I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 112 Flame Forging

    If you don’t force them, some pigs will never know that they can fly; some people, if you don’t force them, they never know how strong they are…

    Many warriors who came to the flame forging room chose to give up just because they were not confident enough and wrongly estimated their limits.

    Chen Hao remembered that the Crimson Blood Devil Sword Killing Feedback skill would feedback the true qi of the warrior and the vitality of the body and some of the soul power!

    Although most of them were exploited by Chen Hao, over time, the number was still awe-inspiring! Shiqi never reached the limit. After all, in this case, he hadn’t fainted yet!

    Chen Hao could accept Shiqi to lose consciousness directly, but he could never accept Shiqi to give up by himself. Shiqi didn’t speak, staring at the Crimson Blood Devil Sword with bloodshot red eyes, staring at Chen Hao’s heart.

    Chen Hao pretended to be relaxed and said, “Look, you can still climb so vigorously. It proves that you have not reached the limit, right?”

    Moreover, he did not answer Chen Hao’s words. Enduring his internal organs’ pain being crushed and repaired one by one, he slowly lifted his left leg.

    Chen Hao tried desperately to suppress but could not resist Shiqi’s tremendous force in any case! The Crimson Blood Devil Sword was slowly withdrawn from the ground.

    Shiqi fiercely kicked, a booming sound was heard in the air, and the Crimson Blood Devil Sword broke away from his calf due to its inertia and was directly hit the wall on the far wall.

    Chen Hao watched Shiqi continue to crawl towards the black stone pillar, and arrows shot at Shiqi’s calf. He wanted to repeat the same tricks as long as he could delay it.

    But just when he was about to stab the target, Shiqi’s calf turned golden, and with a bang, the Crimson Blood Blood Devil Sword only left a blood spot on the calfskin, then it was bounced off.


    The situation that Chen Hao worries about the most had happened.

    When he tried to nail Shiqi for the first time, he found that Shiqi’s skin was abnormally tough, and even the Crimson Blood Devil Sword could not easily cut it open.

    In order to pierce Shiqi’s bones, Chen Hao had already used the “killing intent”!

    Now that the Shiqi was running the “Golden Body Forging Arts,” Chen Hao wanted to nail him like just now. It was impossible in a short time!


    Just when Shiqi’s hand was about to touch the black stone pillar, the Crimson Blood Devil Sword suddenly appeared in front of his eyes, and the broad blade fiercely and directly slapped him to the wall!

    Nice job! Chen Hao couldn’t help but cheer for himself!

    After losing this opportunity, Shiqi never had a chance to approach the black stone pillar. He struggled in the flames helplessly like a caterpillar being roasted by the fire.

    “Shiqi, you have to understand my good intentions!”

    “I’m all for your own good!”

    “When you wake up, you will definitely be grateful to me!”


    Shiqi was not completely in a frenzy, and occasionally he will also sober up in pain. He looked at the Devil Sword not far away and whispered, “Lord Sword Spirit…”

    “What’s the matter?”

    “I… hurt… can’t stand it!”

    “Well… you will live forever in the fire… er. , No, it’s rebirth…you will be reborn in the fire!”

    “Kill… I!”

    “What did you say? I didn’t hear clearly. Please tell me again!”

    “Please… please… kill… me!”

    “I still didn’t hear you well! Who are you going to kill? When you go out, I will take you to kill them!” Under normal circumstances, Shiqi would fall into a frenzy again if he failed to say the third time.

    When it was almost forty hours, Shiqi briefly regained his will. He didn’t ask for death this time.

    “How long has it been?” Chen Hao could accurately perceive through the soul connection that now Shiqi’s soul had reached its limit!

    If he still persists, he was in danger of soul collapse.

    “It’s only a quarter of an hour. It’s twelve hours!” Chen Hao gritted his teeth and said, “Only a quarter of an hour, as long as you hold on for another quarter of an hour, you will be able to break the record!”

    Shiqi asked in disbelief, “Really?”

    Chen Hao saw the hope in front of him in Shiqi’s eyes.

    “When did I lie to you?”

    “Hmm…” The Crimson Blood Devil Sword slowly moved towards the black stone pillar!

    However, Chen Hao did not shoot the stone pillar. He felt that Shiqi’s had stopped on the edge of collapse, and then his soul was swelling violently. After surging to a certain extent, it suddenly began to compress, and his soul seemed to have become stronger!

    However, the impurity in the soul could not be removed, and it mixed with Shiqi’s soul, which was absorbed by the forceful breakthrough last time, coming from the soul fragments and their resentment.

    At the forty-third hour, Shiqi briefly recovered his will, and his lungs were slowly healing.

    “How long is there?”

    “Half a quarter of an hour left!”

    “Hmm… Lord Sword Spirit, did you say that the martial artist who lasted for twelve hours in the flame forging room last time was very strong? I admire him a little bit now!”  Shiqi was a little soberer this time.

    “He is absolutely strong, and maybe he has become a powerful general or a top master of the famous family!”

    This time, his soul did not continue to grow stronger but quickly languished.

    “Lord Sword Spirit, how long is it?”

    “A quarter of an hour is left!”


    Just after Chen Hao’s words were finished, the heart-tempering step in the flame forging room began, and Shiqi screamed. His strength was gone.

    At the forty-third hour, Chen Hao had a strong sense of urgency. Even he was a little confused…How long does Shiqi need to hold on? Can he survive?

    “Lord Sword Spirit, how long is there left?”

    “An eighth quarter of an hour!”


    Not long after Shiqi lost consciousness, the flame in the flame forging room disappeared, and the temperature began to drop. The spraying of the liquid medicine continued to repair Shiqi’s body.

    Chen Hao breathed a sigh of relief. It should be time! It’s all over!

    Shiqi’s body had just been repaired. He looked at the Crimson Blood Devil Sword and asked, “How long has it been?”

    “You have persisted for a full forty-four hours. You have set a new record and increased the record to more than three times. Lord Sword Spirit Chen Hao said gratifyingly, “It makes future generations desperate, boy, I am proud of you. You are definitely one of the best swordmasters I have ever seen!”

    Shiqi said while lying on the ground, forgetting the ceiling, “But, I remember, I seem to have only insisted on about twelve hours!”

    “Yes, when you asked me the time last time, it was only one-eighth of an hour to twelve hours, but I did not expect that after twelve hours, the next thirty-two hours, you kid, endure it!” 

“I’m so powerful?”

    Shiqi thought hard, and he could only remember some broken memories when he was dizzy–the only thing he could think of was the unbearable burning pain. And some sporadic conversations with the Lord Sword Spirit.

    It’s like having a long nightmare! After waking up, he almost couldn’t remember anything. Only a feeling of fear still lingers in his heart.

    “Have you remembered?”

    “Almost… almost, I couldn’t remember it!” 

     “If you can’t remember, that’s great!”

    To be honest, Shiqi grew up too fast, even if many facts had proved that he was a trustworthy person for a long time, but Chen Hao still had some concerns.

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