The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 22 No Bones

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So, Lu Yiping’s group went to the North Star Empire.

A few days later.

The North Star Empire was in sight.

“My lord, through that mass grave ahead is the border of the North Star Empire.” Zhang Jin pointed to the weedy hills in front of them.

The North Star Empire and the Moon Worship Empire often fought at the border.

Here, most of the buried soldiers were of the North Star Empire who had died on the battlefield.

The hills were huge, and there were countless tombs.

It was said to be mass graves, but in fact, it was a country of tombs, and there were endless hills.

Lu Yiping nodded.

“Let’s go there.” The chariot flew into the sky over the mass grave and moved slowly.

At this time, it was late at night.

In the mass graves, there was a gust of wind, and the sound of the wind was like a very creepy howling ghost.

For someone timid, it would be expected to have their legs turn weak just by hearing this ghost-like wind.

Here, the soldiers of the North Star Empire who had died many years ago were buried. It could be imagined just how many were there buried. Therefore, the weight of the Yin Qi has reached an astonishing level.

Let alone mortals, if cultivators, who have built a foundation, got invaded by this yin energy, they would become sick.

The chariot flew.

The chilling wind was getting stronger.

There was silence all around.

Suddenly, a tomb on the ground broke open, and a figure flew up with astonishing death qi. It suddenly attacked the chariot.

Zhang Jin didn’t make a move, but his whole body surged.

The space shook, and the figure was smashed down.

The one who attacked the chariot had a pale face, hollow eyes, and a dead body wearing a broken armor. After being hit by Zhang Jin’s power, it exploded.

This was an undead.

Some sect disciples, who practice evil arts, would come here to use secret methods to refine the soldiers of the North Star Empire that had been buried into the undead.

Those disciples of the sect who practiced evil arts manipulated these undead to attack the cultivator who passed the mass graves, and after killing these passing cultivators, they looted them of their spirit stones, spirit pills, and elixir.

And then they were even refined into undead.

The undead were somewhat similar to the corpses on the Battlefield of Gods.

However, the undead in the Battlefield of the Gods was a kind of monster born after countless years of devouring death qi. They had intelligence, but this undead did not have the intelligence, and their death qi was far below that of the undead on the battlefield of the gods.

The chariot went on.

Subsequently, the undead constantly attacked them.

This undead, the stronger their physical body during their lifetime, the stronger they became after being refined into the undead.

However, most of those buried here were basically ordinary soldiers of the North Star Empire, so their strength was generally not strong during their lifetime.

The warriors of all empires could join the army as long as they were in the innate realm.

The chariot kept going all the way.

There were more undead.

But no matter how many of them there were, they were all shattered before they got close to the chariot.

More than an hour later.

The chariot had traversed the mass grave.

In front of the group, there was an empty mountainous land.

However, just after Lu Yiping and his people had entered the mountain, they heard someone behind them yelling, “Stop right there!”

Immediately, several figures broke through the air and stopped the chariot.

The leader was an elegant woman with watery eyes and a small cherry mouth. She looked pretty good, but the whole person exuded an evil aura.

Between the eyebrows, there was a faint black light.

Obviously, she was an evil spirit practitioner.

Four men followed behind the woman.

All five of them were wearing purple robes, the cuffs of which were embroidered with a gloomy bone.

This was the sign of the White Bone Gate.

The Bone Gate was not a weak force in the North Star Empire, and its strength was no different from the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect.

“You killed all my living dead?!” Miao Yan glared at Lu Yiping.

She refined the dead people in the mass graves with great effort. There were tens of thousands of them. Unexpectedly, they were all killed by these people today.

Lu Yiping did not speak.

Dragon Horned Golden Bull stared at the other side, grinning, “Little girl, you made those undead? Why, looking at your angry appearance, you want us to compensate?”

“Bold!” A White Bone Sect expert behind Miao Yan shouted angrily, he suddenly flew out with a sledgehammer and smashed it down at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

These masters of the White Bone Sect were fierce and slaughtered, and sometimes they slaughtered the entire family of the other party when they didn’t agree with each other. This was a common occurrence.

In the Eternal Element Plane, each realm below the God Realm was divided into ten levels, while above the God Realm, they were separated into the initial stage, middle stage, late stage, and peak stage.

This Bone Sect master was surprisingly a seventh level of the life-seizing realm.

The seventh level of the Life-Seizing Realm was much stronger than the old Xiao Yuan, the Xiao family elder, who had tried to take Lu Yiping’s Scarlet Flame Sword who was only the first level of the Life-Seizing Realm.

Dragon Horned Golden Bull didn’t make a move, Zhang Jin raised his finger, and with a single finger, he directly exploded the Bone Sect master.

A rain of blood flew.

“What?!” Miao Yan’s expressions changed.

Zhang Jin coldly looked at the people of the White Bone Sect, “If you make another move, all of you wil die!”

An expert of the White Bone Sect was angry. When he was about to step forward, Miao Yan stretched out her hand and stopped him.

With a gloomy voice, she asked Lu Yiping, “Which sect are you from?”

Lu Yiping did not answer.

Too lazy to answer.

“Let’s go.” The chariot slowly left.

Miao Yan’s face turned blue with anger.

Especially the blue-shirted young man playing with a golden bird in his hands made her furious.

This was contempt, naked contempt!

But in the end, she didn’t make a move.

The chariot went away.

“Senior Sister, Senior Brother Chen’s corpse did not survive, what should we do?” An expert of the White Bone Sect looked at the blood on the ground around him, his face was ugly.

Miao Yan looked at the chariot that was going away with cold eyes, “Go back and report to Master!”

“I will let them know about our White Bone Sect!”

They left in the air.

Not long after that, the chariot came to the border of the North Star Empire.

Lu Yiping didn’t care about the matter of the White Bone Sect just now.

The border wall of the North Star Empire was ten feet high and several meters thick. On the wall, various attack and defensive formations were inscribed.

At the gate of the city wall, a team of family disciples from all sides, experts, were undergoing interrogation and entering the city.

Lu Yiping’s chariot flew directly from the heights to the North Star Empire.

The chariot passed over the guards’ heads on the city wall, but these guards were completely unaware of it.

Entering the border of the North Star Empire, the few people traversed the cities without any obstacles. A few days later, they arrived at the capital of the North Star Empire.

As the first imperial capital of the Shenwu Continent, the North Star Imperial Capital was very large, and the end of it couldn’t be seen. Lu Yiping’s group drove into it, and the sense of prosperity came to the surface.

The streets in the city were vertical and horizontal, there were busy traffic, all kinds of voices were buzzing, and all kinds of family disciples were constantly shuttled back and forth.

“Master!” Suddenly, a surprised voice sounded.

Lu Yiping looked toward it, and it was Lu Peng.

In addition to Lu Peng, there were also Lu Xiaoyu, the Patriarch of Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect Song Ning, and a group of experts from the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect was there as well.

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