The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 20 What is the relationship with Lord Saint Demon?

Translator: Aida Hanabi Editor: Mystified

On the way towards the border of the Battlefield of Gods, they passed a particular place, and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull suddenly sniffed the surrounding air and said in surprise, “What a pure Phoenix Fire!”

Although it was hard to see with the naked eye, he still sensed the pure Phoenix Fire that permeated the air.

“Immortal Golden Phoenix?!” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull said with uncertainty.

“Well, it’s the flame of the Immortal Golden Phoenix.” Lu Yiping spoke.

“In that case, there are Immortal Golden Phoenixes around here!” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull was surprised.

Immortal Golden Phoenix was an existence equivalent to the Nine-Clawed Golden Dragon.

Lu Yiping scanned the surroundings, then led the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and the others to a high place in the sky before stopping.

Zhang Jin understood and blasted out a fist.

At once, the space shook and an entrance to a sealed dimension appeared.

Just after they entered the dimension, marvelous flames came at their faces.

As they looked at the dimension in front of them, everywhere was filled with a faint golden flame.

“It really is the Immortal Golden Flame!” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull said.

The immortal golden flame was one of the phoenix flames and was also the strongest flame in the world.

Don’t look at the immortal golden flame that pervaded the area, and even the great emperors wouldn’t dare to approach or touch it.

Zhang Jin and the three guards opened the path in front of them by using their divine power to push forward, and immediately the immortal golden flame blocked away.

It didn’t take long for them to see a towering giant tree—a sacred tree with flames all over it.

Mountains surrounded the God tree, and the surrounding peaks were all illuminated by the flames of the sacred tree, which were all red.


“Phoenix God Tree!”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull marveled.

The divine tree, like the ancient beasts, was also a foreign species of heaven and earth.

And the Phoenix God Tree was undoubtedly the most powerful among the Divine Trees.

The phoenix tree, born from phoenix flame, known as the ancestral tree of the phoenix family. It was rumored that the first phoenix in the world was born from the phoenix tree.

The Phoenix Tree was even rarer than the Immortal Golden Phoenix.

Just when the Dragon Horned Golden Bull marveled, suddenly, a phoenix called, and the cry of the phoenix resounded throughout the world.

Immediately after that, they saw a sky-covering phoenix with golden flames all over its body fly up above the Phoenix God Tree.

The Golden Flame Phoenix spreads its wings, and the wings alone were big enough to cover a large mountain.

“Late peak True God?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull was surprised.

Lu Yiping was also surprised.

Of the ten strongest experts in the Eternal Plane right now, some of them were only at the peak of the late True God stage.

But inside the Battlefield of Gods, there was an Immortal Golden Phoenix at the peak of the late True God stage, hiding.

At this time, the Immortal golden phoenix opened its mouth, and the sky was filled with immortal golden flames like a rainstorm, pouring down from the high altitude.

Looking at the immortal golden flames pouring down from the sky, Zhang Jin, Zhao Wen, Wei Bing, and Chen Yongyuan flew up and blasted out with their fists in unison.

The four true gods struck at the same time, like a giant thunderbolt; the immortal golden flames in the sky were blown away.

While the immortal golden phoenix was a late peak True God, Zhang Jin, and the others had joined forces and thus managed to block the other party’s decisive strike.


The Immortal Golden Phoenix was surprised.

“Four true gods?!”

At this time, Zhang Jin and the other guards once again broke through the air, four people took their own position and struck once again. Behind them, a giant image condensed.

Unlike ordinary divine images, this giant image had hooves like pillars that held up the sky, and its entire body emitted a dark light.

“Celestial God Prison Fist!” Immortal Golden Phoenix looked at the giant elephant behind the four people, her face changed, and she shouted, “Who are you guys? What is the relationship with Lord Saint Demon?!”

It was no wonder that its expression changed significantly because this Celestial God Prison Fist’s origin was too appalling.

Back then, with this Celestial God Prison Fist, a supreme being had swept through the Eternal Plane and was invincible for three eras! It was invincible for three eras!

In those three eras, no matter what kind of demonic existence, no matter how strong you were, they would be overshadowed they front of this supreme existence.

This supreme being, the world respects him as the holy demon!

It was the saint of demons!

The demon of saints!

This Celestial God Prison Fist was naturally passed on to the four by Lu Yiping.

Of course, the supreme being that the world honors as the Holy Demon also stayed in the sacred forest, and his Celestial God Prison Fist was also taught by Lu Yiping.

The Sword God Yang Dong was not qualified to be Lu Yiping’s named disciple, but the Holy Demon could barely be regarded as one of Lu Yiping’s named disciples.

Zhang Jin and the others ignored the immortal golden phoenix’s shock and shot non-stop, creating four fist prints as big as a mountain breaking through the air.

The four fist imprints, all emitting astonishing dark light flame.

The four fist marks were all emitting astonishing darkness. Looking at the Celestial God Prison Fist, the Immortal Golden Phoenix was shocked and covered the sky with one wing, unleashing heavy phoenix power to form a golden phoenix boundary.

The four Celestial God Prison Fists slammed on the phoenix boundary. The phoenix boundary scattered with a bang. The Immortal Golden Phoenix was shaken backward.

Zhang Jin’s and the others’ battle powers were originally not weaker than the Immortal Golden Phoenix. If combined together to perform Celestial God Prison Fist, their battle power soared. 

The Immortal Golden Phoenix was momentary shocked, how could she stop it? She was shaken back so that the spirit inside her trembled endlessly.

Wei Bing and Chen Yongyuan still did not have the god physique, otherwise, with four of them teamed up using Celestial God Prison Fist, the Immortal Golden Phoenix definitely would not have been just shaken back.

Immortal Golden Phoenix was shaken back, and she was not far from the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and Lu Yiping. When she noticed them, she couldn’t help but be annoyed and waved her wings. And ten thousand feet of golden sword qi slashed toward them.

The Dragon Horned Bull saw this and smiled. He raised his leg and created the same Celestial God Prison Fist.

It was more than what Zhang Jin and others combined could produce. The Celestial God Prison Fist broke through the air. At once, the entire Immortal Golden Phoenix was lifted off and smashed down to a specific mountain in the endless mountain range.

The mountain collapsed, and the earth cracked.

For a long time, the Immortal Golden Phoenix barely stood up, then noticed her golden feathers had faded and dulled, and the feathers which were as big as a tree fell one by one to cover a large area.

“You, what is your relationship with Lord Saint Demon!” The Immortal Golden Phoenix spat blood with her hoarse voice and looked at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull with eyes full of fear.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull  grinned: “You mean the saint demon kid, that kid can barely be regarded as my master’s named disciple.”

“Your master’s named disciple!” The Immortal Golden Phoenix’s eyes glared to the maximum, then turned to the blue-shirted young man that was sitting on the chariot.

Was this young man?

There are countless legends about the Holy Demon in the Eternal Plane, but who exactly was the Holy Demon’s master had always been a mystery, and now, this bull, unexpectedly, said that this blue-shirted young man in front of her was his master?

Moreover, the holy demon was his named disciple?

And barely at that?

She was shocked.

This was really hard to believe.

At this time, she saw Lu Yiping raise his hand and casually lift it up. She watched as the Phoenix God tree, which was rooted in the earth for many years and integrated with the whole dimension, made a loud noise, and shook the surrounding giant peaks before flying up slowly.

This phoenix tree, it simply could not be shaken at all before, but now, it was directly flying up!

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