It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 80 The Portal Is a Licker

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“They did not have the Giant Ice Rock Beast’s power!”

“What do they want to do? Do they want to go in?”

“Those two are truly naive; they want to go in without taking the Giant Ice Rock’s heart blood!”


A group of ridiculing gazes were directed to the two of them. Next second, all the cultivators stared wide-eyed and in disbelief.

“What? They go in?”

“There is no resistance at all? Isn’t this too smooth?”

They stared at the teleportation array in a daze, and for a while, they didn’t recover.

“Quick … Quick, don’t be stunned. They should have gone in because the restriction on that level has just disappeared!”

“What are you waiting for? Go!”

A group of cultivators used their technique and rushed to the teleportation array. They will rush into the teleportation array in a moment. 

At this time.

“Om …”

The terrible restriction resumed in the blink of an eye, blocking everyone out.

“Boom …”

A group of cultivators was knocked away by a countershock force, like the fairies’ scattered flowers. They struggled to get up and looked at the teleportation array with a look of unwillingness.

“Damn, damn, I almost went in!”

“So unfortunate, this damn teleportation array seems to have consciousness. It’s blocking us on purpose!”

“Stop talking, don’t you understand? The teleportation array is a licking dog!” 

“According to you, the teleportation array restrictions disappeared just now, and the two people were deliberately let in? How could he fawn to a mortal!

“Mortal? Do you think it’s a mortal? That’s because you can’t see through it at all!”

“So, that person is not a mortal?”

“More than that! Perhaps the teleportation array is even afraid of that person!” 


When words were finished, the sound of drawing in cold air came one after another.

Somewhere in the Blood Phoenix Nest.

The two phantoms stood in place while they showed a look of fear.

“It’s too dangerous. It’s too dangerous. I almost didn’t open the restriction!”

“Yes, it really scares me to death! Why did this supreme being come here?”

“He’s not here to save the Blood Phoenix, right?”

“I hope not. Otherwise, it will be a disaster to the entire world if this kind of existence is evil!” The two phantoms muttered to themselves, with bitter expressions on their faces.

Sun Hao naturally didn’t know about this.

At this moment, he and Huang Rumeng have appeared in a cave. There is a rock wall on one side of the cave and a passage on the other. The passage was red, and the heatwave blew incessantly on their body. Sun Hao closed his eyes and showed an expression of enjoyment while standing there.

“It’s really warm inside!”

Upon hearing this, Huang Rumeng’s face changed slightly.

Was this warm? Obviously, it was extremely hot! The whole person was like in a steamer. Even with the immortal dress’s body protection, sweat still beaded down. Huang Rumeng had no other choice than to use her power to form a shield to cover her whole body, making her feel much better.

“Rumeng, hurry up. It’s very comfortable inside!”

Sun Hao shouted, looking back at Huang Rumeng.

“Yes, Young Master!”

Huang Rumeng secretly wiped off her sweat and looked at Sun Hao with admiration on her face.

Young Master is so amazing!

“Rumeng, you have to take me wherever you go in the future! Anyway, I can rest assured with your protection!” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, Young Master!” Huang Rumeng said.

“Soon, I will be able to cultivate, when that time comes, then I will protect you!” Sun Hao said.

“En!” Huang Rumeng nodded her head heavily; her eyes flashed with brilliance. Their fingers clasped together.

The passage seemed endless, and it was unknown how long they had been walking. The temperature of the passage has reached a thousand degrees, like a flared-up steel furnace.

Huang Rumeng’s body strength was consumed rapidly. If it went on like this, it would be consumed within half a day. However, there were a lot of fairy fruits and spirit fruits in the space ring, which was enough to supplement her.

She was fully prepared when she went out this time. Huang Rumeng relaxed as she thought of that.

Suddenly there was a “Kacha” sound. This sudden sound shocked Sun Hao. He looked down to see a human-shaped skull that was stepped onto pieces.

“Fuck, dead man’s skull!” Sun Hao screamed, his heart tense.

Although he had watched enough horror movies in his previous life, he was still a little dazed to see it with his own eyes. Although this place was comfortable, it was still dangerous! The skull under his feet should have belonged to a cultivator. However, he had Huang Rumeng by his side. What was there to be afraid of! 

Sun Hao grasped Huang Rumeng’s slender jade hands, and he felt relieved.

On the road, more and more bones covered the entire passage.

“Crack …” The sound continued as if they were stepping on the snow.

These skeletons strongly stimulated Sun Hao’s nerves. His heartbeat violently.


Such a sudden sound directly surprised Sun Hao. Immediately afterward, several cultivators surrounded Sun Hao.


Sun Hao’s eyes sparkled when he saw these people.

“There are really cultivators, don’t know if they like picture scrolls?”

Thinking like this, Sun Hao took out a painting scroll that he had prepared a long time ago. He was preparing to pass it to them.


One of the men slapped the painting to the ground. This painting was a masterpiece, but it became a decoration on the ground. Damn it. This guy would not understand.

“Want to rely on a broken painting to send us away?”

“Hand over all the spirit stones and pills on your body, honestly!”

“What are you looking at, you ugly, stinking girl? Do you think we would be afraid of you if you cover your face? You dare to stare at us!”

Several cultivators shouted loudly and were full of power.

“Dare to touch the Young Master, die!” In a simple sentence, several people were sentenced to death.

Huang Rumeng stretched out her right hand.

“Zi …” A few strands of electric light fluttered at the tip of Huang Rumeng’s hand. It didn’t seem to contain any power.

“Zi …” The electric strands flew out quickly, beating on these cultivators.

“Ah!” They fell to the ground, hugging their heads, screaming again and again. 

Their bodies were completely shrouded in the electric light.

After a breath, the screams stopped. When the electric strands dissipated, these cultivators were all blackened.

“Boom!” In the end, they exploded one by one, turned into dust, and disappeared on the spot.

Sun Hao stared at this scene blankly, his expression full of surprise.

Just one finger to kill them invisibly was pretty good. This strength and method were incredible.

Rumeng is so awesome!

Sun Hao secretly clenched his fist and looked at Huang Rumeng; his energy flickered, “Rumeng, I will surpass you one day!”

“Young Master, did Rumeng make a mistake for you to look at me like this?” Huang Rumeng’s face was full of worry.

“Of course not! Rumeng, you are amazing!” Sun Hao said.

“Young Master, you flatter me!” Huang Rumeng said with a smile. She looked at Sun Hao, her face full of admiration.

Young Master, if I have one or two in a millionth of your power in this world, maybe few people would be my opponents! 

Young Master, don’t worry, I will work hard to cultivate! Strive to stay with you forever and not hold you back!

“After we got out of this place, how about we traveled around the world?” Sun Hao said.

“I will listen to Young Master’s instructions!” Huang Rumeng said.

“Don’t; you have to have your own ideas!”

“Young Master, my idea is to listen to you!” Huang Rumeng said.


Sun Hao sighed inwardly.

This world was a patriarchal world, and women were just vassals. The problem was that women still think so and take everything for granted. It was so difficult to change them!

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