I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 115: He Can Not Be Saved

Shiqi nodded excitedly. It could be said that the Crimson Blood Devil Sword gave everything he had now.

If he could help the Crimson Blood Devil Sword evolve, he could fight the enemy desperately!

Since the city guards did not fall into the enemy’s ambush, the enemy could not rush in front of them for a while, and there was a distance of five to six hundred meters between the two sides.

There were many boulders and trees in the middle. Through the trees’ gaps, Shiqi could see that the enemy’s military uniforms were all black. It was almost certain that they were the soldiers from the Black Blood Kingdom!

They couldn’t evacuate, and they had not even touched the enemy, and it was impossible for them to leave the supplies.

Xiao Qixiang asked in a low voice, “What should we do? The other party has at least three thousand people!”

    Shiqi did not answer him but looked towards the sky. Above the sky, there was only a dazzling sun, not even a bird. A cruel smile appeared at the corner of his mouth: there should be no innate masters in the enemy!

    With the intensive footsteps, the fast-approaching enemy, facing the Black Blood Kingdom Army for the first time, the city guards’ moral hearts were raised. At this moment, all the city guards heard “Chen Pengfei” grinning loudly and said: 

“You bastards of the Black Blood Kingdom shit with your heads and tails exposed are finally willing to get out of the dog hole?” The city ​​guards turned their gazes to Shiqi. It just happened they saw him riding a tall horse slowly walking to the front of the team.

    Shiqi was extremely tall, riding a horse, majestic and mighty, wearing a silver mask, standing at the forefront of the team, facing more than three thousand black blood countries, still face unchanged, talking and laughing, full of words and words. Sneers at the enemy’s timidity and his tone were full of disdain and contempt for the army of the Black Blood Kingdom!

    Many nervous city guards looked at Shiqi as if they had found the backbone. “Brothers, since people have sent us military merits from the Black Blood Kingdom all the way, we brothers can’t refuse, right?” His tone was extremely arrogant!

    But this kind of arrogance did not make his people go in a rush, but made his own people admire and find inspiration! This kind of disdain and arrogance towards the enemy makes all the city guards feel at ease!


    “Kill them!”

    “Destroy them!”

    “…” a soldier shouted. The momentum of the city guards gradually increased.

    Shiqi shouted loudly, “Archers! Ready! line up!!!” Five hundred archers quickly stood at the forefront of the team.

    Almost all the two thousand city guards were transferred from different 100-man teams. Even if it was Xiao Qixiang, they couldn’t be ordered and led easily. But in this time, Shiqi easily did it. Shiqi alone stood up and attracted the attention of all the city guards.

    He was very famous in the Black Water County, his cruel and bloodthirsty character in the past, he led hundreds of people to kill more than a dozen bandit gangs in succession, and his record of horror in the flame forging room has made all the cities The guard feels at ease!

    “Fire the arrows!” The dense rain of arrows shot at the army of the Black Blood Kingdom that had just drilled out of the woods, instantly reducing the enemy ‘s personnel by a hundred people.

    There were too many forests in Heifengling, and the arrow rain had shot two rounds, and the two sides had to fight each other. Shiqi fiercely slapped his horse and shouted: “Follow me and kill them all!”

    The soldiers trained by Shiqi first followed the steps of Shiqi, and then, the city guards who Shiqi aroused with a strong will to fight followed suit.

    Shiqi first rushed into the enemy’s formation. Facing the densely packed enemies, Shiqi wielded the heavy crimson sword, a nearly two-meter-long heavy sword, with a fantastic range of damage. None of them were complete corpses within four meters of his side, dismembered by his heavy sword.

    Shiqi was like an iron gate; any enemy rushing in his direction was severely slapped to the ground by the heavy sword. None of the enemies hit by him were able to stand up.

    After coming out of the Flame Forging Room, Shiqi’s “Golden Body Forging Art” had reached completion, and his strength and defense had also reached the point of inhumanity. Even the Crimson Blood Devil Sword of the spirit weapon rank could hardly cause him fatal injuries.

    The horse under the Shiqi straddle had fallen to the ground. He alone took hundreds of city guards, like a sharp blade, forcibly splitting the army of the Black Blood Kingdom in half. Many soldiers of the Black Blood Kingdom desperately avoided Shiqi.

    “Let me come!” A shout was heard, the soldiers of the Black Blood Kingdom divided a path, a middle-aged warrior armed with an iron spear and wearing a black armor cloak, riding on a horse.

    The middle-aged warrior roared and rushed up: “Let me fight you!” A master came, and Shiqi smiled and opened the iron spear.

    “Flash step!” In an instant, Shiqi approached the middle-aged martial artist, jumped gently into the air, holding the hilt tightly with both hands, and slashed at the middle-aged martial artist.

    The middle-aged warrior was not panicked, he raised his iron spear and wanted to block the charge. The middle-aged warrior’s face changed drastically after the heavy crimson sword had just touched the barrel of the spear!

    An unstoppable force struck, and the high-level profound weapon iron spear in his hand was instantly distorted to its limit. He heard a click of his arm, and then he heard a wailing when he stepped off the horse. The iron spear was broken in two, and everything was in the flash of lightning. 

    Then he cut into halves between his eyes, not knowing whether he fell to the left or to the right.  However, what the soldiers of the Black Blood Kingdom saw was that the terrifying and ugly silver-faced warrior split him in half with a single sword!

    In the swaying blood mist, Shiqi was like a nightmare! He looked at the enemy in front of him with his blood-red eyes. The soldiers of the Black Blood Kingdom avoided Shiqi’s sight one after another.

    Shiqi threw the blood and flesh on the heavy sword and asked, “Is there anyone on your side who could fight me?”

    No one! The soldiers of the Black Blood Kingdom did not answer.

    In fact, they all knew that only one 1000-man Commander had died just now, and a higher commander directed this operation at the pinnacle. The leader was in the team, and his strength was higher than the commander who had just died.

    It’s just a front line. The leader had not yet stood up, and the morale of the soldiers of the Black Blood Kingdom had declined to the extreme.

    Shiqi swords pointed in the direction of the soldiers of the Black Blood Kingdom and said in a flat tone, “Kill them all!”

    30% of the evil aura was on, even if the sun was in the sky, all the soldiers on the battlefield felt a chill, they were looking towards Shiqi, their fear of him was crazily strengthened under the drive of the evil aura.

    The city guards felt much better than the soldiers of the Black Blood Kingdom. They witnessed Shiqi’s defeat of the enemy on the battlefield, their respect for Shiqi, and their rising momentum diluting the fear.

    The more than one hundred city guards he had personally trained with the nearest distance to Shiqi, their eyes began to turn red, and they followed Shiqi closely, rushing towards the demoralized enemy like wild beasts.

    The other city guards who followed the Shiqi also gradually became crazy. Under the impact of the city guards led by him, the soldiers of the Black Blood Kingdom were quickly completely defeated.

    The battle lasted until the evening, and the vanguard forces led by Shiqi had no prisoners in their hands. They were completely mad under the leadership of Shiqi!

    The city guards captured more than 300 enemies who had surrendered, and several hundred enemies fled directly into the mountains and forests of Heifengling.

    The uninjured city guards rescued the comrades who were still alive on the battlefield. Shiqi also searched among the corpses. Seeing a severely injured soldier of the Black Blood Kingdom, he pierced the opponent’s chest with a sword, making the opponent completely breathless.

    Seeing a city guard who was severely wounded and did not breathe, he also gave the other party a happy moment.

    “My lord?” Xiong Tingzhi whispered, “What are you?” 

    “He can not be saved. I can’t bear his painful struggle!” Shiqi took a deep breath and said with a bit of sorrow, “Rather than suffer all the pain. If you breathe further, you might as well let me take him off!”

    Just after the Shiqi cleaned up the battlefield, a dark figure got up from the corpses pile and ran towards the mountain frantically.

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