The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 21 The North Star Empire

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Looking at the Phoenix Tree that slowly flew up, the Immortal Golden Phoenix held her breath.

This phoenix Tree and this dimension had completely fused into one, not to mention it was at the peak of the late stage of the True God. Even a strong person at Celestial God Realm, they couldn’t shake it!

It could be said that even if a Celestial God realm powerhouse punched with all his might, this Phoenix God Tree would not lose a skin.

To the Phoenix God Tree, the power of the Celestial God Realm’s strongest man was like a moist breeze.

But now, the whole Phoenix Tree was flying up.

The earth was shaking and mountain peaks were continuing to collapse.

The Phoenix God Tree shook away all its roots from the earth and finally completely flew up.

One by one, like a flying dragon, the countless tree roots floated high in the sky, emitting a charming brilliance.

When the Phoenix God Tree was rooted in the earth, it already towered into the sky, and now that it flew out completely, its immensity was indescribable.

Lu Yiping looked at the Phoenix God Tree that flew up, but shook his head: “Unfortunately, it is still a bit short from fully grown.”

The Phoenix God Tree itself was good but this one is still in its childhood.

Listening to Lu Yiping say that he did not like that the Phoenix God Tree’s growth was still young, Immortal Golden Phoenix almost spit out blood.

This Phoenix God Tree was born for many years ago, and it was as old as this dimension.

And yet it was still too young.

At this time, Lu Yiping took out a piece of golden soil.

When the soil was taken out, the world became bright, and it could be sensed that in the soil, there was an astonishing chaos.

“This is, the Nine Heavens Soil?!” The Immortal Golden Phoenix trembled in disbelief, “You actually have a piece of it!”

The Nine Heavens Soil was a divine object of Chaos.

Legend had it that even a weed planted on it, over time, it could transform into a Chaos elixir.

The records of divine history from back then stated that the Lord of the Gods searched for a grain of the Nine Heavens Soil and failed.

Now, the blue-shirt young man had a piece in his hand!

Lu Yi smiled blandly, since, in fact, he had more than one piece of the Nine Heavens Soil.

And there were multiple pieces.

Several other pieces, some of which have been planted with other things.

Lu Yiping casually threw it from his hand, then the piece of Nine Heavens Soil broke through the air and flew up. The originally merely palm-sized Nine Heavens Soil, suddenly became larger, and finally became the size of a continent.

The Phoenix God Tree flew down and rooted itself on top of the Nine Heavens Soil.

The Chaos Qi in the Nine Heavens Soil wrapped around the Phoenix God Tree, and at once, the Phoenix Flame that surrounded the Phoenix God Tree rose even more..

The Phoenix Flame’s essence blended with the chaos qi of the Nine Heavens Soil and the Nine Heavens Soil glowed, then the soil became more crystalline and shiny.

The Nine Heavens Soil with chaos qi, of course, could not be planted with something mortal or ordinary, otherwise the quality of the Nine Heavens Soil would be affected after a long time.

But the Phoenix God Tree was different, the species of the Phoenix Tree when planted on it would have its Phoenix Flame’s essence react to the Nine Heavens Soil and it would make the soil better.

Of course, with the Phoenix God Tree planted on it, the Phoenix God Tree got more benefits.

When the time comes, the Phoenix God Tree would grow at an alarming rate, and then the Phoenix God Tree would continue to transform.

The leaves of the Phoenix God Tree, the Phoenix Leaf could be used to refine divine pills. If the leaves came from the Phoenix God Tree that was planted on the Nine Heavens Soil, the refined divine pills would have better results.

Lu Yiping reached out with one hand and the continent-sized Nine Heavens Soil shrank again, and the Phoenix Tree planted on it also shrank. It finally shrunk back to the size of a palm.

Lu Yiping placed it into the Universe Cauldron.

Immortal Golden Phoenix gulped, she was apprehensive, nervous, and uneasy  while looking at Lu Yiping.

Whether or not the young man in front of him was really the master of the Holy Demon, she couldn’t resist him, not after he just showed his terrifying power by gently lifting up the Phoenix God Tree.

The other party could crush her 10,000 times with just one finger.

Lu Yiping looked at the apprehensive and nervous Immortal Golden Phoenix and said indifferently, “You come from a good background and have the top bloodline of the Phoenix clan. Unfortunately, you are here alone to cultivate and have taken many crooked paths, otherwise, you would have broken through to the Celestial God realm long ago.”

Immortal golden phoenix face clouded, and she gritted her teeth, stepping forward and respectfully asking, “Please also give me the method of the dao, this Golden Phoenix is willing to go through fire and water for you!”

Lu Yiping smiled blandly: “To go through fire and water? Not quite.” Then raised his hand, finger light surging, heavenly god laws were condensed.

At the end, the quantity of heavenly god laws was at 10.000.

Lu Yiping pointed his finger.

These 10,000 Heavenly God Laws flowed into the Immortal Golden Phoenix Phoenix nine’s body.

Phoenix Jiu fused with 10,000 Heavenly God Laws and sensed these 10,000 Heavenly God Laws. At once, her whole body surged with light and her aura became stronger and  finally she stirred the high sky.

Soon, the nine heavenly thunder clouds rolled over and a thunderbolt formed.

Obviously, this was a sign that Huang Jiu was about to break through the Celestial God realm.

As the aura of Huang Jiu body became stronger, she finally burst into the sky with a golden light and thunder crazily poured down.

The Heavenly God Tribulation Thunder, which was enough to destroy a continent, caused heaven and earth to darken.

However, when the Heavenly God Tribulation Thunder fell, Lu Yiping, using an empty hand, made a grip, and a huge invisible hand held the Heavenly God Tribulation Thunder.

Although she had just seen the terrifying power of Lu Yiping, she became horrified when seeing Lu Yiping holding the Heavenly God Tribulation Thunder with his hand.

The Heavenly God Tribulation Lightning could be held?

She could not imagine how this could be done.

At this time, Lu Yiping gripped tightly, that invisible giant hand tightened, the Heavenly God Tribulation Thunder was then crushed and exploded, like an exploding firework, splendidly high in the sky.

Finally, the tribulation thunder turned into the purest thunder energy and fell down, gushing into the body of Huang Jiu, who absorbed the thunder energy and began to transform, and her spirit body also seems to have attained a layer of luster.

Huang Jiu adapted to the Celestial God’s energy within her body, took a deep breath, and then prostrated down: “Many thanks, my lord.”

Originally, it would take hundreds of years for it to break through to the Celestial God realm, but now, Lu Yiping was letting her break through directly, saving several hundred years of work.

Lu Yiping let Huang Jiu get up and told him to address himself as master, just like the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and Zhang Jin.

Huang Jiu respectfully answered with affirmation.

A few moments later, a few people left the phoenix dimension.

Huang Jiu, now transformed into a palm-sized golden bird, sitting on the chariot head.

Lu Yiping was not in a hurry.

The chariot’s speed was not fast.

It took a few days before they got out of the Battlefield of Gods.

“My Lord, where are we going?” Zhang Jin asked in a respectful voice.

Lu Yiping mused, “Let’s go to the North Star Empire.”

The North Star Empire was the strongest empire in the Shenwu Continent.

The North Star Empire capital, where several of the largest chambers of commerce in the Shenwu Continent were gathered.

Wei Bing and Chen Yongyuan still did not have the True God physique, so it made sense to go to the North Star Empire Chambers of Commerce to see if they had a suitable one.

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