It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 91: The Godly Cunning Immortal Is A Buddhist Monk

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In the karst cave east of the Blood Phoenix Nest.

“Ow …” Fang Xiaoxiao struggled to stand up, gasping with pain. She looked around with a face full of doubts, “Am I still alive? These ancient formations were all wiped out? Who is it, who is so powerful?” Fang Xiaoxiao’s face changed slightly, and her pupils shrank. 

When she looked at the huge skeleton in front of her, cold sweat was streaming down her forehead. “What happened afterward? I must leave here quickly!”

Fang Xiaoxiao took out medicine pills and swallowed them. She left quickly after she adjusted her breaths. Not long after that, she came up to the ground and followed behind several cultivators.

“This time, I was lucky enough to survive thanks to the godly cunning immortal!”

“Yes, after listening to that music, not only does the body recover, but my talent is also increased dozens of times. Some people have even increased a hundred times!”

“It’s a great fortune. Now, if we compared our talent to Fang Xiaoxiao’s talent, perhaps she doesn’t even have the qualifications to carry our shoes(1)!”

“Stop talking, the godly cunning immortal arranged for us to find the Blood Phoenix! We must accomplish this! 

“Okay!” Several people left quickly.

Fang Xiaoxiao’s expression changed after she heard this. “Godly cunning immortal? Is there really a godly cunning immortal in this world? It doesn’t matter. I need to go back then talk about it later!” After saying that, Fang Xiaoxiao turned into a rainbow and left quickly.



Sun Hao looked around and found that there was no one around, he could not help but sigh faintly. This time, he was fully prepared, but he didn’t see the immortal cultivator. Even if he met one, they would clamor to kill him but ended up losing their own lives. “Ai …” Sun Hao sighed quietly.

Forget it, he should return first and prepare a lot of ammunition. In the future, he would travel and send things all over the world together with Rumeng. At that time, wouldn’t he be able to gather his fill of blessing points?

“Okay, store it all Rumeng, let’s go back!” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, Young Master!”

Huang Rumeng finished collecting things and hurried away with Sun Hao.

Time flies, and it has been three days in a blink of an eye.

The Blood Phoenix Nest is located in the northern part of the Western Region, closer to the Northern Region and Central Region. Most of those who came to the Blood Phoenix Nest this time were cultivators from the Western Region, Northern Region, and Central Region. Because of the Blood Phoenix nest, the name of the godly cunning immortal spread throughout the Western Region, even spreading rapidly to the Northern Region and Central Region.

So many cultivators have seen it with their own eyes, and after many disseminations, the godly cunning immortal have become omnipotent existences after they have arrived. As long as the mention of godly cunning immortal, many cultivators’ eyes would glint, and the worship was painted all over their faces.

There are too many people who want to visit godly cunning immortal. Of course, the godly cunning immortal’s name was spread among the human race and spread to the demons and demons.

On this day, somewhere in Ziyang Planet, in a tall tower covered by skulls. The five-meter high human-shaped skeleton sits in the main seat, and in his hollow eyes, two groups of soul flames were constantly jumping. It was the master of the evil race—Gui Zhu.

In front of Gui Zhu, more than a dozen clan chiefs were standing. Each of them was so powerful that people did not dare to look directly at them.

“Plop!” With a sound, the chief of the Heart Devourer Clan bowed down, and his voice was grieved, “Great Lord, our family has suffered a heavy loss, please help our family to avenge this sea of blood(2)!” After speaking, the chief of the Heart Devourer Clan kept kowtowing.

“Get up!” Gui Zhu said faintly, but the sound that came out was loud.

The voice seemed to have some magical power. When the Heart Devourer Clan’s chief heard this, his body trembled, and he quickly stood up.

Then, Gui Zhu’s eyes swept around, and he said, “Do you all have anything else to say?”

“My Lord!” At this moment, the Human Puppet Clan’s chief–Mo Hun, stood up.

“Speak!” Gui Zhu said.

“Godly cunning immortal had already destroyed my clan’s plan three times, he must be eliminated!” Mo Hun said.

“In this way, do you also believe in godly cunning immortal?” Gui Zhu’s voice revealed a bit of anger.

As these words came out, the chiefs there couldn’t help but tremble.

“My Lord, isn’t it like that?” Mo Hun asked.

“Use your brain to think!” Gui Zhu’s soul flames were constantly jumping, he seemed to be angry.

When the chiefs heard this, they all bowed their heads, not daring to face it.

“He had spoiled my plans three times, and every time, it was arranged in advance. Say, who can predict these, who?” Gui Zhu said.

“My Lord, the Buddhist monk in the Western Paradise, are proficient in Grand Dao of Time. Is it possible that all of this is their work?” Mo Hun asked.

“Yes!” Gui Zhu nodded slightly, “Godly cunning immortal is nothing but a Buddhist monk in the Western Paradise, manipulating everything behind his back and spoiling my plans! Do they think such a method will escape from my eyes!” Gui Zhu Said.

The faces of many chiefs showed a look of sudden enlightenment when they heard this. If the godly cunning immortal was a Buddhist monk, then everything really makes sense. See-through the future and do everything, except for the Buddhist monk in the Western Paradise, who else can do it now?

“The Lord is wise!” The chiefs bowed to the ground and saluted again.

“My Lord, since the godly cunning immortal is a Buddhist monk, what should we do?” Mo Hun asked.

“Of course, kill him after he’s found!” Gui Zhu’s calm voice was very domineering. The two soul flames in the eyes revealed unparalleled confidence.

“My Lord, please assign this to me!” Mo Hun said.

“My Lord, allow me to go!”

“My Lord, it will be much easier to deal with the Buddhist monk if you allow me to go!”

The chiefs stood up one after another.

The soul flames in Gui Zhu’s eyes bounce slightly. Finally, he turned his head to face Mo Hun, “This matter is left to Mo Hun!”

“Thank you, My Lord!” Mo Hun knelt down and saluted respectfully.

“I’ll give you three months. If you can’t accomplish it, I will find you!” Gui Zhu said.

“Yes, My Lord!”

“All right, that’s the end of today, dismissed!” After speaking, Gui Zhu’s figure flashed and disappeared in an instant. The other chiefs also disappeared one by one.

“Finally got this mission!” There was no skin on Mo Hun’s face, and his smile was very frightening. Then, his figure flashed and disappeared. When he reappeared, he had already come to a cave.

“Haha…” Mo Hun looked up to the sky and laughed like crazy.

“Godly cunning immortal turned out to be a Buddhist monk, this is interesting! Presumably, your strength is not weak if he can predict everything. When I refine you into a puppet, maybe it is not weaker than the Drought Demon! By then, the first clan position is none other than my puppet clan!”

“Haha…” Mo Hun laughed again.

“Chief, what makes you happy?” At this moment, a black shadow floated in.

“Mo Shan, you came just right!” Mo Hun looked at the dark shadow and said.

“Chief, you say!” Mo Shan said.

“Mo Shan, this time the Lord has sent our clan to kill the godly cunning immortal!” Mo Hun said.

“Godly cunning immortal?” “Is that the godly cunning immortal who predicted everything and caused our clan to lose the four generals?” Mo Shan asked.

“True!” Mo Hun nodded.

“Chief, I’m afraid this person will be difficult to deal with!” Mo Shan said.

“Of course! You don’t know, but he is a Buddhist monk in the Western Paradise!” Mo Hun said.

“What? Buddhist monk? What should we do? Since he is staring at us, he will know in advance by any means, Chief, this is not a good job! We don’t know where and how strong this godly cunning immortal at all! Once we move, we might be caught by him again!” Mo Shan said.

“You’re right! Don’t worry, we have three months! It’s easy to find out his position. Just ask the Heart Demon for help, and you can find him.”

“Since he can predict all of our actions, Then we can’t do it ourselves; we can only kill with a borrowed knife!”(3) Mo Hun said.

“Borrowing a knife to kill? Whose knife should we borrow? Ordinary knives might not be able to hurt the godly cunning immortal at all!” Said Mo Shan.

“Don’t worry, I will see the high priest tomorrow! I will figure out which knife to borrow soon! Well, you continue to get the drought demon out!” Mo Hun ordered.

“Yes, Chief!”

  1. Carry shoes refers to unpromising or not talented.
  2. Hatred caused by people being killed.
  3. Getting someone else to do the dirty job
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