I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 110 Have The Willpower

The difference between one hour and twelve hours, even if Shiqi’s mind had been confused, he still could barely distinguish clearly.

Thinking of someone who once set a record of twelve hours a day and a night, his enthusiasm for not admitting defeat was coming up again!

Young people were competitive and energetic!

“Lord Sword Spirit, I will stick to it. I will definitely surpass that person!”

Chen Hao, the sword spirit, said in his heart: Hehe!

However, he still encouraged, “Shiqi, you are fine. You are a rare young genius in the entire Southern Cloud Kingdom. You can definitely surpass the person who created the record and then create your own record!”

Hearing the lord sword spirit’s encouragement, Shiqi’s heart became warm, his pain also seemed tp weaken a lot.

Those who were confined would not perceive the passage of time, and the torture of darkness and loneliness can drive people crazy!

The Flame Forging Room was a bit similar to confinement, and it was hundreds of times more terrifying than being confined!

Fiery flames surrounded Shiqi. His skin and his body’s muscles were repeatedly circulated between destruction and repair, and his spirit had been in a tight state. Chen Hao knew very well that Shiqi could not be distracted and count the passage of time under this situation!

How was Shiqi’s willpower?

Chen Hao believed that he was definitely the best among his peers. Since he broke through forcibly, he used the evil spirit aura many times and implanted it into his body in a whimsical way. These dangerous actions not only changed his character but also tempered his will.

After the true Qi in his body was invaded by killing aura, he had been on the verge of craziness and collapse. The reason why he didn’t directly fall into craziness and was directly enchanted was to rely on strong willpower to support him!

How was Shiqi’s endurance?

Chen Hao had to admit that even if Shiqi had the bad habit of crying, his endurance was indeed amazing!

At least it could be seen from the scar on his face!

I’m pretty cruel to myself too!

The next morning, the young officer who entered the flame forging room with Shiqi came again. He was very curious about Chen Pengfei’s achievements in entering the Flame Forging Room.

After all, Chen Pengfei was famous in Black Water County. Recently, however, he had won numerous military achievements. He heard that even the Lord Commander named him in front of other 1000-man commanders.

After they returned, the more they looked at their subordinates, the more annoyed they became, why they didn’t have a decent soldier under them!

So they took Chen Pengfei as a typical example of saying things! Unconsciously, Chen Pengfei had become the new idol of many young city guards!

When the young officer saw the middle-aged soldier sitting beside the flame forging room yawning, he whispered, “He hasn’t come out yet?”

“No!” The middle-aged soldier shook his head.

“He is going to break the record!”

“It’s about half a quarter of an hour!” At this point, the middle-aged soldier’s eyes lit up again, and his spirit improved a lot. “Chen Pengfei is very good. I think he has a good chance to break the record. Maybe, he is definitely a genius!”

“I knew it!” The young officer also said some excitement.

“But I think he should come out soon. After twelve hours, the test in the flame forging room will be enhanced by a great realm!”

Shiqi has already been exhausted in the flame forging room, and his “Silver Body Forging Tactics” was close to perfection. His skin, muscles, even meridians and bones all over his body gradually turn silver, but he was not happy!

Being burned in this kind of fire, even if it yielded excellent results, you couldn’t get excited!

Shiqi’s feeling … I’m almost reaching the limit!

It’s not only pain, the loneliness that ordinary people couldn’t bear, the silence that couldn’t feel the passage of time … He seemed to have been abandoned by the world, feeling that he had been banished by time!

However, the painful torment continues.

Keep going! It seemed that it would never end!

“Lord Sword Spirit!”

This was the second time that he had communicated with the Sword Spirit.

“Hmm?” Chen Hao’s tone was indescribably cozy. The raging fire was like a sauna for him!

“Time … how long has it been?”

“This …..” Chen Hao tone quite puzzled and asked, “this you just asked me, didn’t you? Why ask me again? “

Just asked?

Shiqi was extremely slow, and he desperately recalled it. After a long time, he slowly asked, “A … an hour?”

“No, no! To be precise, it is almost two hours! “

“It’s only been less than an hour?”

Chen Hao said very positively, “Yes, less than an hour!”

“However, I think the time has passed for a long time…” Even if you communicate with your mind, the communication is intermittent and weak.” But my ‘Silver Body Forging Body Secret Art’ seems to be close to completion!”

Chen Hao knew he might be suspicious. Shiqi’s willpower was still quite strong!

“Silver Body Forging Technique” was cultivated to completion in one hour. In less than two hours, “Silver Body Forging Secret Art” was cultivated to near perfection… It seems that there is nothing wrong with it, right?”

There was nothing wrong logically! The more advanced martial arts you practice, the slower the progress.

Chen Hao happily said, “Come on, don’t forget that the “Golden Body Forging Secret Art” has not yet started. Don’t waste this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to eat big. The Flame Forging Room really deserves its reputation!”

“Yeah!” Shiqi nodded hard.

He wanted to laugh, but he couldn’t. The muscles on his face were burnt again, showing his gums, like evil spirits! Twelve hours later, a straight barrier suddenly appeared in the flame forging room, dividing Shiqi’s body into two parts.

Chen Hao knew that it should have reached a certain critical point, and a change would take place! The temperature in the flame forging chamber rose again, and this time the flame did not gush in all directions.

It sprayed from the back of the Shiqi… Chen Hao saw with his own eyes that Shiqi’s skin and muscles on his back began to peel off, and the tough meridians hidden in the muscles also began to shrink and turn into char, his white bones gradually turned black. Like a crushed stone powder, it was scattered with the violent shaking of Shiqi’s body!

Shiqi’s curled body suddenly straightened, and his newly repaired mouth suddenly opened…

There was no sound. He was emitting thick smoke! Strangely, the flame didn’t break through the barrier, only his back, just half of his body.

A halo also protected his internal organs. Even if his bones were powdered, his internal organs were still intact!

However, Chen Hao knew that if Shiqi could continue to persevere, the Flame Forging Room would probably continue to refine his body at a deeper level!

Thinking of this, Chen Hao couldn’t help but fight the cold war!

How cruel!

Roasting the whole lamb, the flame forging room was absolutely serious!

The flames behind Shiqi stopped, the light green mist was scented with medicine, and his bones began to repair. Before he could catch his breath, there was a sharp red light on the wall in front of him.

The front, it was going to start too!

“Lord Sword Spirit, I’m hurt! I’m in pain! I am in pain!”

Even if he communicated with his mind, Shiqi spoke with tears!

“Hold it, you can still hold on, think about Lan Yanlin, she still needs you, think about the fourth young master of the Chen family, and you know how dirty the Chen family is! When Lan Yanlin married into the Chen family, it was like falling into a fire pit. , I’m afraid you can’t imagine how a kind, delicate and weak woman like Lan Yanlin will suffer after marrying into the Chen family… I use my rich life experience to imagine that Lan Yanlin might meet after marriage. The encounter I got is called “Young Lady Lan…” listen well, you will have the strength after listening to it!”

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