in the original, and the only artistic treatment was that he said that he had voluntarily handed over the command to Shiqi.

Shiqi nodded beside him, so he wouldn’t find himself uncomfortable.

Yesterday, one of them was suspected of seizing power, and the other was shirking responsibility. Strictly investigated, both of them had problems.

“Chen Pengfei, you are very good. You defeated the regular army of the black blood country with a group of untrained city guards and also beheaded two thousand, which is a great contribution!” The middle-aged general smiled at him and said, “Let your people follow us!”

That night, Shiqi and the army came to the front camp safely.

The frontline camp was tranquil, with almost no lights. In the darkness, Shiqi could see densely white tents extending to the sky.

“We will take the wounded and the food and grain. You will camp here. You must arrange them within half an hour. You are not allowed to make noise in the barracks after dark, and you are not allowed to walk around at will. Anyone who violates the order shall be beheaded!” the middle-aged general whispered, ” Someone will come to receive you tomorrow!”

“Understood!” Shiqi replied, more than one thousand city guards quickly set up camp to rest.

After successive battles and journeys, they were already exhausted. After entering the tent, they also followed the military orders and did not even dare to speak loudly.

The city guards of Bauhinia City were very aware of the consequences of violating the Bauhinia Legion’s military order. Some people quickly fell asleep. Shiqi, in the small independent tent, could hear the snoring from the tent next door.

He was lying in the tent and couldn’t sleep. After spending so much time, he finally reached the front line, feeling excited and uneasy. He closed his eyes tightly, but Lan Yanlin’s shadow appeared in his mind.

How is she recently?

Sometimes, he will waver and ask himself whether it is worth it!

But what if it’s not worth it?

What can he do?

Shiqi lifted a corner of the tent, took one look at the scene outside, and the footsteps of patrol soldiers came. He hurriedly lay back on the bedding.

“Lord Sword Spirit, you say, what is the reason for people to live?”

Chen Hao replied in a natural tone: “Of course, in order to meet death … or, let yourself die better …”

“Er … is it better to die?”

“Yes, that’s how I understand it. If you really don’t want to live one day, I recommend the last elegy to you. The effect is great. Fu Yuanming said it was as beautiful and gorgeous as fireworks!”


“Then what do you think? Am I right? Does what I did make sense?”

Chen Hao knew what Shiqi worked so hard for. He never hid anything from him.

“There is no right or wrong. If you feel meaningful, do it. Everyone pursues something different. Some people exhaust what they pursue all their lives. Maybe it is a joke to others!”

Shiqi always felt that what Lord Sword Spirit said seemed to have other meanings. After listening to him, his heartfelt even worse!

Man! Once or twice a month, you need to think about your life.

The next day, after he got up, he was in good spirits. Just after leaving the camp, he received an order that the commander of the Bauhinia Legion wanted to see him.

The commander, Hong Xi, who had met with Shiqi and Xiao Qixiang, was a burly man with thick eyebrows and big eyes. Next to him was the general who came to meet them.

Hong Xi seemed to have recognized Shiqi and directly met him, appointed him as a 1000-man commander, and asked him to select four hundred people from the city guards and put them under his jurisdiction.

As for the remaining city guards, under the leadership of personal guards, they went to other camps that needed to replenish their troops.

With his contribution for breaking the three thousand regular armies of the Black Blood Kingdom, it was not a problem to be promoted to 1000-man commander, but this decision still surprised him.

Choosing soldiers, Shiqi had no soft hands. He first left his old men behind and then selected those strong and brave guys, who were all soldiers who had made him familiar with him in Black Wind Ridge last time.

The city guards who he selected were pleased, and he was military brave. They were impressed because having a qualified and reliable general on the battlefield was absolutely very important.

Under the guidance of Hong Xi’s guard Captain, he arrived at the new camp. After the announcement of his appointment, more than six hundred Bauhinia Legion veterans looked at him without saying a word.

Shiqi could clearly see most veterans’ dissatisfied faces, and their expressions were clearly written on their faces, and they didn’t even bother to hide them.

The veterans did not have a good impression of him, a young man who was directly promoted from 100-man commander of the City Guard to 1000-man commander of the Bauhinia Legion.

Some of the 100-man commanders standing in the forefront had even more dissatisfaction on their faces!

The men and horses that the city guards replenished had always been lowered one level to join the army, but the strange thing about Shiqi was just one grade after joining the army!

It can’t help but make people suspect that the Shiqi had a strong background and came to the army to be gilded!

As for his records, if it were not seen with their own eyes, they would not believe it.

As they were waiting, the captain said to Shiqi: “Commander Chen, what do you want to say to them?”

Shiqi stood in front of the stage and shouted, “My name is Chen Pengfei. I am sixteen years old. Many of you are older than me in terms of age!”

Some neutral veterans in the audience nodded, feeling that although the new commander was young, he was also very good at being a human being.

At least he gave them respect!

“But when you are old but your position is not as high as mine. It can only prove that you have lived as a dog for so many years!” Shiqi ignored the unkind eyes of a group of veterans below, “I know you are very dissatisfied today. Just give yourself a chance to prove yourself. I will stand here without weapons. You six hundred people. If someone can knock me down, I will personally resign as commander of the Red Guard, saying that I am not capable of serving as a 1000-man commander!”

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