I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 116: Intermediate Spirit Rank

That night, after the city guards cleaned up the battlefield, they didn’t move forward anymore. The military merits needed to be counted, the spoils required to be collected, and the wounded needed to be treated.

However, Shiqi had already sent pigeons to the frontline Bauhinia Legion. When everything was arranged, it was already midnight.

Xiao Qixiang didn’t sleep either, nor slack off either. He helped Shiqi to handle some chores. This makes Shiqi had a better sense for him. At least he could do something; that was, he is a little lacking at the critical moment.

“Commander Chen, you are not going to kill those prisoners yourself, are you?”

“Well, what’s the problem?”

Xiao Qixiang knew that Chen Pengfei would never let the prisoners go, but he continued, “Living prisoners are better than dead ones. The captured prisoners are more valuable, and the military merits that can be exchanged are more. Sometimes the military exchanges a group of important prisoners with the Black Blood Nation, and the group of prisoners in our hands can be used as a bargaining chip.”

“But what I reported was beheading. Two thousand and five prisoners, I still use Commander Xiao’s seal!”

“Er … then kill it!”

Shiqi had just asked the Lord Sword Spirit. The Crimson Blood Devil Sword had enough energy to upgrade.

He was in a delighted mood now, so he said one more sentence: “Commander Xiao, don’t forget, we haven’t reached the front line yet. What if the Black Blood Kingdom army infiltrates into the rear of the battle line is not only the one just now? In the battle, hundreds of enemies have escaped, and they are likely to spread the news!”

“So, after we have a rest tonight, we must hurry on forward. Only when we meet with the members of the Bauhinia Legion are we safe. Today’s casualties are not small if we reencounter an enemy…”

Xiao Qixiang nodded. He understood what Shiqi wanted to say. Although he felt that the other party was still looking for an excuse to kill the prisoner, the reason was quite good! Xiao Qixiang left, but he kept silent about horses.

During the day, Shiqi’s horse was borrowed from Xiao Qixiang. It was really a suitable war horse!

“Find a quieter place!” Chen Hao said to Seventeen eagerly.


Shiqi walked out of the camp and said to Xiong Tingzhi, “I’ll go out for a walk. If someone asks for me, let him wait!”

“Okay, commander!”

Stepping into the mountain forest, Shiqi cast the wind step and ran for five miles before stopping. He found a mountain, checked it around for half an hour, and made sure no one was there.

Chen Hao was delighted with Shiqi’s caution. The long-lost system prompt sounds: “The upgrade energy has been met. Does the host want to upgrade?”

“Upgrade!” Chen Hao said without hesitation. The last time the sword was upgraded was a long time ago.

The Crimson Blood Devil Sword exuded a strong high temperature, and the entire sword had turned crimson, like a red soldering iron!

The smell of grilled meat floated. Chen Hao said in the devil sword: “You can put down the sword!”

Shiqi horizontally cut off a huge stone and laid the crimson blood sword flat on the stone platform.

The blood-red glow of the dark light dyed the night into red, the evil aura was automatically turned on, the killing aura was raging, and the wind bursts, Shiqi was shrouded in the evil aura, feeling the killing aura lurking in his body boiling again, and his eyes were stained with blood.

In the dimness of the blood-colored world, he saw many distorted, terrible, ugly, and unknown faces. Those faces grew out of their mouths, wailing and venomous curses… They just showed up. It disappeared quickly like smoke and dust and then turned into other, strange, and familiar faces!

Shiqi stood next to the Crimson Blood Devil Sword, just watching them appear, and then they disappeared. Their backs were straight, under the silver mask, their expressions did not fluctuate at all.

At the end of the illusion, Shiqi grasped the hilt of the crimson blood sword and asked, “Lord Sword Spirit, did you succeed?”

“Well, it worked!” Chen Hao said happily, “Let’s go back first.”

Chen Hao first opened the property panel and looked at it carefully. The Crimson Devil Sword had just evolved, and some skills were not suitable for the sword owner to know and must be hidden.

After evolving into an intermediate spirit weapon, Chen Hao’s current attributes were as follows:

Sword Name: Crimson Blood

Grade: Intermediate Spirit

Fourteenth Sword Master: Lan Shiqi

Talent: Killing the Lord


1. Bad luck (closed): steadily reduce the luck value of the swordmaster by 3 (the luck value of 10 can be called the son of heaven’s luck)

2. Bad luck outbreak: The host can turn off the bad luck skill for five days and then use a bad luck outbreak. Once the bad luck outbreak is used, the luck value of the swordmaster will be reduced by 15 in one day;

3. Killing and devouring evolution: evolving itself by absorbing blood and soul, other high-quality materials and weapons;

4. Killing feedback (feedback ratio is 5%, feedback purity is 100%): while absorbing blood and soul, it can feed back some to the swordsman at the same time, and the host sets the feedback ratio and purity.

5. Automatic repair: spend a certain amount of blood and soul to repair itself;

6. Devilish Evil Spirit Aura (opened): The more creatures killed, the stronger the condensed evil aura, forming a unique evil spirit aura. The evil spirit aura affects the hearts and minds of everyone in the range, making enemies fear, fear, and horrifying illusions, enable the friendly party in a frenzy, the life killed by the friendly party will also slowly increase the strength of the evil spirit aura. It will also have a certain negative impact on the swordmaster.

7. Devil Sword Induction: It can sense the souls, lives, and killing intents of all creatures within a radius of 500 meters.

8. Energy storage (2 units, 50%): absorbs the energy of the swordmaster and stores it in the sword body, which can be used by the swordmaster or the host himself (1 unit: all the energy in the sword master’s dantian).

9. Magic Sword Autonomy: The host can move freely, use all the martial arts in the master killing inheritance, and consume stored energy.

10. Sword Master’s Talent Increase: increase sword master’s talent value by 3 points, root bone value by 3 points, sword master’s sword bone value by 3 points, and increase sword master’s sword damage by 100% (full value of talent value, root bone value, and sword bone value are 10 points) …

11. The Last Elegy; forbidden skills! Skill effect: Burn the life and soul of the swordmaster, heal himself, temporarily gain fighting power across a great realm, and maintain it for one hour. After using it, the swordmaster will die.

11. Superconductivity: the conductivity of various energies is 100%;

12. Camouflage: You can disguise yourself as a sword at all levels not higher than your own level, and change various appearances at will, only limited to sword forms;

13. Savvy Hands: Every sword man thinks that crimson blood is specially made for them at the moment when he holds it.

14. Killing the master inheritance: every time you succeed in killing the master, you will get all the inheritance of the swordmaster. You can pass these inheritances to the next swordmaster or use them yourself. Currently possesses Profound-level middle-level technique “Blood River Arts”, Killing Intent (small success), Profound-level high-grade martial arts decapitation (Perfection), Profound-level low-grade technique “Blood Wind Arts”, and Xuan-level inferior martial skill “Beat Wind Sword Jue” “(great success)…

Shiqi was satisfied with this evolution, and no new skills appeared, but many previous skills were increased.

“Killing evolution” evolved into “killing and devouring evolution”, and the sword could now evolve by devouring sword casting materials and other weapons.

“System, is this to reduce my evolutionary difficulty?”

The system responded: “No, it has increased the difficulty of your evolution. When Jin Zhengqiu cast the crimson blood sword, the casting materials used can only make you an intermediate spirit at most. If you want to continue to evolve, you need more high-quality materials!”

Ok, Chen Hao was a little autistic!

The evolution of “Evil Spirit Aura” into “Devilish Evil Spirit Aura” had been enhanced, and even acquired and demonized “friendly party”, which accelerated the enhancement speed of evil spirit aura in disguise!

However, Chen Hao thought like it was independently developed for Lan Shiqi…

“Killing Induction” evolved into “Devil Sword Induction”, which was not only limited to sensing the killing intent around the swordmaster, but also could sense the vitality and soul force around him, and the sensing range had expanded five times.

Chen Hao was quite satisfied with this. From now on, he would be a small radar, and he will be able to sense wherever there was a living thing.

The energy storage of the skill had directly doubled, and when would Chen Hao absorb another wave of Shiqi’s true essences?

The Sword Master’s amplifying skills, this time, did not increase the Sword Master’s talent, roots, and sword bones but instead increased the Sword Master’s sword damage by 100%.

Chen Hao looked at the sturdy Lan Shiqi and was a little worried about his opponents after they met him.

Even if the Crimson Blood Devil Sword wanted to cause effective damage to Shiqi, it needed the cooperation of the killing sword intent…Under the same heaven, who can beat Shiqi?

Chen Hao took another look at the Master Killing Inheritance skill and found no change.

However, he knew that if Shiqi were killed, then the Master Killing Inheritance Skills column would definitely be densely packed with Profound Level Cultivation Techniques and martial arts!

Looking at all the abilities of the Crimson Blood Sword after its evolution, Chen Hao found that they all fit the Shiqi. Especially the devilish evil spirit aura!

However, Chen Hao thought about it carefully and found that the evil spirit aura was more like an ability that Shiqi had figured out by himself, and then was recognized by the system to enhance it!

For no reason, a question suddenly occurred in Chen Hao’s mind: What is Shiqi’s fate?

Do you want to give him a hard try? As soon as this idea came into being, it was directly extinguished by Chen Hao!

Shiqi’s recent performance was perfect. As long as Chen Hao wanted to upgrade, there is no reason to abandon him.

Just like the old Fu, Chen Hao never cheated him from beginning to end! Shiqi returned to the camp and personally dealt with the burdens. Knowing the ability of the Crimson Blood Devil Sword to evolve, he felt extremely excited.

The enhancement of the Crimson Blood Devil Sword was also enhancing his strength!

The next day the team set off, and the city guards rushed to the front with all their strength. At noon the next day, the Crimson Blood Devil Sword trembled again.

A large force of army was approaching!

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  1. I’m really appreciating how the protagonist is contemplating betraying his partner, even if only temporarily. I feel like this is very rare in novels, even those murderous ‘you bumped into me’ protagonist have a ‘kindness to friends, hostility to enemies’ moral that always feels inconsistent with the character.

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