The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 18 Ten Superpowers

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Looking at the countless divine thunders, Zhao Wen and Wei Bing thrust out two fists to break the divine thunders. Then they stepped forward and stood in front of the two Thunder Unicorns. They then clapped the two Thunder Unicorns down one-handed.

However, they didn’t use their full strength, so the two Thunder Unicorns were only slammed down and lost their abilities to fight back but were not seriously injured.

After slamming down the two Thunder Unicorns, they approached and captured the two Thunder Unicorns.

However, it was extremely difficult to tame demonic beasts of the Divine Spirit realm, let alone ancient exotic species like the Thunder Unicorns.

But Lu Yiping only shot out two golden lights with one finger into the Thunder Unicorns’ bodies, and they suddenly became quiet.

Lu Yiping let Zhao Wen and Wei Bing use the soul refining method to subdue the two Thunder Unicorns and then take them into their bodies.

After soul refining, the battle beast could reside in their master’s body, and when facing the enemy, the war beast could even merge with the master.

Lu Yiping and the others then continued to move forward.

From the memory of the two Thunder Unicorns, there were multiple dimensions in this Black Hell Forest, and within these various dimensions, there were several ancient mythical thunder beasts.

Not long after that, Lu Yiping found a different dimension.

The entrances to these separated dimensions were closed and completely integrated with the entire dimension of Black Hell Forest, so even a Celestial God Realm expert would find it challenging to discover the entrances to these separated dimensions.

When he came to the entrance of this separated dimension, Lu Yiping casually flicked his finger at random, and then the space in front of him rumbled like a heavy curtain had opened in the sky.

A curtain made of light waves ripples like water.

Then, a dimension entrance appeared in front of the group.

The dimension entrance was not large, and it was only wide enough to accommodate a chariot to pass it.

They dashed into it and found within it that the dimension was filled with waves of lightning and thunder everywhere.

The dimension was huge, and it was full of mountains, rivers, and trees.

This separate dimension was like a small world.

Lu Yiping’s gaze was profound as he looked towards the deepest part of the different space.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull was also surprised: “Death Qi!”

And the death qi here was even stronger than what the gray-haired old man Wu Mo had gathered previously!

“Dead Qi?” Zhang Jin and the others were puzzled.

They did not sense any death Qi around.

The chariot slowly rolled forward.

The atmosphere became quiet.

Just as the chariot was driving forward, a huge claw as big as a small mountain suddenly reached out from the void and slammed down towards the chariot.

As the huge claw fell, thunderbolts also descended upon them.

These thunderbolts were surprisingly colored black.

Black Thunder!

It was one of the destructive thunders that were comparable to the Nine Heavenly Thunder.

Zhao Wen, Wei Bing, and Chen Yongyuan were all surprised when they saw the Black Thunder falling down.

Zhang Jin had inherited Wu Mo’s mid-stage god physique, and his true divine power rolled and swirled, turning into a huge river that collided with the Black Thunder.

With a loud noise, a thunder dragon could be seen falling out from the depths of the void.

“True God!” With a voice like thunder, the Thunder Dragon looked at Zhang Jin in shock, obviously having not expected Zhang Jin to be a True God realm expert.

After Zhang Jin forced his opponent out, he took a step and arrived in front of the Thunder Dragon, and with another punch, he blasted at it.

Although it was an ancient beast, this thunder dragon was not yet a true god, but only at the peak of the late god realm.

Zhang Jin had just fused Wu Mo’s middle stage True God’s physique and had not yet fully mastered Wu Mo’s middle stage True God power, so he and the dragon fought equally for a while.

However, after time, when Zhang Jin was capable of taking full control of the power of the True God in the middle stage, it was only a matter of time before the Thunder Dragon was defeated.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull looked at the Thunder Dragon and shook his head, “The dragon bloodline is still pure, it’s just a pity that the cultivation technique is too weak and too mixed.”

This Thunder Dragon, its dragon bloodline was still pure, but it did not cultivate the dragon’s technique. Therefore, the battle power was not very high.

Lu Yiping, however, looked deep into space and said blandly, “Does your Excellency intend to keep looking?”

The other party was obviously surprised.

There was a moment of silence.

Then, a figure broke through the air at high speed and arrived in front of them in the blink of an eye.

The other party was wearing a light yellow brocaded robe. Although he looked to be in his thirties, he was handsome and extraordinary, his aura was amazing, and a faint gray light was wrapped around his body.

“Yellow Springs Demon Sect.” Lu Yiping saw the other party’s attire and noted it indifferently.

Now there were a total of ten superpowers in the Eternal Plane.

The first one was the Supreme Unity Sect, the second was the Yellow Springs Demon Sect, the third was the Yin Ghost Sect, the fourth was the Martial God Hall, the fifth was the Medicine King Palace, the sixth was the ​​Dark Demon Hall, the seventh was the Wan Family, the eighth was Tan Family, the ninth was the Long Family, and the tenth was the Lu Family.

They were collectively known as a sect, two clans, three halls, four families.

There were a total of 46 continents on the Eternal Plane, hundreds of empires, tens of thousands of dynasties, countless sects, and families. Still, these ten superpowers controlled almost 60% of the power of the Eternal Plane.

Don’t look down at only 60% of the power, for this was 60% of the power of forty-six continents of the Eternal Plane. It could be imagined just how strong the ten superpowers were.

Among the top ten superpowers, the Yellow Springs Demon Sect, the Yin Ghost Sect, the Dark Demon Hall, and the Tan Family, all practiced evil techniques, especially the Yellow Springs Demon Sect and the Yin Ghost Sect, which were brutal and murderous, making people shy away from them.

The person who appeared was one of the old ancestors of the Yellow Springs Demon Sect, Su Xiu, who was a late-stage True God expert, much stronger than Wu Mo.

The Thunder Dragon was its mount.

Su Xiu scanned at Lu Yiping, the Dragon Horned Golden Ox, and Zhang Jin, Zhao Wen and several others, remaining calm on the surface, but in his heart, he was astonished and suspicious.

“Who are you guys? What are you doing here?” Su Xiu asked in a deep voice.

Lu Yiping did not bother to ask more questions, he took a * reading of Su Xiu in front of him and examined through his soul.

This Su Xiu cultivated the Yellow Springs Demon Technique and indiscriminately killed more innocents than Wu Mo. Having finished his soul searching, he called down Void Thunder.

Su Xiu looked at the Void Thunder falling from the sky, and his eyes went wide as big as the bull’s eyes, he couldn’t understand just what was happening. This young man who had just broken in suddenly attacked and tried to kill him.

And this young man, who the hell was he?!

Was he his enemy?

But he didn’t seem to have provoked each other.

He had too many questions he wanted to ask.

The Void Thunder fell, and Su Xiu’s soul turned instantly into nothingness, just like Wu Mo’s had earlier.


Half a day later.

Lu Yiping’s group left the dimension.

As for the thunder dragon, it was restricted by Lu Yiping and then was collected by Zhang Jin with the soul refining method.

On the other hand, Su Xiu’s god physique was fused by Lu Yiping to Zhao Wen.

As for Su Xiu’s flesh and blood, Lu Yiping refined it into a True God Golden Pills, which were given to Zhang Jin and Zhao Wen to swallow and absorb.

Of course, everything from Su Xiu’s cave was also recovered by Lu Yiping.

Su Xiu had collected no less loot than Wu Mo from the Battlefield of Gods and even had a lot of God-level elixirs, but all worth little to Lu Yiping.

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