It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 92 Young Master’s Mission, Must Be Completed

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In a secret room in Jade Lake Palace.

“Master, what makes you so happy?” Su Yiling asked.

“Happy? Am I?” Luo Liuyan said.

“You are not? Ever since you came back to the present, you have been laughing secretly. If there is anything happy, please share with us.” Su Yiling said.

“Yes!” Mu Bing nodded.

“Actually, it wasn’t anything!”

Luo Liuyan’s face turned red, and she lowered her head. “It’s Young Master who treats me as a close friend!”


“Close friend!”

“Master, that’s great!”

“Liuyan, that’s good!”


They all exclaimed one after another.

The other four people looked as if they were staring at a monster. Envy and jealousy flooded those staring eyes.

“Speaking of it, I’m still ashamed!” Luo Liuyan showed a look of embarrassment, “Young Master himself destroyed the Blood Phoenix, and we didn’t realize the arrival of the evil race Fa Lao! If it were not for Young Master, the three of us might have died there!” Luo Liuyan lowered her head with a look of shame.

“Leader Luo, since Young Master called you a friend, it means that you passed Young Master’s test this time!”

“Yes, right, are there any new instructions from the Young Master?” Everyone stared at Luo Liuyan again.

“Young Master gave me this!” Then, Luo Liuyan, out of five scrolls, and put on the stone table top, “I have not had time to see them.”

“Then everyone, let’s look at it together. Perhaps Young Master’s instructions will be hidden inside these five paintings!”

“Okay!” The scrolls were unfolded.

They were “Sunset Painting”, “Flying to the Moon Painting”, “Ancient Temple Painting”, “Dragon Soaring to the Cloud Painting”, and “Smoke Painting”. Every painting has a profound concept.

The five people were stunned, and they hadn’t recovered after a long time. In the end, all of them stared at the “Smoke Painting”. This Painting was full of debris, without a living being. It looks like the end of the world, very desolate. There was an inexplicable melancholy in their hearts when they saw this scene.

“Dean Wen, can you see what the Young Master’s means?” Luo Liuyan asked.

Wen Renshi sighed and shook his head for a while, “Ai, it’s hard for this old man to see through the Young Master’s deep meaning! How about you?”

Mu Bing frowned and shook her head.

“Leader Luo, I can only understand the meaning of this “Smoke Painting”!” Chen Daoming said.

“Oh? Quickly say it!” All of them stared at Chen Daoming.

“Young Master is telling us that if this mission is not completed, the country will be littered with corpses, terrible!” Chen Daoming sighed here, “or even the whole world is likely to be wiped out!”

Once these words were uttered, the sound of inhaling cold breaths could be heard. Their hearts suddenly tightened. This was related to the entire world and the entire ordinary people!

“We must complete Young Master’s mission!” Luo Liuyan said solemnly. The others nodded their heads when they heard it.

Putting it away, they stared at the scroll again and scrutinized it. Except for Su Yiling, the four of them stayed in a place like wooden stakes, motionless.

“Young Master gave us five scrolls, was it one for each person? Young Master gave us instructions hidden in the painting, it’s so difficult!”

Su Yiling scratched her head and looked confused.

“Aii …” Su Yiling sighed heavily, sitting on the stone bench, supporting her chin with both hands, “Young Master’s instructions are too difficult! My little head doesn’t understand it at all!” Su Yiling looked at four motionless stakes.

It was unknown how long had passed.

“Aii …” They sighed in turn, recovering from their dumbfoundedness.

“It’s so difficult!” Wen Renshi sighed heavily and looked at Luo Liuyan, “Liuyan, do you have any other instructions?”

“Other instructions?” Luo Liuyan frowned and began to think. Then, her eyes flashed, “By the way, Young Master asked me to take Yiling to eat!”

“What? Eat!” Su Yi stood up lingeringly, her eyes blooming with strange brilliance, “Haha, I can have a meal with Young Master again!”

“Hmph, when it comes to eating, you are very excited, and you didn’t even work hard to cultivate!” Luo Liuyan pretended to be angry.

“Master, how didn’t I work hard? Now, I have reached Perfection Mahayana Realm!” Su Yiling informed them.

What? Their expressions looked as if Su Yiling was a monster. It only took her more than ten days to break two realms in a row, what a monster!

Seeing everyone staring at her like this, Su Yiling’s face turned red, revealing two shallow dimples, “Master, I don’t actually work very hard! The main reason is that the spirit of the Jade Lake Palace is getting stronger and stronger. Even if you don’t practice, you can reach the Mahayana realm!”

“Look at Chen Daoming, now he has reached the Crossing Calamity Realm!” Su Yiling said.

“What? Fellow Daoist Chen, are you really in Crossing Calamity Realm?” Luo Liuyan’s face was full of surprise.

“Just reached the early stage of Crossing Calamity!” Chen Daoming affirmed, “Fellow Daoist Luo, you and I are in the same realm. If Young Master has any instructions from now on, I can’t be left out!” 

“That’s easy!” The faces of several people were full of envy. At the same time, they also revealed a look of joy. Their strengths were soaring, and in the future, they can do more work for Young Master.

“Liuyan, since Young Master asked you to take Miss Yiling to dinner, there must be other instructions. I think you should go as soon as possible!” Wen Renshi said.

“Dean Wen, you are right! However, this time I must bring Fellow Daoist Chen with me. I will be able to comprehend it better when the young master gives more instructions with him by my side!” Luo Liuyan said.

“That’s good!” Wen Renshi nodded, “I will have to ask the two of you for Young Master’s next instructions!”

“Dean Wen, you’re welcome, this should be done by right!” Luo Liuyan said.

“Dean Wen, me too!” Su Yiling puffed up her cheeks and pouted, pretending to be angry.

“Yes … Yes, there is also Miss Yiling, then I requested the three of you! The two of us will go back first!” Wen Renshi said.

“Wait!” Chen Daoming stopped the two of them.

“Brother Chen, is there something?” Wen Renshi asked.

“Young Master can recognize the Leader Luo as a close friend, and everyone here is indispensable!”

“So, I suggest for Leader Luo to be rewarded three leaves of enlightenment tea, Dean Wen and Miss Mu will be rewarded two leaves of enlightenment tea! As for Miss Yiling and me, we advanced by leaps and bounds due to our hard work. Each person will be rewarded with a leave of enlightenment tea. Does it look good?” Chen Daoming said.

When the four of them listened to this, their eyes sparkled. Joy was written all over their faces.

“Brother Chen, I don’t think there is a problem since the rewards and punishments are clear!”

“I have no opinion either!”

Under the greedy gaze of the other four, Chen Daoming took out the tea leaves and sent them to each one in turn.

“This … this is Enlightenment Tea!” Wen Renshi was shaking with excitement while holding both tea leaves.

When a piece of enlightenment tea leaves appeared, there would be corpses everywhere. If someone else knows that they have two pieces, wouldn’t that be bad?

It took a long time for Wen Renshi to calm down.

“Okay, let’s go back first. About the Young Master. We will trouble the three of you!”

“Don’t worry!”

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