I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 113 Everything Is Normal

The swordmaster grew too fast, for Chen Hao, after all, it was risky.

“Shiqi, the scar on your face is healed. Do you need another sword scar?”

“Yes, I need it!” Shiqi thought about it but found that he didn’t even have the strength to raise his hand. “Lord Sword Spirit, I’m afraid I need your help!”

Chen Hao felt that the Crimson Devil Sword had cut not human skin but leather armor! He also noticed that when the Crimson Blood Demon Sword created scars on Shiqi’s face, he did not even move at all and did not even shrink his pupils!

The wound on Shiqi’s face quickly healed, leaving a hideous scar on his face.

The door of the flame forging room opened, and more people filed it in.

It was Zhou Yiran, the 1000-man commander of the City Guards, Shiqi’s direct commander.

 “Chen Pengfei, are you still conscious?”

“I’m perfectly okay!” Shiqi closed his eyes as soon as he finished speaking.

Zhou Yiran hurried forward to check and then assuredly said, “Fortunately, he just fell asleep!”

“You take him back to rest!”

Two city guards put down the stretcher, one supported his armpit, and the other held his feet. When he tried hard to lift his legs, they found that the Shiqi who had fallen asleep did not move.

The two city guards looked at each other, and one of the city guards whispered, “One, two, three!”

Their faces were flushed red, and only a half of his bodies were lifted up. Shiqi’s body was as heavy as a thousand equals.

“Change to two stronger ones!” Then the two city guard martial artists worked together and reluctantly carried Shiqi on a stretcher.

Shiqi slept for two days as soon as he’s out, and he woke up two days later, just in time to see Zhou Yiran.

“Commander, how long did I sleep?”

“Two days and two nights!”

“Two days and two nights?” When Shiqi heard this, and he immediately wanted to sit up on the bed. He just straightened up. Soon he was limp on the bed again.

He was sore and limp, as if his two hands, two legs, every muscle, and every bone were not his. Not obeying his command at all!

“What’s wrong with me?”

“The normal sequence after entering the flame forging room, just take a half-month rest!” Zhou Yiran said with a smile.

“But I’m going to the front line!” Shiqi gritted his teeth and desperately tried to sit up. As a result, the entire bed collapsed directly after he used too much force.

“Do you really want to go to the frontline?” Zhou Yiran said hesitantly.


“Lord Commander hopes you can stay!”

Shiqi was silent.

“I still insist on going to the frontline!”

    Zhou Yiran looked at Shiqi’s firm, stubborn eyes and lowered his head to persuade, “LordCommander said, if you stay in Bauhinia City, he will take you as a disciple and wait for later. After he retires, you will be the new leader of Bauhinia City! Do you know what this means?”


“You will become the most powerful person in Blackwater County!” 

“It’s just the most powerful person in Blackwater County! Is it?”

“Then what do you want?” Zhou Yiran asked calmly.

“At least I must lead an army!” Shiqi said firmly, holding his weak right hand, “Like a general like Commander Ziyang and Commander Zhen!”

Shiqi grew up in the Lan family and was deeply influenced by the Lan family. He admired a general like Lan Lielei of Zhenbei very much!

“This, Lord Commander, can’t give it to you!” Zhou Yiran took a deep breath, feeling a little disappointed. He knew that the Bauhinia City Guards could not keep Chen Pengfei, “But you can rest assured that if you insist on joining the army, you will be public and private. Lord Commander will not stop you.”

That afternoon, under the unremitting efforts of Shiqi, he was barely able to go to the ground, but his power was not well controlled, leaving a series of footprints on the hard bluestone road. He was put on a carriage, and he still couldn’t ride a horse!

Accompanied by more than one hundred city guards, including Xiong Tingzhi and Wu Guang. Zhou Yiran sent them ten miles outside the city gate.

“Sir Thousand Commander, just send it here!”

“Okay! In fact, Lord Commander is looking at you!” He whispered, pointing to the towering Bauhinia city wall in the distance.

Shiqi raised his head, looking very hard. The figure on the wall was indistinguishable.

“I won’t shame our city guard!”

“Okay!” Zhou Yiran said loudly, “Go there. I wish you good luck!”

This time, Zhou Yiran’s old rival Xiao Qixiang led the team to the Bauhinia Army. When they went to the front line, they were also responsible for escorting food, so even if Shiqi set off a day late, there was no problem in catching up with them.

On the third day, Shiqi caught up with the big army.

Xiao Qixiang saw Shiqi and asked a little displeased, “Are you the Chen Pengfei who created the strongest record in the history of the Flame Forging Room?”

“Yes, subordinate, pay his respect!”

“Yes, forty-four hours, it’s just that, you really are a monster!” Xiao Qixiang said sourly, “I really don’t know what kind of shit luck Zhou Yiran took…If it wasn’t for you, we must have won the bandit last time!”

Shiqi did not speak.  “You return to the team!”

The news about Shiqi insisted on forty-four hours in the Flame Forging Room had spread to the entire Bauhinia City Guards.

Now that the strength of Shiqi was a mystery, even if Xiao Qixiang had a scruff;e with Zhou Yiran, he will not embarrass Shiqi.

Continued to rush for seven days, only two days away from the front line. Passing Heifengling, the mountain was steep, surrounded by strange rocks and towering trees. Two thousand city guards escorted the grain and grass on the narrow mountain road, and the team stretched very long.

Shiqi and three 100-man commanders in the early True Origin realm moved through the steep rocks and dense forests. Shiqi, whose body had basically recovered, was assigned a new task by Xiao Qixiang. He was responsible for investigating the terrain and dangerous conditions in front of the team.

Shiqi’s strength was definitely the top of the two thousand city guards, and even Xiao Qixiang couldn’t say that he could beat him. By letting Shiqi find the way, it made them rest assured.

“Brother Peng, did you say that we were too careful? We are still in the Southern Cloud Kingdom territory, and we have not arrived at the front line. How could we meet the enemy? I think the surroundings are quite normal!”

Having only joined the team, the entire barracks knew that the Blood-handed Slaughterer, Chen Pengfei, was here.

Except for the 1000-man commander, Xiao Qixiang, the other 100-man commander who saw Shiqi, as long as they were a little younger, and those under thirty, all called him Brother Peng.

The older 100-man commander did not dare to put the title ‘senior’ in front of him. In short, Shiqi gets along very well with them.

Shiqi replied in a low voice, “Recently, the border friction has become more and more intense. I heard that the Black Blood Kingdom has often sent people to looting behind the Bauhinia Legion recently. It’s better to be careful!”

Another early True Origin Realm master laughed, “Should we not be so unlucky?” Shiqi just wanted to speak and suddenly felt the Crimson Demon Sword behind him start to tremble. The shaking was slight, but he could still feel it.

“What’s the matter, Lord Sword Spirit?”

“One hundred meters ahead of you, in the grass under the big locust tree, there is killing intent. It is an enemy!”

“Got it!” Shiqi did not look in the direction the Lord Sword Spirit said.  He turned around and said to the person behind him, “Everything is normal. Let’s go back to our camp!”


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