I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 109 An hour

As a transmigrator and a part-time sword spirit, Chen Hao would have a vision; would he treasure himself?

Definitely not!

Chen Hao was originally born in the era of information explosion, in this point is extremely enlightened!

Besides, the “Blood River Technique” and “Blood King Fist Technique” were sent by others, and he didn’t feel any pain when Lan Shiqi sold them.

As for the Xuan-grade intermediate martial arts leaked out, whether Shiqi will be surpassed… it must be impossible.

There was always a gap between people, but you couldn’t see it. Even if he studied the same textbook in his old world, some people could get full marks, but some people were not even as good as the standard!

The “Blood River Technique” and the “Blood King Fist” were not much different from the textbooks!

Shiqi was a teenager who had a super cheat like him!

Anyway, Chen Hao couldn’t wait for Shiqi to learn more advanced martial arts techniques.

The commander of the Purple Thorn City was very trustworthy and sent an innate expert the next day to deliver the Xuan-level mid-grade body forging technique “Golden Body Forging Technique”, the Xuan-level mid-grade sword technique “Blood Demon Sword Technique” and the Xuan-level mid-grade body technique “Running Thunder Step” to Shiqi, and after Shiqi spent a whole day memorizing the three martial arts and body forging techniques, he also took away the authenticated “Blood River Technique” and “Blood King Fist Technique” transcribed by Shiqi.

Before leaving, that innate expert also warned Seventeen, “The martial arts techniques exchanged from the military side are strictly forbidden to be passed on to others, violators will be hunted down and killed by the military!”

Of course Shiqi understood this point.

In the next few days, Shiqi continued to practice the ” Mind Condensation Technique”, the ice spirit pills can protect the martial artist to quickly stabilize the mind, which is very effective to enhance the progress of the cultivation of the “Mind Condensation Technique”, but the price was expensive, two hundred gold coins a piece, if he had not just made a fortune, he simply could not afford it.

After eating up all the Ice Elixir Pills, Shiqi’s “Mind Condensation Techniquel” was still far away from the Great Completion realm.

Moreover, he could feel that the Ice Spirit Pill’s effect on the cultivation of the Mind Condensation Technique was rapidly weakening.

“Profound-grade ice spirit pill?” He thought of the price of a profound-grade ice spirit pill, and his heart went crazy.

The ordinary Ice pill cost two hundred gold coins. The profound-grade ice spirit pill was directly multiplied ten times, with two thousand gold coins.

Of course, the effect was extremely good! Even Lord Sword Spirit said the effect was very good! He helplessly looked at his not-easy-to accumulate wealth rapidly reduced, and the pain was terrible!

When he went out, he had the urge to rob Treasure Pavilion with his mask on! But the Treasure Pavilion was something he can not afford to mess with!

There were still four days before leaving for the front line. At first light, Shiqi came to the military service, found the young officer, crossed out the fifty military merits, and led him to the Flame Forging room.

“Since the opening of the Flame Forging Room, the highest record is one day and one night. I hope that you could break the previous records!”

“If you faint directly, the array will stop, and there will be no danger to your life. If you can’t hold on, you can also come out directly!” The young officer was very enthusiastic about Shiqi’s prospect and introduced him to the precautions in the flame forging room in detail. “There is a black stone pillar inside. If you attack it, the array will also stop.”

“Can I take a pill? For example, Profound-grade Ice Spirit Pill.”

“No need! Someone once took a pill that made him feel painless! The result was no effect. The flame training room will not only temper. It will also refine all the medicinal power of the pill in the body of the warrior.”

“What about using other means to relieve pain?”

“No, the military believes that in the flame forging room, your body is constantly being destroyed and reorganized… Using other means to relieve the pain, and you will find that the result is the same as taking the pill!”

“Will it be cured?”


At the Flame Forging Room’s door, Shiqi stripped down to his pants.

“The young man has a good figure!” The middle-aged soldier in charge of the Flame Forging Room laughed.

Shiqi, “…”

“If you want to keep your mask, you’d better leave it outside!”

Shiqi took off his mask, and the middle-aged soldier shook his head and said, “Remember to take off your pants after you go in.”



“Is there anything else?”

“Why did you bring your sword inside too?” 

Shiqi had never left his sword behind. Even when taking a bath, he would send the Crimson Blood Devil Sword within sight.

“By holding it, I feel I can hold on longer!”

“Well, as you wish, the sword should not matter anyway, it will not burn away!” The middle-aged soldier instructed again, “But don’t use the sword to damage the walls inside, or you need to pay the price.”

The indoor space of the flame forging body was small, only about nine square meters, and the walls and ground were all made of fiery red volcanic rock, which was full of holes.

Stepping on the volcanic rocks, he felt his feet hot. Taking off his pants and holding the Crimson Blood Devil Sword in his hand. A raging flame burst out of the holes in all directions in the flame forging room.

The Flame Forging had started!

The flames burned Shiqi’s body, and his eyebrows and hair quickly turned to ashes. A strong sense of pain came, and he clenched his teeth tightly!

His sweat emerged from his pores and instantly evaporated into the air. His skin kept peeling off, his muscles kept crumbling, and then kept recuperating, so he became even tougher and stronger!

The intense burning pain of the flame, the painful cycle of peeling and tearing flesh repeatedly!

Chen Hao sighed in the evil sword, “It smells like roasted meat!”

Shiqi didn’t say anything! He finally understood why so many people did not dare to try the Flame Forging room.  It was simply something beyond human endurance!

Time kept passing by.

When it was time to get off work, the young officer came outside the flame forging body and asked, “I don’t think that Commander Chen has come out yet?”

The middle-aged soldier replied, “It’s getting dark. It’s been six hours. He hasn’t come out yet. I haven’t seen such a powerful man for several years. He really deserves to be the blood-handed human slaughter. He deserves his reputation and is cruel to himself! It seems that we have to work overtime tonight, and the medicinal solution cannot be broken! This time the business lost money, but fortunately, it is not my money! “

The young officer said, “I’m also quite curious how long he can last, I wonder if he can break the record!”

“It’s not even human to last a day and a night, I think it’s hard!”

“Hasn’t someone done it before? Do you want us to make a bet?”

“Bet on what?”


In the Flame Forging Room Shiqi was in agony, he was now simply spending seconds like years.

He has run the “Mind Condensation Technique,” but it really made him sober… soberly feel the pain he had suffered!

In desperation, he could only practice the “Silver Body Forging Technique,” and his body was constantly destroyed. In addition, the liquid medicine provided by the military nourishes and repairs his body, and the “Silver Body Forging Technique” had been cultivated by him to be close to grand completion.

The pain of burning fire could only be resisted hard! He asked in his heart, “Lord Sword Spirit, how long has it been!”

In the flames, his neck was constantly unable to make any sound!

“It seems to be only an hour!”

“Only an hour? I feel like a long time has passed!”

You are being burned so hard, of course it feels like time has passed very quickly!” Chen Hao said in a rather certain tone, “This level of flame is simply scratching an itch for me, I’m wide awake, there’s no mistake, it’s only about an hour!”

Shiqi eventually believed the Lord Sword Spirit’s words. After all, he was awake.

“Shiqi, you have to work hard. The record in the flame forging room is one day and one night, twelve hours. You only persisted for one hour, and you can’t even sustain this bit of pain. How can you go to meet that Lan Yanlin?”

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