The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 19 Nine Extinct Gods’ Burial Array

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Lu Yiping frowned when coming out from the dimension where Su Xiu had stayed in.

Initially, he searched the soul of this Yellow Springs Demon Sect because he wanted to see if he could find Yang Dong’s whereabouts from his memory.

But Su Xiu, like Wu Mo, did not know the whereabouts of Yang Dong.

So, there was still a need to continue the search.

Afterward, Lu Yiping’s group entered several other separated dimensions in the Black Hell Forest to collect the other three Thunder-type mythical beasts.

Chen Yongyuan’s soul refinement of the mount was also a divine spirit realm Thunder Unicorn.

While Lu Yiping had subdued several thunder beasts, somewhere in the Battlefield of Gods, He Shao and Yu Xin escaped from a sealed dimension in panic.

Right after they escaped from the dimension, a huge phoenix shrouded in golden flames flew out from the dimension as well.

The huge phoenix opened its mouth and spat out golden phoenix fire all over the sky.

He Shao looked at the phoenix fire that filled the sky, his expression changed significantly, and he frantically urged the divine power of his whole body.

“Meteor Flame!”

The divine power blazed up.

His entire body became as it had transformed into a flaming meteor. He took his disciple Yu Xin with him, broke through the air, and then disappeared.

The two of them had just vanished far away when they heard a loud booming sound behind them.

Looking back, they saw that hundreds of miles behind them were submerged by the golden phoenix fire.

Everything on the earth was incinerated.

He Shao’s whole body was covered with cold sweat. Ignoring what happened behind them, he and Yu Xin tried their best to escape.

But fortunately, the phoenix didn’t chase them. After a strike, it retreated back to the other dimension.

Even so, the two still panicked and fled for a long time before they finally landed on a barren field, panting and in a terrible state.

He Shao was sure that the Phoenix was not going to catch up with them, so he was relieved, but he was also full of bitterness. He had found the Phoenix God Tree, but he didn’t expect that such a terrifying phoenix would guard the phoenix god tree.

“This phoenix, could it be the Immortal Golden Phoenix?!” Yu Xin said, thinking back to the previous scene while still having palpitations.

The status of the Immortal Golden Phoenix in the Phoenix clan is equivalent to the nine-clawed golden dragon among the dragon clan, that is as the topmost existence of the Phoenix clan.

He Shao was also palpitated and answered, “Indeed, it is the immortal Golden Phoenix, and I’m afraid it is already at the peak of the late True God stage!”

“What? An Immortal Golden Phoenix at the peak of the late True God stage!” Yu Xin was shocked.

He Shao gave a bitter smile, “So, that Phoenix Tree, we better not think about it, this Immortal Golden Phoenix didn’t want to kill us, otherwise, even if we had ten lives we could not escape it.”

“Your bloodline problem, we’ll have to think of another way.

“Let’s go back to the Medicine King Hall first.”


In the blink of an eye, more than a month had passed.

Somewhere under the ground of the Battlefield of Gods, Lu Yiping’s expression was gloomy as he looked at the endless large array of runes in front of him.

On the ground was a huge spell array, a spell array that had been lost in ancient times, called the Nine Extinct Gods’ Burial Array.

For more than a month, he had searched for the truth of Yang Dong’s disappearance and finally had reached here.

“This, could it be the Nine Extinct Gods’ Burial Array?!” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull asked with uncertainty while his jaw dropped as he looked at the endless array of runes in front of them.

Lu Yiping gave a muffled sound.

Hearin Lu Yiping said that the Nine Extinct Gods’ Burial Array was really in front of him, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull shivered and said, “The Nine Extinct Burial God Array is really here! Who is such a big shot? How would they dare set up such a big Nine Extinct Burial God Array here!”

Then he went forward and looked carefully at the dense pattern of strange flowers on the ground array, but the more he looked, the more shocked he was: “Is this the Ghost Flower?”

“Legend has it that for every divine soul above the God realm swallowed by this Nine Extinct Gods’ Burial Array, a Ghost Flower will be formed. With so many ghost flowers in Nine Extinct Gods’ Burial Array, how many divine souls had it swallowed?!

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull felt even its pores shudder.

At the same time, he wondered, ‘How did this Nine Extinct God Burial Array devour so many divine souls?’

Guessing the thoughts in the Dragon Horned Golden Bull’s mind, Lu Yiping slowly said, “The Great War of the Gods.

“What! The Gods’ war!” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull jumped up in fright: “Master, are you saying that this Nine Extinct Gods’ Burial Array was laid out before the Great War of the Gods?

Lu Yiping’s voice was extremely low, “However, these Ghost Flowers, they are not newborn.”

He could see that these Ghost Flowers had coalesced over many years.

And here was the underground area of the Battlefield of Gods.

This Nine Extinct Gods’ Burial Array, which had devoured so many divine souls above the God realm, could only have fed during the Gods’ war!

During the war of gods, many true gods, celestial gods, and even experts above celestial gods had perished, and their souls were swallowed by the Nine Extinct Gods’ Burial Array.

The war of the gods back then was really a conspiracy!

“What does he want to do by setting up this Nine Extinct Gods’ Burial Array, and devouring so many divine souls?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull mumbled and felt that his throat had gone dry.

Lu Yiping’s eyes flashed: “There is a technique that will devour all kinds of divine souls to cultivate.”

Dragon Horned Golden Bull’s face was grave: “Devouring so many divine souls to cultivate, then this person, what level of strength has he reached?

Lu Yiping did not speak.

The chariot was in the air and slowly entered the Nine Extinct Gods’ Burial Array.

Zhang Jin and the rest were flying in front of them at full alert, and they paid attention to any sudden changes that could occur at any time.

On the chariot, Lu Yiping looked at the ground that had ghost flowers, and his expression turned uglier. On the ground, there was a newborn ghost flower.

Back then, Yang Dong entered the Battlefield of Gods and finally came here.

He was afraid that Yang Dong had perished!

Thinking of this, Lu Yiping had the Dragon Horned Golden Bull speed up.

After a while, he arrived at the eye of the array.

Looking at the array’s eye, the Universe Cauldron appeared in Lu Yiping’s hand. He dropped down from the chariot and swung down with the cauldron fiercely.


When Lu Yiping swung it down, the earth-destroying power, sweeping through the area, caused the entire Battlefield of Gods to tremble violently, and the billion of dead spirits and undead on the Battlefield of Gods were shaking, and all the strong people who had entered the Battlefield of Gods were shocked.

Being a target of a blast from the Universe Cauldron, the Nine Extinct Gods’ Burial Array’s eye exploded, the entire array’s eye had disappeared, and was replaced by a terrible pit with a radius in tens of thousands of miles.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull was dumbfounded.

This was too violent!

Lu Yiping smiled coldly, now that the array’s eye had been completely destroyed, he would like to see if the owner of the Nine Extinct Gods’ Burial Array could repair it or not. Lu Yiping waved his hands, and countless large arrays of runes flew out, transformed into a heavenly formation, and then disappeared into the void.

This was the Great Mighty Heavenly Dragon Array!

It could suppress all evil spirits.

As long as the person who set up this Nine Extinct Burial Gods’ Array arrived later, this Great Mighty Heavenly Dragon Great Array would be touched and he would be alerted. He would like to see who set up this Nine Extinct Gods’ Burial array!

“Let’s go.” Lu Yiping said.

Afterward, he and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull left the ground.

After leaving, Lu Yiping didn’t stay in the Battlefield of Gods anymore and went towards the border of the Battlefield of Gods.

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