The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 24: The Great Emperor

Translator: Aida Hanabi Editor: Mystified

Song Ning, hearing that the other party wanted one million top-grade spirit stones, frowned.

Spiritual stones, divided into the lower, middle, upper, and top-grade quality, were the divine quality spiritual stones above the top-grade quality.

One million top-grade spirit stones can be exchanged for 100 million medium-grade spirit stones, and if they were exchanged for lower-grade spirit stones, it would be 10 billion.

Ten billion lower-grade spirit stones, even for the Thunder Que Sword Sect, was a huge amount.

And refining the undead did not cost anything at all.

Wang Bishan asked for one million upper-grade spirit stones, which was simply a lion’s share.

Lu Yiping smiled when he heard that, “One million top-grade spirit stones, I have them, however, I won’t give you even one copper coin.”

Wang Bishan’s expression snapped down with gloom.

“As for the lives of my men, if you have the ability, you can come and take them.” Lu Yiping then continued.

Zhang Jin walked out.

When Wang Bishan smiled, his eyes were full of bloodthirst, and he laughed heartedly, “You really think that we don’t dare to make a move to kill you guys inside the North Star empire, right?”

On regular days, fighting was forbidden in imperial cities like the North Star Imperial Capital, let alone now when the 10,000th-anniversary celebration of the North Star Empire was approaching.

As Wang Bishan said this, he suddenly shouted, “Do it for me, kill the master and servants!”

At once, more than forty people rushed out from the crowd of White Bone Sect experts he brought behind him.

More than forty people rushed out and went to killed Zhang Jin, Zhao Wen, Wei Bing, Chen Yongyuan, and Lu Yiping at the same time.

Among the forty people, a large part of them were actually Celestial Realm experts!

Above the Life-seizing is the Legendary, above the Legendary is the Celestial, and above that is the Ancient Emperor, the Great Emperor!

Every Celestial Realm expert was extremely difficult to cultivate, so once they step into the Celestial Realm, they would be entrusted with important responsibilities by the clan. In the Wuji Imperial Dynasty, a Celestial Realm expert can be appointed as the head of a city, in charge of a city of 100,000 soldiers.

And excluding these twenty or so Celestial Realm experts, the rest, all of them were Legendary Tenth Grade.

More than forty people made their moves in unison, and their fists power roared wildly, forming a terrifying super hurricane.

In the middle of the hurricane, only astonishing black gas was seen tumbling.

These black gases are precisely the black corpse gas of the true essence after cultivating the White Bone Sect technique.

The surrounding passing family disciples and experts, who saw this, panicked and dodged back.

Facing the terrifying sweeping hurricane, Zhang Jin ignored it, pushing his empty hand out like a claw, and a black handprint appeared in mid-air.

The black handprint emitted a unique cold aura.

The surrounding area suddenly fell like a cold place.

Everyone’s blood felt like freezing.

In the eyes of the horrified White Bone Sect experts, the small-sized black handprint immediately fell like a mountain.

Those White Bone Sect experts were instantly imprinted into the ground by the black hand.

It was so strong that the street, paved with fine granite tiles, was blown away.

When everyone saw it, they took a deep breath. They saw that more than forty White Bone Sect experts had all been turned into a puddle of flesh and blood and were patted into a big meat cake!

On the street, there was a shocking huge handprint.

The crowd was stunned.

More than forty experts of the White Bone Sect, including more than twenty from the Celestial Realm and more than twenty from the Tenth Level of Legendary, were just gone! Completely disappeared! Only a big meat cake was left!

\Miao Yan looked at the forty White Bone Sect experts with no bones left, and she was also frozen there, her mind gone blank.

Wang Bishan and the other experts of the White Bone Sect were also frozen, their faces full of shock.

“You!” Wang Bishan looked at Zhang Jin in fear.

This subordinate lackey of the young man in the blue shirt was surprising, strong to such an extent!

Was it an ancient emperor?

Even if it was an ancient emperor, he might not have such terrifying power.


A great emperor!

Was it a great emperor powerhouse?!

After Zhang Jin, Zhao Wen, and the others had fused Wu Mo’s physical body, they had been swallowing the True God Golden Pill that the Yellow Springs Demon Sect’s old ancestor Su Xiu had been refined into to cultivate every day for more than a month.

The strength of their flesh and power had reached an amazing level.

Not to mention the celestial realm, even the god realm experts, would not be enough for Zhang Jin to require all four to punch.

Just now, Zhang Jin had only used a very small portion of his power.

In fear, Wang Bishan took a deep breath, restrained his trembling hands, and said to the remaining experts of the White Bone Sect, “Let’s go back first!”

Just as Wang Bishan was about to retreat, Lu Yiping’s bland voice rang out, “Go back? Do you think you can still go back?”

Wang Bishan stopped, and his face was fierce, “What do you mean, do you want us to stay?”

“Kill!” Lu Yiping’s indifferent voice rang out.

At once, Zhang Jin moved.

Before Wang Bishan could react, he was blasted with a terrifying force.

Zhang Jin’s body shape was constantly wavering.

After a moment, it stopped.

Only after he had stopped did Wang Bishan, who was hit first by the blast, suddenly burst open, followed by the remaining experts of the White Bone Sect, who burst open in turn, even Miao Yan from earlier suffered the same fate.

“Let’s go.” Lu Yiping did not even look at the corpses of Wang Bishan and the others and ordered Zhang Jin. However, just as Lu Yiping and the others were about to leave, the ground shook suddenly, and a group of North Star Empire army soldiers was coming.

These North Star Empire army troops’ soldiers’ bodies emitted an astonishing aura, the weakest strength was actually legendary realm!

And the general, the leader, had the strength of a great emperor!

After these North Star Empire soldiers arrived, they surrounded Lu Yiping and the others closely.

The general leading the group took a glance at the bright red blood all around and looked coldly at Lu Yiping, “Those who fight within the North Star Empire Capital City, die!”

“Take all of them down!”

But just when these soldiers of the North Star Empire army were about to make a move, Lu Yiping took out a token and threw it to that general, who caught the token and took a look. Then his expression changed significantly, as this token was the token of Su Xiu, the old ancestor of the Yellow Springs Demon Sect.

The general of the North Star Empire looked at the token but finally did not say anything, then he took out a letter talisman to crush. It seemed that he had reported it to the top brass of the North Star Empire.

A moment later, after receiving the order from the top brass, the general of the North Star Empire threw the token back to Lu Yiping and said coldly, “Next time you commit a crime, you will not be forgiven lightly!” Then he led the North Star Empire army away.

Song Ning and the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect experts looked at the departing North Star Empire army and let out a sigh of relief. The moment the North Star Empire general was about to make a move, everyone was scared to the point of cold sweat.

However, Song Ning and others were curious, as they wondered just what kind of token that Lu Yiping had, which caused the North Star Empire to actually no longer pursue the matter of the fight.

“Let’s go.” After the North Star Empire’s army left, Lu Yiping said indifferently.

Then he and Song Ning and the others came over towards Su Xiu’s residence.

A few moments later, Song Ning and the others were stunned as they looked at the extremely grand and atmospheric mansion in front of them, covering an area of a hundred acres.

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