I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 111 Good Intentions

Chen Hao’s level of storytelling definitely passed the test!

A “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” had greatly improved his storytelling level.

Under Chen Hao’s total magnetism, the magical revision story was told, directly connecting with the soul’s voice. It was impossible not to hear it!

In the next time, Shiqi was indeed very powerful! He clenched his teeth tightly, and a dozen of the-had-been-just-repaired posterior molars teeth were broken.

Don’t ask why he had more than a dozen posterior molar teeth, and it was the result of repeated restoration! He stared fiercely at the Crimson Blood Demon Sword with fierce eyes like an evil spirit. Chen Hao was shocked when he saw it!

Shiqi was somehow unfamiliar to him! However, as a sword spirit, Lord Chen Hao would not give in! He believed that after Shiqi woke up, he would definitely understand his good intentions!

“Come, start practicing “Golden Body Forging Arts”!”

The silver body forging arts was completed, and Chen Hao immediately reminded Shiqi about his martial arts dao.

After repeating it several times, the savage expression in Shiqi’s eyes calmed down slightly, perhaps because Chen Hao stopped telling stories!

Seeing that he began to practice the “Golden Body Forging Arts” to temper the physical body, Chen Hao cleared his throat and said: “Next, we will talk about Chapter 13…”

Yes, Chen Hao talked for seven or eight hours before talking about chapter 13! His mind was so meticulous!

If Shiqi asked him about the time again… Chen Hao would ask him in return. ‘I have only come to Chapter 13. How much time can you say had passed?

The routines were all well-designed. The time in the flame forging room… Lord Sword Spirit, Chen Hao, had the final say!

Soldiers have gathered outside the flame forging room. Zhou Yiran heard that Chen Pengfei had been in the flame forging room for nearly fifteen hours, so he rushed over.

Thousands of other families from the City Guard also came and left soon after!

Even the commander of the city guard came around and left because of the busy military affairs. Before leaving, he asked Zhou Yiran to stare here. After Chen Pengfei came out, he ought to give him a report.

It’s dawn again, and two days and two nights are coming.. Inside the flame forging room, there was still dead silence. There was no sound at all.

Zhou Yiran asked in a low voice, “Chen Pengfei is not in any danger, right?”

The middle-aged soldier replied, “No, as long as Chen Pengfei loses consciousness, the array will automatically close. We have been supplementing medicine, and he will not have to worry about his life!”

“It’s almost twenty-four hours!” Zhou Yiran whispered, “The flame forging room, the first day, should be refined skin; The next day is to temper the bones, and the third day is to temper the internal organs. Do you know how to temper them? “

The middle-aged soldier replied, “After the flame forging room was brought back to Bauhinia City, no one could reach the third level. The strongest one in that year was unconscious just after reaching the second level. No one knows what test lies ahead!”

“The Flame Forging Room was brought out from the mountain peak ruins of the ancient Vulcan Sect. The ancient times were too far away. The Vulcan Sect was destroyed for tens of thousands of years. There is no record in the ancient books left. However, it is said that the Flame Forging Room is located at the central location of the Vulcan Sect’s sub-mountain peak should be very important!” Speaking of this, the middle-aged soldier opened the talk, “I heard that the ancient Vulcan Sect’s sub-mountain peak should have been abandoned in an emergency, and the ruins were discovered. All the good stuff was almost taken away by the people of the Vulcan Sect. Some of our military masters in the Southern Cloud Kingdom were in trouble halfway, and they were late. When they arrived, the masters of other forces had also finished fighting. The seniors of Southern Cloud Kingdom were afraid of being punished by Master Hou, so they were not going to come home empty-handed. I don’t know who made the idea, so they worked together to move the flame forging room, which looked the most compact building in the sub-mountain peak, back for business. As a result, the Array Mage researched it… the conclusion is that it can still be used!”

“My lord, our medicinal materials are almost gone!” A young pharmacist ran out from the small room next to the Flame Forging Room.

“Go to the quartermaster’s office and move fast!”

The young pharmacist said with some fear, “But I did not dare!”

The middle-aged soldier said unconcernedly, “The quartermaster’s office is threatening to break your legs. What are you afraid of?” On the last trip, pharmacist Chen did a good job. Although his leg was broken, he still brought back the medicinal materials. As you can see, I still go to the military supplies office to take medicine to cure him. I can also give him a public holiday and give him a holiday to still get his salary! “

The middle-aged soldier patted his chest and said, “You can rest assured, I will never let the brothers suffer, and the compensation will definitely satisfy you!”

The young pharmacist said with a sad face, “But after the last time Pharmacist Chen was interrupted to get the medicinal materials, Chief Bai of the Quartermaster said that if we dare to take the medicinal materials again, we will be chopped and cooked, dry us and grind us into powder and mix them into rice noodles. Serve as military food!”

The middle-aged soldier, “…”

Chief Bai of the Quartermaster’s Office has a complicated background and always keeps his word!

There are many medicinal materials needed for the flame forging room, including many precious medicinal materials! The more precious the medicinal materials were consumed in the later stages!

Many precious medicinal materials needed in the third level were extinct. Still, other substitutes with a lower value could be found at the expense of slower tempering speed and longer time! But even substitute with lower value were very precious!

The second level medicine had never been prepared in the Flame Forging Room, so it must be taken from the Quartermaster.

Zhou Yiran shook his head helplessly and said, “I’ll report to Lord Commander. Now only Lord Commander can come forward to solve the problem. Only the Lord Commander can suppress the crazy, Bai Changming!”

It was almost the twenty-fourth hour, Shiqi bodies slowly healed. His bones and meridians are dyed golden, but Chen Hao knew that Shiqi’s physical strength was definitely far superior to that of other practitioners who practice the Golden Body Forging Body Arts.

He didn’t know who designed the flame forging room and what was its specific effect. But he was very clear about Shiqi’s physical condition. He had increased not only his physical strength but also increased his physical potential.

Twenty-four hours arrived.

Chen Hao looked at Shiqi’s kidney, which was reduced to ashes … his whole soul was convulsing violently!

Chen Hao remembered that when he was pushed into the sword-making furnace by Jin Zhengqiu, he seemed to be in pain for a second or two without feeling…Compared with Shiqi, he suddenly found that Jin Zhengqiu was so gentle to him! So kind!

“I can’t stand it!” Shiqi slowly climbed towards the black stone pillar!

“Shiqi, it’s only been six hours … but you promised me that you would surpass the previous records!”

“You are a man!”

“I will continue to tell you stories and listen to them, and you will be refreshed. That’s it!”

“……” Shiqi did not answer. His entire eyes were crimson and crazy! Climbing all the way to the black stone pillar!  As long as he hit the stone pillar, everything was over!

But just when he was about to touch the black stone pillar he dreamed of, he found that he couldn’t climb… He crawled forward crazily and desperately, the hard fire dolomite was caught by him and turned into powder, but he still can’t touch the black stone pillar…It’s always been a little bit short!

Just a little bit!

He looked back slowly and saw a familiar hilt on his left calf. The hilt of the Crimson Blood Demon Sword!

The Crimson Blood Demon Sword pierced his calf and plunged into the fire cloud rock completely, nailing him to the ground!

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