It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 85 Blood Phoenix Corpse, Devouring Heaven Demonic Technique

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Huang Rumeng’s heart beat violently, and the call in her mind became more and more intense. If this continues, it won’t take long for her to see her ancestors and gain the inheritance. Thinking of this, Huang Rumeng’s face flashed with uncertainty.

“Help me, who will help me?” A cry for help came from the front.

Huang Rumeng turned a deaf ear to these voices. Along the way, she had met too many people who sought help. They fought against the flames, and when their spiritual power was exhausted, they were finally burned to scattered ashes.

Soon, the two of them came to the source of the sound. They saw a man’s body twitching, and his spiritual shield was tottering in the flames. It appeared that he would be burned to ashes at any time.

Suddenly, the man raised his eyebrows. When he saw Sun Hao and Huang Rumeng, his eyes shone with a strange light. He looked like someone who saw a life-saving straw after he fell into the water.

Without even thinking about it, he picked up the long sword and pointed it at Sun Hao. The sword attack came as fast as lightning. 

Seeing this violent attack, Sun Hao shook his head slightly, “Come again!” He stood there motionless. The man’s long sword was about to stab Sun Hao soon. 

At this time, the long sword in the man’s hand turned into ash at speed visible to the naked eye, followed by the man’s arm.

The man was scared to death by this frightening display, regret written on his face.


He let out an unwilling roar. Finally, his body followed after his voice and turned to ashes together.

Sun Hao looked at the ash floating in the sky and shook his head for a while. If you want to kill someone, you must have the awareness of being killed. Along the way, all the cultivators who attacked him were obliterated by Huang Rumeng. With Rumeng by his side, it was extremely safe in this blood phoenix nest. It seemed that Huang Rumeng’s realm was even more terrifying than he thought!

“Rumeng, are we close?” Sun Hao asked.

“Young Master, it’s just ahead!” Huang Rumeng pointed to the front of the passage.

“Good!” The two of them continued to move forward without slowing down.

Along the way, whether it was a flame monster or a cultivator, as long as they dared to attack Sun Hao, the result would be that they were turned into ashes.

After half an hour, they arrived at the destination. It was a circular cave that was several hundred meters high. The area was large enough to hold a city. In the cave, a bird skeleton with a height of one hundred meters was displayed in the cave’s center like a building. Among the giant bird’s skull, a scarlet pearl was emitting a crimson flame.

“Woosh ……”

The horrible heat wave blasted from the pearl to all directions, burning the entire cave red. Under the skeleton, there are thousands of cultivators standing. Each one gritted their teeth and roared, walking towards the pearl.

Behind the crowd, there was a quiet-looking woman. She stood at the end with a sword, her eyes fixed on the pearl, motionless. She was precisely Xuanyuan Shi.

When she saw Sun Hao and Huang Rumeng coming, her pupils shrank slightly.

What? He’s not harmed even without using the spiritual shield? How can that be?

Xuanyuan Shi’s face became more surprised.

The temperature inside was as high as ten thousand degrees. Even the cultivator who was in the Crossing Calamity Realm had to deal with it with all of their strength, and their spiritual power disappeared quickly like flowing water. They need to replenish their spiritual power with pills constantly. Otherwise, they would be left with nothing but ashes when their spiritual power was exhausted.

“The clothes on his body weren’t ignited? It seems that that suit must be a high-grade spirit weapon! However, even if it is a high-grade spirit weapon, it can’t withstand such a high temperature, right? There are only two possibilities; either the young man is extremely powerful, or the young man is a peerless expert. it is very possible that he is an immortal!”

Xuanyuan Shi let out a gasp when she thought this.

Unexpectedly, immortals could be seen here. If she could establish a good relationship with the immortals, her family’s crisis might be resolved. It must be much more useful than obtaining that demon core! She ended her thoughts.

Xuanyuan Shi turned around, walked in front of Sun Hao and Huang Rumeng, bowed, and saluted, “Xuanyuan Shi had seen …” Her words were interrupted!

“Young Master is practicing as a mortal, if you dare to damage Young Master’s Dao, you will die here immediately!” Huang Rumeng’s voice came, shaking Xuanyuan Shi’s ears!

When she heard this, she nodded secretly.

“Xuanyuan Shi has seen Young Master!” Xuanyuan Shi saluted.

“Xuanyuan Shi? That’s a good name, Miss is polite!”

Sun Hao looked at Xuanyuan Shi and sized her up carefully.

Xuanyuan Shi was a bit quiet, with a pretty face. She was biting her lips as if she had a thousand words but had no way to speak of it. This girl was very polite, unlike other cultivators who rushed forward and killed themselves before they speak. In the end, it came to a dead end.

Later, he must give her something! What should he give? By the way, her name is Xuanyuan Shi? Then send her calligraphy! Sun Hao muttered and made a decision.


Suddenly, there was a sound. 

Below the blood phoenix demon core, the air shook in layers of ripples. A book appeared on the ground out of thin air. The four characters 【Devouring Heaven Demonic Technique】 strongly stimulated a crowd of cultivators’ eyes on the cover of the book.

“It’s Devouring Heaven Demonic Technique!”

“My God, it is said to be a technique created by a powerful ancient being! Those who were able to acquire it would have their practice speed increased by leaps and bounds!”

“Hurry up and get the Devouring Heaven Demonic Technique!”

At this time, all the cultivators moved at once and rushed towards the  “Devouring Heaven Demonic Technique” quickly.

Huang Rumeng’s face changed slightly, and her heart beat violently, “Master, the ancestor is calling me, please wait here!”

After speaking, Huang Rumeng’s figure slowly disappeared.

“This …” Sun Hao was taken aback.

Without Huang Rumeng by his side, who will protect him? This terrible place was not safe! What should he do?

Sun Hao fixed his eyes on Xuanyuan Shi.

He saw that Xuanyuan Shi was also staring at the “Devouring Heaven Demonic Technique”, her eyes shone with greed. She was about to rush forward but at this time ….

“Miss Xuanyuan, wait!”

This sound was like an explosion of thunder, it awakened Xuanyuan Shi. The greed in the heart disappeared cleanly.

At this time.

“Ah!” Screams came from the front.

It could be seen on the demon core that tens of thousands of blood-colored silk threads suddenly appeared. In the blink of an eye, it entangled the cultivator at the forefront.

These blood threads madly swallowed the flesh and blood of these cultivators, they turned into a stream of energy, and rushed to the demon core. The body of the cultivator dries out at the speed visible to the naked eye, and finally becomes a skeleton.

“Boom…” The skeleton fell to the ground and exploded into dust.

Hundreds of cultivators died tragically in less than a breath. Such a scene directly frightened a group of cultivators. They struggled wildly and backed away.


“Om…” The demon core vibrated.

The dazzling red light enveloped them all at once. At this moment, they were stuck in a quagmire and were in a dilemma.

“No… don’t!”

“Help, someone please help me!”

“I’m not greedy anymore, please let me go!” The whole scene was in chaos.

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