It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 88: The Godly Cunning Immortal is Coming! are Coming!

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“You little bugs, go die!” Fa Lao looked at the cultivators who fell to the ground with cold killing intent written all over his face. He held out his right palm forward, and the air vibrated. A torrent of black energy rushed out, quickly condensed, and transformed into monsters.

“Howl …” The monster was completely dark, with ferocious horns growing on its head. The roar it let out seemed to be able to shatter the soul. In the blink of an eye, nearly a thousand monsters were all around.

“Boom …” The monsters moved together, stepping on the ground, buzzing and shaking. At this moment, the cultivators present were trembling with fear.

“No, don’t!”

“Ah!” The shouts and screams kept ringing. In front of the monster, these cultivators were like brittle paper, and they could not resist at all. In less than a moment, nearly a hundred cultivators died tragically on the spot.

“Supreme God, save us!”

“Master of all realms, please save us!”

“What’s the use of asking these, it’s better to ask godly cunning immortal! Godly cunning immortal, you calculated  everything, please save my life, my Red Refiner Sect will look forward to you from now on!” The immortal cultivator kneeled on the ground, put the palm of his hands together, and began to pray.(1)

Fa Lao watched this scene, and the corner of his mouth raised a smile, “If praying is useful, do you still need to cultivate?” The next second, Fa Lao’s face changed drastically. He saw the scroll in front of him shaking frantically.

“Boom …” The force that sealed the scroll broke apart. The painting scroll spread out, flew, and grew rapidly.

The men and women in the painting walked step by step. They walked down step by step, hand in hand, and finally stood in the air, looking down below. The two people were hazy and could not be seen clearly.

Meanwhile, at this time, the woman said: “Young Master, can you play a song with me?”

“Of course!” The man nodded.

“Young Master, what song should we play?” the woman asked.

“Rumeng, how about playing “Meditation”?” the man said.

Then, two guqins appeared in front of the two of them, they moved their fingers together and began to play.

“Zheng …” The guqin sound vibrated in all directions. At this moment, space was frozen, and time was stopped. Everyone’s eyes are fixed on the man and woman in the air, watching quietly.

“That’s Young Master!” Luo Liuyan cried with joy when she saw this scene. She had known for a long time that Young Master had calculated everything!

“Today, even if she was restrained, she didn’t panic at all. Young Master didn’t make any move until now, it turned out to be for the big fish, Fa Lao! Young Master really calculated everything!” Luo Liuyan murmured, her face full of admiration.

Mu Bing and Wen Renshi watched this scene, and their hanging hearts instantly went down. There was a look of shame on their faces.

“Young Master, I actually suspect that you have not calculated this evil race! It looks like I am really stupid, even dare to doubt you!” Wen Renshi secretly said.

“Young Master, you really are as good as Liuyan said!” There was a smile on Mu Bing’s face that had never been seen before.

They looked at the two phantoms in the sky, and their eyes were full of admiration.

“Zheng …” The guqin sound continued.

The images in front of the cultivators changed rapidly.

At this moment, everyone felt like they were returning home, embracing their loved ones, talking about the past and present, it was very comfortable. The tightly clenched heart slowly relaxed at this moment.

Many people closed their eyes and lay on the ground with their mouths slightly raised. Their moods were improving rapidly. The monsters that rushed over in front of the cultivator stopped moving forward after hearing these guqin sounds. Their bodies collapsed into black mist one by one, evaporating cleanly.

“Ah, no!”

Shi Hun and Shi Ming screamed bitterly while holding their heads. Their bodies melted quickly. Finally, it turned into a paralyzed black pus and separated from the skeleton.

It stank!

“Ah!” Fa Lao hugged his head and fell to the ground, screaming in pain. He looked at two phantoms in the sky, his eyes held extreme anger. Billowing killing intent surged out from him.

“Damn it, stop playing, stop it quickly for this old man! If you play again, this old man will not be polite! Don’t push me!” Fa Lao shouted angrily, struggling frantically.

Whatever method he did was useless; he was like a joke in front of the guqin’s sound. As the guqin sounded, his withered flesh was also turning into pus.

“Ah! You are forcing me!” Fa Lao screamed up to the sky. His body changed rapidly. The sound of joint cracking could be heard constantly. After a while, he transformed into a giant skeleton with a height of 100 meters. Holding a giant axe firmly in his hand, he looked like a pioneering powerhouse.

“Die!” The giant skeleton uttered a word and smashed his axe upwards. The sky rippled as if it was cut. The shock wave spread out like a tsunami. In an instant, it blasted two figures in the sky. However, the two figures just oscillated up and down along with the ripples and were not affected at all.

“Void?” Fa Lao was dumbstruck. His charged blow was just hitting the phantom? How could that be?

“Zheng …” The guqin sounded continuously. Every time it hits Fa Lao, it would make him retreat a few steps. Driven back, Fa Lao stood up with extravagant hopes.

“No, don’t!” Fa Lao trembled violently, supporting his body with his hands. He looked at the two phantoms in the sky, and in his deadly eyes, he seemed to remember the two of them.

“Godly cunning Immortal? It must be you!” Fa Lao shouted, took out a secret array jade slip, and gently held it, “Om…” The jade was reduced to a void butterfly, flying lightly.

“Report to the Lord, if you want to achieve great things, you must destroy the godly cunning immortal!” The void butterfly’s body fluttered slightly and turned illusory, disappeared without a trace. After doing this, Fa Lao’s eyes gradually lost their vigor.

“Plop!” There was a loud noise.

The huge body fell directly to the ground, disturbing the dust to the air. The guqin sound continues. The ancient formation array on the ground could not hold back the guqin sound’s power and disappeared a little bit.

When the guqin sound stopped, it left a lingering feeling in the surrounding. After a long time, the surroundings gradually calmed down. Everyone slowly opened their eyes, with a smile on their faces. When they looked at the massive skeleton in front of them, their faces were filled with shock.

“It turns out that all of this is not a dream!”

“Who are the two who played the song just now? They have such an incredible power!”

“It seems like the evil Fa Lao is shouting the godly cunning immortal!”

“What? The godly cunning immortal have come! Heavens!”

“Our piety moved the godly cunning immortal. He came here specifically to save us!” everyone muttered to themselves.

Gratitude, admiration, awe … various expressions were written on their face.

“Not good!” Suddenly, there was a burst of exclamation.

“What’s the matter?”

“My soul has grown dozens of times stronger!”

“What? Really? Fuck! My soul has also been strengthened dozens of times!”

“God, my … my soul has been strengthened so many times, wouldn’t my talent also be dozens of times stronger?”

“It goes without saying that from today onwards, those arrogant folks are just a joke in front of us!” Their discussions continued.

When Luo Liuyan heard this, she couldn’t help but smile and shook her head. She quickly retracted the scroll, then picked up the soul calming pearl on the ground and placed them in the space ring.

“Come on, let’s kill the Blood Phoenix!” Luo Liuyan said.

“Okay!” Wen Renshi and Mu Bing nodded at the same time.

Just by listening to a song, not only the body recovered, but their strength also went further. Young Master’s method is simply unimaginable!

The three of them had just started walking when a group of cultivators surrounded them. “Leader Luo, wait!”

“Do you guys have something to say?” Luo Liuyan asked.

“Leader Luo, we want to join the Evil Slayer Alliance, please accept us!”

“Yes, Leader Luo, we represent the Red Refiner Sect, and we all want to join the Evil Slayer Alliance!”

“Leader Luo, everything today is thanks to the godly cunning immortal! From today onwards, I live for the godly cunning immortal, please accept me, let me do something for the godly cunning immortal!”

Luo Liuyan smiled slightly when she heard this.

“Since you’ve gained the fortune from godly cunning immortal, you naturally can join the evil slayer alliance! But, godly cunning immortal also arranged for one thing, which is to destroy Blood Phoenix. Who wants to join me?”

The word went out, The eyes of a crowd of cultivators shone brightly.

“Leader Luo, I will join!”

“I am willing too!”

Somewhere in a space in the Blood Phoenix Nest.

The two polar guardians opened their eyes slowly. There was endless joy on their face.

“Supreme Being is so powerful. This method is simply unheard of!”

“Yes, my remnant soul has not only recovered to its peak but also strengthened a lot! If this continues, I can at least hold on for ten thousand years!”

“Unexpectedly, today the two of us would have gained such good fortune, this method, even the master wouldn’t be able to compare!”

“Yes!” The two polar guardians nodded together, and it took a long time for them to calm down.


“What? The two grand formations arranged by the master are all wiped out!”

“Supreme Being is too terrible, right?” The two opened their mouths, their faces full of astonishment.

“Not good, the three little guys are leaving, and master’s fortune has not been given to them!”

“I think it’s fine, it’s just the master’s good fortune, how would it enter their eyes!”

“Hey, that’s true! The song just now is ten thousand times stronger than master’s fortune!”

“More than that, I think at least a hundred million times stronger!”

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