It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 94: The Unfortunate Thunder Tribulation Giant

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In the sky, among the dark clouds. Thunder Tribulation Giant rushed out quickly, shuttled back and forth, his face was full of joy.

“It’s great, great! It’s just a breath of time, and someone will have a tribulation again. God is helping me! It seems that there is hope to reach this year’s performance target!” When he said this, the Thunder Tribulation Giant smiled slightly.

“This time, I can’t always meet the supreme being, right? Little guy, don’t blame me. Blame it on your bad luck! To accomplish the goal, there’s no choice!”

Thunder Tribulation Giant turned its piercing gaze downward and retracted it in a flash.

“This…” Thunder Tribulation Giant’s lips quivered, and his voice trembled. That kind of helplessness and bitterness were written all over his face.

“Why does it have a connection with the supreme being? What do I do? God! Please don’t torture me like this!” Thunder Tribulation Giant sighed secretly, drew a ray of thunder light from himself, and gave it down to Luo Liuyan.

The clouds and mists in the sky quickly dissipated. Everything was back to normal. Luo Liuyan stared at her Dantian blankly, and her face was full of disbelief.

“This… is this the light of thunder tribulation? Is it fusing with my Nascent Soul? How can I obtain such good fortune? All of this must be because of Young Master!” Luo Liuyan looked at Sun Hao with gratitude all over her face.

“In that case, take this opportunity to break through to the late stage of Crossing Calamity!” Luo Liuyan thought secretly and quickly began to eat.

All five of them ate their food in silence, and none of them spoke. Suddenly, 

Su Yiling stopped in place, and she looked at the small dishes on the table anxiously.

“Why don’t you eat it?” Luo Liuyan asked.

“Master, I … I’m in the early stage of Crossing Calamity. If I eat again, I will have a breakthrough!” Su Yiling pouted as she said that.

“Don’t worry, take the tribulation here. You’ll be safe!” Luo Liuyan said.


“Of course!”

“Great!” Su Yiling let loose of herself and started to snatch food from the crowd.

Sun Hao, who watched this scene, raised the corners of his mouth. He was in a good mood. Every time they ate a piece of food, they contributed some blessing points for him. The feeling was wonderful.

Refuel(1), eat it all up.

“It seems that the food is not enough. I will cook for you!” Sun Hao stood up calmly and walked to the kitchen. Huang Rumeng also immediately followed behind and left quickly. Without Sun Hao and Huang Rumeng present, they let themselves lose even more.

They completely looked as if they were in a war of snatching the food. The scene was not in the least bit harmonious at all. After a while, a breaking sound was heard. Su Yiling broke through!

“Huu!” There was another black cloud in the sky.

The tricolor thunder light that flashed among the dark clouds kept making shocking sounds. In the dark clouds, the Thunder Tribulation Giant stood in place, his expression nervous and his heart beating violently.

“This time, the people who cross the tribulation shouldn’t have anything to do with the Supreme Being, right?” After taking a few long breaths, the Thunder Tribulation Giant swept his eyes down. After a while, it was immediately withdrawn. He collapsed to the ground all over with a bitter face.

“Supreme being, I know how to do it!”

After speaking, the Thunder Tribulation Giant drew out a ray of thunder light and sent it to Su Yiling.

“It stopped?” Su Yiling looked at the sky, unable to believe it.

“Don’t be stunned, look at your dantian.” Luo Liuyan said.

Su Yiling nodded, sinking her consciousness into her dantian, she was instantly frightened to the spot. Her little mouth opened into an O shape. She couldn’t react at all.

“Master, I … I …”

“Hush, don’t let Young Master hear it so as not to break Young Master’s Dao Heart!”

“En!” Su Yiling nodded heavily.

“Fellow Daoist Luo, I’m about to breakthrough. You won’t take this soup from me, right?” Chen Daoming said.

“Fellow Daoist Chen, I want to make a breakthrough too, so let me drink that little soup!” Luo Liuyan said.

“Master, the leftovers are cold. Let me drink it for you!” Su Yiling said.

Then, the three of them began to compete for six plates. Meanwhile, Sun Hao and Huang Rumeng walked out with four dishes each. Seeing the scene in front of him, he couldn’t help but become dumbfounded.

The dignified cultivator actually fighting to drink soup? It seems that the dishes did not contain soup, but only a little bit of juice, right?

“Rumeng, you are good at cooking!” 

“Thank you for your praise, Young Master!”

“Let’s go, and we will deliver this to them!”


When Sun Hao brought four dishes to them, they stayed there stupidly, showing a touch of embarrassment.

“Don’t freeze, eat! If it is not enough, we will cook again.” Sun Hao said.

“Young Master, this is enough!” The three of them then continued to eat.

Shortly after. Luo Liuyan broke through again, reaching the late stage of the Tribulation Realm. In the sky, dark clouds are everywhere. The Thunder Tribulation Giant shuttled among the dark clouds and burst into laughter.

“Supreme Being aside, there were only three little guys. They have already broken through. The person who went through tribulation this time is certainly unrelated to them! It’s only a quarter of an hour before someone went through tribulation again, God is helping me!”

“Haha …” The Thunder Tribulation Giant raised his head to the sky and laughed, and it took a long time for him to calm down.

“This time, I’m sure to blow your soul away!” After speaking, the Thunder Tribulation Giant began to gather six-colored Thunder Lights. The terrible power seemed to be able to destroy the world. When he was about to throw it down, his scalp felt numb, and his whole person was like sinking into a freezing cold hell.

“My … my God, why are they going through tribulation again? This … this is not letting me live! It’s so bitter!” The Thunder Tribulation Giant took back the thunder light in an extremely unwilling expression. He pulled out two strands of thunder light from his body and threw them down to Luo Liuyan.

The Thunder Tribulation Giant disappeared from that place with a dark cloud accompanied by a whistling sound. About a quarter of an hour later. The dark cloud that took the Thunder Tribulation Giant appeared again in the same place.

This time, without even thinking about it, he drew two strands of thunder light from his body and threw them down to Chen Daoming.

It was as though he was a plucked rooster in those lifeless eyes, which made him look very sloppy.

“Supreme Being, don’t frown, I can only pull so much. Otherwise, I will become a hairless rooster, and then I will be unemployed! Supreme Being, please leave Ziyang Planet! I couldn’t do my job with you being here!” Thunder Tribulation Giant muttered, his face was bitter. Shortly after. He appeared again, drew out two strands of thunder light, and threw them down to Su Yiling. Then he left that place with a dark cloud.

Sun Hao looked at the changing sky and frowned. This awful weather was bizarre, It was bright in a moment then dark the next moment. It feels like someone was controlling the switch. The identity of those with this kind of control must be extremely terrifying. Who the hell is it?


Luo Liuyan and the others couldn’t help clenching their fists, sensing the changes in their dantian, their faces were full of joy. The Nascent Soul in their dantian merged with the tricolor Thunder Light underwent a complete transformation.

Now, with every strand of spiritual power drawn, there will be a strand of thunder tribulation power. It was ten times more powerful than pure spiritual power! This was truly supreme good luck! It was naturally Young Master who gave them all of this!

“Young Master, I can’t repay such great kindness. If you have anything, I will definitely go through fire and water!” These several people murmured, gratitude written across their faces.

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