The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 16 Bull, It’s Normal to Like to Brag

Translator: Aida Hanabi Editor: Mystified

Then, the two saw a young man in a blue shirt and a Golden Bull sitting by the campfire.

Behind the blue-shirted young man, four middle-aged men, with sturdy bodies, were standing.

What surprised the old man was that there was no trace of divine power or true essence in the blue-shirted young man’s body.

Seeing that both the old man and the woman were staring at Lu Yiping, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull said, “I say, you two, even if our master is handsome, you don’t have to keep staring.”

“You can also look at me, this old bull is also quite handsome when he takes human form.”

When the woman heard the words of the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, she couldn’t help but to puff with laughter. This Golden Bull was quite funny.

The old man, He Shao, clasped his fists and spoke to Lu Yiping, “We were passing by and we wanted to take shelter in the valley for a while. We didn’t want to disturb the little brother.”

Lu Yiping smiled, “It’s not a problem, sit down.” A finger pointed to the opposite side of the campfire: “Anyway, we are quite boring to drink with.”

The old man, He Shao, smiled: “Then this old man will not be polite.”  He sat across the campfire with the woman.

Lu Yiping threw two jars of wine over and said, “This wine, it was made when I was bored, although there are no precious ingredients, it still tastes good.”

He Shao opened it and it. He was proficient in pharmacology and was not afraid that there was something wrong with the wine. He smiled and said, “Then thanks a lot little brother.” He then took a sip of the wine.

With the wine entering the body, he felt at once like the fire of a dragon was scurrying up inside, and then an indescribable coldness came.

He Shao only felt an indescribable comfort all over his body.

He was astonished, then took another sip and tasted it carefully.

“Little brother, this wine of yours, is it made from ice flame fruit?” He asked eagerly.

“Ice Flame Fruit!” The woman Yu Xin was surprised.

The Ice Flame Fruit, they also had it in the Medicine King Palace. There were two of them, but it was secured in the deepest part of the treasury, even when refining the divine Spiritual Pill, the Medicine King Palace could not spare their Ice Flame fruits for use.

However, this wine, the brewing ingredients actually was Ice Flame fruit.

He actually used Ice Flame fruit to make wine!

Lu Yiping saw the old man He Shao,was and the woman were surprised and spoke with a smile, “There is indeed Ice Flame Fruit.”

Ice Flame Fruit?

He had used a hundred ingredients to make this wine.

The Ice Flame Fruit was the most common one.

However, with the addition of Ice Flame Fruit, there was a feeling of ice and fire.

Hearing Lu Yiping say that the wine really had Ice Flame Fruit, the old man He Shao and the woman Yu Xin looked greatly shocked.

However, He Shao was suddenly careful to lift the lid of the wine to cover it.

He smiled shyly at Lu Yiping and said, “Little brother, this wine of yours, it is too precious. I want to keep it then go back and drink it slowly.”

Lu Yiping laughed.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull, however, said to the old man He Shao, “Little fellow, don’t keep calling my master ‘little brothers’, my master is older than you.”

He Shao was stunned.

Yu Xin smiled at his words, “Your master is older than my master?” 

“The wine my master has drunk can fill the Heavenly God River.”

The Heavenly God River, a legendary river in the Eternal Plane, stretched across several continents.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull glared and was about to say more when Lu Yiping shook his head and stopped it with his eyes, and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull then gave up.

“But, seriously, I’ve never really seen a Golden Bull.” Yu Xin looked up and down at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull explained with a straight face: “This one is the only Dragon Horned Golden Bull in the world.”

“The lord of all demons!”

“The ancestor of Thunder God!”

“The emperor of the dragon race.”

Yu Xin looked at the Golden Bull that introduced itself with a straight face in front of her, and her face pulled into a smile.

A bull, who was the ancestor of the Thunder God? Or the emperor of the dragon race?

He Shao also smiled.

Lu Yiping said to the two people, “This bull, he always likes to brag, do not listen to his nonsense.”

Yu Xin pursed her lips and smiled, “Bull, it’s normal to like to brag.”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull’s face turned green.

Three people and a bull, drinking and eating barbecued meat while chatting.


A night passed.

And it was dawn.

There were fewer dead spirits and corpses outside.

He Shao got up and said to Lu Yiping, “We still have things to do, so let’s say goodbye, Mr. Lu’s gift of wine, this He Shao can’t thank you enough.” After thinking about it, he took out a book from his sleeve and said, “This book, which contains some of my insights on medicinal theory, I would like to ask Mr. Lu to also accept it.”

Yu Xin froze for a moment. This book was the heart and soul of the master’s work, but to give this blue-shirted young man, Lu Yiping?

Lu Yiping glanced at the book in He Shao’s hand but smiled and said, “No need, in my book collection pavilion, there are many books of medicinal theory, so you can take it back.”

Back then, he had acquired almost all the secret books of the Pill God Valley.

He Shao was stunned and laughed, “In that case, when Mr. Lu is free in the future, remember to come to the Medicine King Palace to find me, this He Shao will certainly treat you with good wine!”

Lu Yiping nodded his head.

After that, He Shao and Yu Xin both said goodbye and left.

After He Shao and Yu Xin left, Lu Yiping also got up and left the valley with the Dragon Horned Golden Bull. The gray-haired old man Wu Mo had set up the Soul Locking Purgatory Array for just over 10,000 years, and the death Qi of the Battlefield of Gods had coalesced for many years, which obviously was not caused by Wu Mo’s Soul Locking Purgatory Array.

Therefore, Lu Yiping still had to find out the real reason, as well as look for Yang Dong’s whereabouts.

And as for He Shao, after the two people left, He Shao suddenly asked Yu Xin, “That Lu Yiping, what do you think?”

Yu Xin smiled, she couldn’t help but let Lu Yiping’s figure float in her mind. She mused, “He is very old like the deep night sky, he is unlike a young man, nor is he simple either.”

Then she added: “Knowledgeable, he seems to know everything!”

Thinking for a moment, she then frowned, “But, he has no divine power nor true essence in his body. “

He Shao also pondered, brewing wine with Ice Flame fruit showed that this Lu Yiping was naturally not simple at all. But he was equally puzzled, Lu Yiping had no divine power nor true essence in his body.

“Those four guards are also really odd.” Yu Xin recalled, “The flesh and blood on the body seemed to have just grown out.” She then asked, “Master, how strong were those four guards.”

He Shao shook his head, “It’s not easy to say.”

Yu Xin was surprised: “Even the master can not see the realm of those four guards?”

He Shao nodded, the four guards were so powerful that even he could not see their realm and brew with Ice Flame fruit. This young man named Lu Yiping is full of mystery.

While He Shao and Yu Xin searched for the Phoenix God Tree, Lu Yiping and the others came before a forest.

This was the Battlefield of Gods’ infamous Black Hell Forest. The towering ancient trees soared into the sky. All the trees were black. The whole forest was filled with a kind of Black Mist, colored as black as blood.

Lu Yiping remembered that the Lord of the Ten Thousand Gods had perished here.

Zhang Jin and the others were at the front and opened the path as they slowly fought into the Black Hell Forest.

However, just not long after they had entered the Black Hell Forest, they heard a beast roar.

The sound was loud, like a billowing heavenly thunder, and it roared endlessly.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull was surprised, “Thunder Unicorn?”

Thunder Unicorn was an ancient beast species.

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