The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 23: I’ll Buy Something

Translator: Aida Hanabi Editor: Mystified

Seeing that it was Lu Peng, Lu Xiaoyu, and the others, Lu Yiping was surprised.

Why did they come to the North Star Empire?

The North Star Empire was not close to the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect.

At this time, Song Ning, the Patriarch of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect, stepped forward and came in front of Lu Yiping, saying respectfully, “Greetings, Your Excellency.”

Previously, he had been struck by the Sword Demon Xilai’s Death Soul Sword Qi, and it was Lu Yiping who helped him get rid of it.

Although Song Ning did not know Lu Yiping’s true identity, he knew that even their old ancestor Yang Cheng and Lord Chen Hong treated Lu Yiping with great respect.

And he guessed that the death of the Sword Demon Xilai should be related to Lu Yiping.

The Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect experts did not know about Lu Yiping and were surprised to see their Patriarch Song Ning saluting Lu Yiping respectfully.

Lu Yiping nodded, then asked Song Ning, “What are you doing here in the North Star Empire?”

Song Ning hurriedly replied, “Your Excellency, the first day of next month is the 10,000th year of the founding of the North Star Empire, and it is the North Star Empire’s national day, so we are here to participate in the celebration.”

The 10,000th-anniversary celebration of the founding of the North Star Empire was a major event in the Shenwu Continent.

Therefore, many imperial dynasties and royal families, sect heads, and even some imperial experts would come to celebrate.

“Your Excellency has come to the North Star Empire to attend the celebration as well?” Song Ning asked carefully.

Lu Yiping said, “I’ve come to buy something.”

Upon hearing this, Song Ning smiled and said, “I wonder what kind of things your Excellency wants to buy? If your Excellency instructed me to buy it, I know a deacon of the Tian Ji Chamber of Commerce.”

Tianji Chamber of Commerce, the largest of several chambers of commerce in the Shenwu Continent.

But Lu Yiping shook his head, “What I want to buy, you can’t afford it.”

True God divine lattice, not to mention Song Ning, even if Yang Cheng came and brought the entire Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect treasure trove, he could not afford to buy it.

A True God physique was not something that the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect could afford.

Let alone two True God physiques.

An elder  of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect saw Lu Yiping’s big mouth and couldn’t help but say, “Kid, your mouth is so big, our sect master can’t afford it?!”

Song Ning heard that Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect Elder confronted Lu Yiping, his face changed in horror, so frightened that he directly swept back a slap and threw it at that Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect Elder’s face, “Presumptuous!”

Seeing Song Ning become furious as if he was about to kill, all Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect experts were scared and dumbfounded.

They had never seen such a fierce face from their sect master.

Just because that Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect’s elder had confronted this youngster, their Patriarch was actually going to kill him?

“Why don’t you quickly apologize to Lord Lu?!” Song Ning glared angrily at that Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect Supreme Elder.

The Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect Elder looked at Song Ning in the same daze, his ears buzzing loudly, his face felt so hot that it was obvious that Song Ning had used just enough force.

Lu Yiping looked at the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect Elder and said indifferently, “Forget it, those who don’t know are not guilty.”

Only then did Song Ning thank Lu Yiping as if he had been pardoned.

Lu Yiping said, “Since you know the deacon of the Tianji Chamber of Commerce, ask him if the Tianji Chamber of Commerce has any True God’s physique for sale recently.”

Song Ning was dumbfounded.

That Tai Shang Elder of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect and the others also looked at Lu Yiping in shock. What was this young man thinking?

“Your Excellency wants to buy the True God’s God Grimoire?”  Song Ning swallowed his saliva and felt his heart trembling.

Lu Yiping hummed, “I don’t want the ordinary ones, I want the best.”

He wanted the best ones of True God physique!

And not the ordinary ones!

Song Ning only felt his heart trembling like crazy.

“I want to buy two.” Lu Yiping said again.

Song Ning’s heart, which was shivering, suddenly stopped.

Two, two pieces!

Lu Peng and Lu Xiaoyu, both of them, also looked at Lu Yiping in shock.

Although the two had previously spent a few days with Lu Yiping, their knowledge of Lu Yiping was even less than Song Ning’s.

The crowd fell silent.

No one from the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect dared to speak.

After a long time, Song Ning said pensively, “Your Excellency, we plan to find a hotel to settle down for a few days, if you still don’t have a place to stay, why don’t you come with us?” Then he looked at Lu Yiping apprehensively.

“Fine.” Lu Yiping said after a brief pause.

Song Ning was delighted to hear Lu Yiping’s promise.

Thus, Lu Yiping and the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect group looked for a hotel.

Seeing that the streets were crowded, Lu Yiping put the chariot away.

“How is the cultivation of your Shura Sword Technique?” Lu Yiping asked Lu Peng and Lu Xiaoyu.

Lu Peng hurriedly replied, “Your Excellency, we have been cultivating day and night for more than a month, and have cultivated all the way up to the nineteenth move.”

“In these few days, if there is anything you don’t understand, you can ask me.” Lu Yiping said.

“Thank you, your Excellency.” Lu Peng and Lu Xiaoyu both hurriedly thanked him.

When Song Ning saw this, he was naturally envious.

Just half an hour later, Song Ning was anxious with sweat running down his forehead.

Although it was still half a month before the North Star Empire’s celebration, but the North Star Empire’s imperial capital’s major inns were already like they were on fire, they had already looked at six inns, one after another, their rooms had all been packed.

“Your Excellency, why don’t we go to the next inn and ask?” Song Ning asked Lu Yiping.

“No need.” Lu Yiping shook his head, “Even if we look further, it will be the same.” A pause, “I have a place to stay, you guys come with me.”

He just remembered that the old ancestor of the Yellow Springs Demon Sect, Su Xiu, had a mansion here and that Su Xiu rarely lived here, and now, the mansion was vacant.

Song Ning, hearing Lu Yiping say that there was a place to stay, was shocked.

However, he did not dare to ask questions, and the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect group followed Lu Yiping to Su Xiu’s residence.

As a late-stage True God expert, Su Xiu’s residence was naturally in an excellent location, situated in the most central area of the North Star Empire.

But when Lu Yiping and the others went to Su Xiu’s residence, they saw a large group of people coming out in front of them, stopping Lu Yiping and the others in their tracks.

The people who came were the people of the White Bone Sect.

There were as many as 70 to 80 people.

Song Ning saw the people coming, his expression became astonished, “White Bone Sect!”

At this time, Miao Yan of the White Bone Sect came out, looked at Lu Yiping, and sneered, “So you are from the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect of the Wuji Imperial Dynasty.” Then he said to one of the old men, “Master, it was this man’s men that killed Senior Brother Chen!”

Wang Bishan walked out and looked at Lu Yiping, and the four people behind Lu Yiping, Zhang Jin and the rest of the guards, and coldly said, “Killing my disciple and destroying tens of thousands of living dead under my sect, your Excellency, tell me how this matter need to be solved.”

Lu Yiping asked blandly, “Solved?” Then he smiled, “How do you want to solve it?”

When Wang Bishan saw Lu Yiping smiling playfully, his expression sank, “Since you are from the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect, I will give face to the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect, your men killed my disciple, just killing them to pay for his life!”

“In addition, you destroyed tens of thousands of undead under my sect, you need to compensate for one million top quality spirit stones!”

-End of the chapter –

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