The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 17 Sun-Dried Beef Jerky

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“Let’s go over and take a look.” Hearing the voice of the Thunder Unicorn, Lu Yiping spoke.

The group went toward the direction of the Thunder Unicorn, and it didn’t take long for them to reach the scene.

They saw four black-clothed men besieging two Thunder Unicorns, and then two more were guarding the sides in case the Thunder Unicorns tried to escape.

Seeing these people in black robes, Lu Yiping’s mouth formed a smile, these people clearly were from the Dark Demon Hall.

These people in black also noticed the chariot and were surprised.

A Dark Demon Hall expert guarding the side walked over to the chariot.

He came to the chariot and looked at Lu Yiping with astonishment in his eyes. Obviously, like He Shao, he could not sense any divine power or true essence in Lu Yiping’s body.

He murmured, “These two Thunder Unicorns belong to my Dark Demon Hall, please leave!”Hehe was already considered polite with these words, as with the usual style of the Dark Demon Hall, he would have directly wiped out the other party.

However, he couldn’t see through Zhang Jin’s strength, so he didn’t dare to make a move.

“Leave?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull squinted his eyes, “What if we don’t leave?”

The Dark Demon Hall expert was stunned.

At this time, another Dark Demon Hall expert who was guarding the side came over and smiled coldly at his words: “Not leaving? Look at your golden hair, you are also a fae. Kill it, sun-dry the beef, it should taste good!”

But just as he finished speaking, he suddenly had a blur in front of his eyes and was slapped out by the Dragon Horned Golden Bull’s leg.

The Dark Demon Hall expert was smashed away and broke countless numbers of ancient heavenly trees. When he finally crashed to the ground, his whole face had been swatted completely out of shape, blood and flesh mixed, and his mouth and eyes couldn’t be seen.

“What!” The remaining several Dark Demon Hall experts were all frozen.

Although all six of them were Dark Demon Hall’s supreme elders, the one who had just been slapped away was the strongest of the six.

Two of the four people who had initially been harassed, the Thunder Unicorns stopped and walked over.

Their faces were grave.

“Tanning me into beef jerky?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull shook his head, looked at the Dark Demon Hall people, and smiled, “This old bull is too old, all the beef is very thick, even if it was turned into sun-dried beef jerky it would not be delicious. I do not know how it would taste when I sun-dried you into human jerky?”

Saying this, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull licked his lips with his big and thick tongue.

The people of the Dark Demon Hall noticed that the tongue of the Dragon Horned Golden Bull was also golden. Their expressions sunk when they heard its words.

Over the years, the Dark Demon Hall had developed rapidly, and its influence spread over dozens of continents of the Eternal Plane. Every continent on the Eternal Plane had a branch of the Dark Demon Hall. Even when many emperors of the imperial dynasties saw them, their expressions would change a lot. However, they had never been so ridiculed and threatened before!

One of them stared at Lu Yiping, his eyes were cold, “Young man, which family are you from? Do you know by doing this, you are inviting the scourge of extinction to your family?”

“The scourge of extinction?” Lu Yi smiled blandly, “Then I would like to see it.”

The three people from the Dark Demon Hall looked at each other.

The three suddenly leaped up and attacked at the same time with magic swords in their hands.

One of them stabbed at Lu Yiping, and two of them attacked the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

The sword lights blossomed remarkably. Devilish Qi rushed to the sky.

The black fog around the forest got affected by three swords Qi and was swept away.

The strength of the three swords Qi was stronger than the previous Sword Demon Xilai.

Sword Demon Xilai, after all, had just recently entered the realm of gods.

These three people, however, had been in the realm of gods for hundreds of years.

However, just as they wielded their magic swords, suddenly, three figures appeared in front of them.

They were Zhao Wen, Wei Bing, and Chen Yongyuan, three of the four guards.

Zhang Jin, who was the most powerful, didn’t make a move.

Zhao Wen, Wei Bing, and Chen Yongyuan didn’t use weapons, and they directly threw punches when facing the swords Qi.

Three punched for three people.

When the three fists blasted out, the space buzzed as if it wanted to crack.

Three terrible fist forces broke through the air, with the momentum of breaking, and instantly blew away the Dark Demon Hall’s three swords Qi, and then blasted on the Dark Demon Hall three people. They were all blown out.

Like the previous expert of the Dark Demon Hall, they fell to the ground after destroying countless numbers of ancient trees.

The three men looked at Zhao Wen and the others in fear, “Ancient God powerhouse?!”?!”

Although Zhao Wen, Wei Bing, and Chen Yongyuan, these three people had not recovered their divine status, but with the power of the three ancient gods, they were not something that these three early-stage gods of the Dark Demon Hall could fight.

The other two, who had still been attacking the Thunder Unicorns, unwilling to give up the Thunder Unicorns, saw what happened, they no longer cared about the two Thunder Unicorns and stopped to fly over toward them.

The two Thunder Unicorns ran away in panic.

When Lu Yiping saw this, he didn’t stop them. Although the Thunder Unicorns were an ancient species, they were far from the Dragon Horned Golden Bull in status.

“Who are you?!” The two elders of the Dark Demon Hall, who gave up the Thunder Unicorns, came over and looked at Lu Yiping in fear.

This young man, and even his guards, were actually Ancient God powerhouses!

This! It’s simply outrageous.

Lu Yiping blandly said, “The one who was injured a few days ago was your Hall Master, right?”

The few supreme elders of the Dark Demon Hall were shaken.

Their Dark Demon Hall’s Hall Master was gravely injured, but except for their group of supreme elders and their ancestors, no one knew about it. The news had been completely blocked, so how did this young man know about it?

Suddenly, a possibility occurred to them.

“It was you?!” Their faces changed considerably.

Could this young man be…?

Lu Yiping did not bother to explain, as the Universe Cauldron appeared in his hand, it flew up, and a terrifying devouring power arose from the mouth of the cauldron. It instantly swallowed all six people from the Dark Demon Hall into it.

The Universe Cauldron array operated, and soon, the six people were transformed into divine golden pills.

Lu Yiping gave ten to each of the four guards, and each of them could swallow one every day to cultivate in the future.

The four people’s flesh bodies had just recently grown, and these divine golden pills were an excellent tonic for the four people.

However, for this kind of residual pills, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull naturally was beyond its power.

“My lord, those two two Thunder Unicorns are still not far away, should we follow them?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull asked Lu Yiping with a smile.

“Follow them?” Lu Yiping looked at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull was a bit embarrassed and laughed, “I just want to collect a few more men for master, to give you more face!”

Lu Yiping smiled, “I don’t think you want to take in a few more men for me, those two Thunder Unicorns are female.”

The dragon Horned Golden bull kept a straight face and said thoughtfully, “In all honesty, I really just want to give you a few more men to add to your face.”

Lu Yiping interrupted him and laughed, “Okay, let’s go and have a look at them.”

Zhang Jin and the others currently didn’t have mounts, and the two Thunder Unicorns would be suitable for them.

Thus they decided to follow the two Thunder Unicorns.

It didn’t take long for them to find the Thunder Unicorns.

The two Thunder Unicorns could fight several god-realm supreme elders of Dark Demon Hall while being surrounded, so it was clear they weren’t weak and were also at God Realm. As the two Thunder Unicorns saw Lu Yiping’s people had caught up with them, their whole bodies turned into lightning in a flash, and countless divine thunderbolts bombed Lu Yiping and the others, charged with intent to kill.

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