The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 25: The Jade Disc Of Creation

Translator: Aida Hanabi Editor: Mystified

In the imperial capital of the North Star Empire, every inch of land was valued as gold, even a small store in the most remote area. So with a residence that covered the area of a hundred acres, not to mention the central area of the North Star Empire, the price would be extremely high.

The price of a residence like this was at least in the hundreds of millions of top-quality spirit stones at the minimum.

The residence had a large barrier array laid by Su Xiu, and without a token, even the peak late True God experts wouldn’t be able to open it.

Although this barrier was useless against Lu Yiping, he still took out Su Xiu’s token to open the barrier to the residence and walked in with the crowd.

Walking into the residence, its aura was compelling.

Song Ning and the others found that the wooden pillars in the residence were all made of rare golden nan spirit wood.

And the stone tiles laid on the ground, each and all of them, were star stones.

Inside the courtyard, the greenery was rippling, and the fragrance of ten thousand flowers permeated the air.

Even flowers and plants were all rare species.

And the pond had nine yang spirit water.

The nine yang spirit water, filled with the nine yang qi, having it in the residence would make the people inside it have warm bodies.

Behind the residence, there was also a large garden where all the spiritual medicine grew, all of at least 50,000 years grade.

The value of these spiritual medicines alone was higher than the residence’s land.

Song Ning and the experts of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect were in awe.

Lu Peng and Lu Xiaoyu felt like entering a heavenly palace.

Lu Yiping’s face was calm since the divine medicines within his sacred forest, even the most garbage ones, were tens of thousands of times better than the ones here.

Afterward, Lu Yiping let Song Ning and others choose their own rooms to stay.

This time the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect came with more than forty people, but there were many rooms in the residence, nearly a hundred, so there were enough rooms to use.

While Lu Yiping and the others were staying at Su Xiu’s residence, inside the Imperial Palace of the North Star Empire, Zhou Dingtian, the Great Emperor of North Star, who was wearing a nine-dragon golden robe while emitting invisible pressure all over his body, listened to the general Chen Yuan’s report with his eyes twinkling.

When Chen Yuan finished his report, Zhou Dingtian mused, “What do you think is the relationship between this young man and Su Xiu, the old ancestor of the Yellow Springs Demon Sect? Could it be Su Xiu’s personal disciple?”

Chen Yuan hurriedly replied, “This, I can’t answer, but since that young man has Su Xiu’s token on him, I think his relationship with Su Xiu must be quite close, even if he is not Su Xiu’s disciple, he should be Su Xiu’s descendant.”

“As for his relationship with the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect, I’ve already checked, the Scarlet Flame Sword was pulled out by him a while ago.”

Zhou Dingtian was surprised, “Oh, he drew the Scarlet Flame Sword?”

Many geniuses of the empire in Shenwu Continent had gone to pull out this Scarlet Flame Sword, but no one had been able to pull it out.

“Yes, and I found out that he happened to be at the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect when the Sword Demon Xilai was killed.” Chen Yuan said again.

Zhou Dingtian was once again surprised, “You mean to say that Sword Demon Xilai was, most likely, killed by those four guards around him?”

“My subordinate speculates that it should be so.” Chen Yuan said respectfully.

Zhou Dingtian pondered, “Those four guards, who were able to kill Sword Demon Xilai, seem to have strength not weaker than the God realm? Could it be that Su Xiu sent them to protect him?”


At night, it was calm like water.

Lu Yiping sat in his mansion room, running the Longevity Formula, which had forty-nine layers in total. It was a technique recorded in the Jade Disc of Creation.

After he came out of the Sacred Forest, he had already broken through to the forty-ninth layer.

With the forty-ninth layer of the Longevity Formula running, at once, the ground surged into golden lotus, and the surrounding space had a ray of Qi falling down.

Above Lu Yiping’s head, there was a cloud, and above the cloud, was there was an object! Surprisingly, it was a small jade-colored disc!

This was the jade disc of creation. However, it was not complete, it was just a small piece.

Around Lu Yiping’s body, several dao was constantly entwined, blooming with a mysterious dao light, this dao, the dao of life and death, the dao of yin and yang, the dao of five elements, and even the dao of reincarnation!

There were a thousand daos in total!

In the ancient times, the Lord of the Gods had only cultivated ninety-nine grand dao.

Lu Yiping, on the other hand, currently has one thousand daos.

Of course, the strength of the two couldn’t be compared as simply as just ten times.

The next day.

Lu Yiping stopped his cultivation of the Longevity Formula.

Above his head, from above the cloud, the Jade Disc of Creation fell into his hand.

“I wonder where the other pieces of creation jade disc are.” Looking at a small piece of the Jade Disc of Creation in his hand, Lu Yiping secretly thought.

The complete Jade Disc of Creation had twenty-four pieces, recording the three thousand Great Dao, and this small piece of his was the most central piece of the twenty-four pieces, recording the one thousand Great Dao.

And it was a complete thousand dao and a longevity technique.

At this time, there was a knock at the door.

Lu Yiping put away the Jade Disc of Creation into his body and spoke, “Come in.”

Song Ning pushed the door in, cautiously, and came to Lu Yiping and respectfully said, “My lord, I have inquired with that friend deacon from the Tianji Chamber of Commerce, and he said that their Chamber of Commerce is having an auction next month for a Dark Moon God Physique.”

Although it was not the 14th grade Supreme God Physique, the Dark Moon God Physique was still the 11th grade God Physique.

“What time next month?” Lu Yiping asked, “And only one?”

The first day of next month is the North Star Empire celebration, and the auction is scheduled for the second day of next month.” Song Ning hurriedly replied, “There is only one, I have asked him to ask for another God Physique for me, but God Physiques are rarely available for auction.”

Lu Yiping nodded, gave Song Ning a look, and took out a golden pill from inside the Universe Cauldron and gave it to Song Ning, “Well done.”

Song Ning took the golden pill and smelled the astonishing fragrance of the pill. He said, “God Golden Pill!” Then he asked Lu Yiping in disbelief, “Sir, this, is this for me?”

Lu Yiping laughed, “Of course it’s for you, is it for me?” Following that, he laughed, “Just a god golden pill, get up.”

He first refined the Sword Demon Xilai and then refined the six supreme elders of the Dark Demon Hall in the Black Hell Forest, and after rewarding Yang Cheng, Chen Hong, Zhang Jin, Zhao Wen, and others, he still had quite a few of them in his hands.

When Song Ning heard that Lu Yiping had really rewarded him with this god golden pill, his whole body trembled with excitement, and he bowed to Lu Yiping, “Song Ning thanks you for the pill!”

“Your Excellency’s great kindness, Song Ning will definitely not forget!”

Lu Yiping smiled at his words but did not care. He let Song Ning get up and then let Song Ning leave the room.

The sun was shining brightly, shining on the face, and it was warm.

“Master, there is a general of the North Star Empire outside wgo asks for an audience, he is the one from yesterday, saying that he came on the order of the North Star Great Emperor.” At this time, Zhao Wen came over and spoke in a respectful voice.

“Oh, coming on the order of the Great Emperor of the North Star.” Lu Yiping pondered briefly, “Let him come in and bring him to the main hall.”

Zhao Wen acknowledged the order in a respectful voice, then retreated.

“My lord, the North Star, sending someone over, it won’t be about yesterday’s incident, right?” Song Ning asked apprehensively.

“I don’t think so.” Lu Yiping said.

The two went towards the main hall, and when they arrived, they saw a middle-aged man in a battle robe standing in the main hall, it was none other than the general from yesterday.

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