I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 114: I’m Responsible

    Shiqi looked as usual. They hadn’t even seen that direction. The other 100-man commanders didn’t even know it. Therefore, it was impossible for the warrior who was ambushing a hundred meters away to find anomalies.

    After leaving altogether, Shiqi immediately led the team to join the large group.

    “What, someone is hiding in the forest?”

    “Yes, the subordinate is naturally sensitive to killing intent, and the other party hides very concealed, but he did have killing intent aimed at me!”

    “How many people?”

    “At least more than a dozen people? There may be many warriors, and the subordinates dare not continue to step forward.”

    Of course, Shiqi did not dare to continue to step forward because they did not know the other party’s details and strength.

    What if thousands of elite soldiers of the Black Blood Kingdom jump out of it? What if there was an innate master?

    “Understood !” Xiao Qixiang had no doubts about Shiqi’s ability. The troops were still advancing. Xiao Qixiang frowned and fell into contemplation, his expression a little hesitant. Knowing that there might be an ambush ahead, Xiao Qixiang thought a lot.

    In the mountains and forests was a group of bandits who fled… It might also be soldiers sent by the Black Blood Kingdom to looting. If they were the soldiers of the Black Blood Kingdom, they were not strong… Do I need to send someone to ask for help immediately…

    “Commander Xiao, make the decision quick!” Shiqi whispered, “Go on, if the enemy really has an ambush, we will be loaded directly in!”

    “What do you think we should do?”

    “Order the team to stop. Ready to fight!”

    “But if we stop, won’t the other party know that we found them?”

    Shiqi grasped the Crimson Blood Demon Sword’s hilt with an urge to pat Commander Xiao Qianhu’s mind. Why do you think so much at this time? A decision is better than no decision!

    He immediately caught the messenger and said in a low voice: “Immediately pass the order, there may be an ambush ahead, let the team stop and be ready for battle!” The messenger glanced at Commander Xiao, and he nodded.

    The two messengers immediately ran to the front and back of the team. When Shiqi saw the leading soldiers set off, he asked directly “Commander Xiao Qianhu has not led soldiers before?”

    If the other 100-man commander dared to speak to him like this, Xiao Qixiang would definitely let him know what a hell was!

    Shiqi had an unusually strong physique. He had grown to two meters and three meters through the tempering of the flame forging room, plus the bulging muscles in the armor, making him look like a little giant.

    There was also his strong killing aura, a bald head glowing in the scorching sun, a silver mask on his face, an expression of invisible expression, a two-meter-long heavy sword behind his back, and his natural murderous and brutal character… these all give people a strong sense of oppression!

    Although Xiao Qixiang had never heard of him beating his superiors after Shiqi entered the city guard, he never doubted the opponent’s temper and strength at all!

    Xiao Qixiang’s momentum became weak. He rode on the horse, looked up at Shiqi, and asked, “Does it count to lead troops to suppress bandits?” 

     Does it count to suppress bandits?

    Of course not, the city guards of Bauhinia City were powerful, and bandits often flee away from the wind, and the city guards were used to it smoothly!

    Shiqi could understand Xiao Qixiang was indecisive and had insufficient experience in commanding battles. If their opponents were ordinary bandits and thieves, that was okay. They could be pushed through with absolute strength.

    It was a pity that what we were encountering today was a sudden situation. The enemy may also come from the soldiers of the Black Blood Kingdom. Their strengths were definitely not worse than the city guards, and they were even stronger.

    The team of more than two thousand people slowly stopped, and the city guards had received the news that there might be an ambush ahead, ready for battle. There was still no movement in the surrounding mountains and forests.

    The city guards looked at the mountains and forests with extreme vigilance, but no matter how they looked at them, the mountains and forests were still quiet or dead silent!

    Before going to the front, many city guards were mentally prepared to fight on the battlefield. They also suspected that the opponent might be the famous Black Blood Kingdom army…The problem was that they had never seen the enemy until now. The invisible enemy was the most frightening.

    The enemy, who had been hiding in the mountains and forests, had never shown up, putting a lot of pressure on the city guards. Shiqi knew that this stalemate would definitely not work.

    They needed orders from their superiors to make them move! They would feel at ease when they move. In his days as the city guard, Shiqi listened to the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” taught by Lord Sword Spirit and learned many other military books.

    If it were only about military tactics’ theoretical knowledge, he would be at the top in the Southern Cloud Kingdom.

    Shiqi suggested, “Let’s give an order, now Commander needs to do something!”

    “What order?”

    “Send someone to investigate, or just retreat!”

    “But what about the military order, if we can’t deliver food and supplies on time? If you do not send it, you will be executed!”

    Shiqi said, “We were in an ambush… you can’t deliver the food, then you can send someone to investigate!”

    “Who is sent?”

    “You are a 1000-man commander. You ask me what to do?” Shiqi said impatiently.

    Xiao Qixiang hesitated to look at the surrounding mountains and forests and city guards, and finally turned his gaze to Shiqi, “Chen Pengfei, why not you go?”


    Shiqi almost spewed out a mouthful of old blood! If Xiao Qixiang were not a 1000-man commander, he would definitely kill him! But he still held back it, and in another perspective, if he really dared to do this, then I’m afraid he could only go to the Black Blood Kingdom!

    He glanced at the naturally divided formation of the city guards, took a deep breath, and said to Xiao Qixiang, “Let me take command of this battle!”

    “You? Can you do it?”

    “At least I am better. Can you do it!?” Shiqi said frankly.

    “If we drag on like this, we won’t have to fight.” 

   “Then what if we lose? Who is responsible for the casualties? Who is responsible for the loss of grain?”

    “I’m responsible. It’s okay. Is it?” His face became cold, and suddenly he missed the days when he took the 100 of his men and horse to fight bandits everywhere by himself.

    “If you are responsible, that’s okay!” Xiao Qixiang nodded with a stern face. Shiqi felt that the other party was waiting for his words.

    “The order is passed on and immediately divided into three hundred people to help the coachmen drive the food carts to the forest on the right, and all the remaining city guards will gather at once!”

    “Let Xiong Tingzhi and Wu Guang lead people to my side to prepare for battle.”

    “Also, let five hundred others and the archer prepares the arrow salvo and listens to my orders!” Shiqi’s series of orders immediately passed on to the city guards. Whether in the mountains and forests was the army of the Black Blood Kingdom, Shiqi was still uncertain. However, he still thought about the worst.

    If it was really the army of the Black Blood Kindom but had not launched an offensive until now, it must be because the other party also thought that they couldn’t ultimately defeat the army of the city guards!

    If their strengths were strong enough, even if the city guards did not enter the ambush, they would directly attack in one go! In order to escort the supplies, the city guards were divided into two parts, one after the other, to protect the supplies convoy in the center of the team.

    Heifengling Mountain Road was relatively narrow, and this formation naturally divided the city guard into two parts. Regardless of whether you were fighting or not, the most important thing was to get the army together first!

    “Do you want to use fire to force them out?” Xiao Qixiang immediately objected, “This won’t work. Once a fire is caused, the food and grain will be gone!”

    Shiqi looked down at the road extending under his feet, about seven or eight meters wide, and explained, “I just tried it. Besides, if the army of the Black Blood Kingdom is hidden inside, they may not have the patience to wait until we set fire! I just want to force them out!”

    Sure enough, the city guards had just assembled. Before the grain and supplies were moved, there were dense footsteps in the forest on the left hand side of Shiqi!

    “Shiqi, I should be able to evolve by killing a few more!”

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