The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 15 They are All Trained

Translator: Aida Hanabi Editor: Mystified

“No drinking blood nor killing?” Lu Yiping suddenly flicked his finger, and a sacred light fell into Wu Mo’s body.

When the sacred light sunk into Wu Mo’s body, dead Qi and resentful souls suddenly flew out from Wu Mo’s body. The resentful souls rushed to the sky and covered the whole space.

These resentful souls, perhaps there were as many as ten million!

Apparently, in order to cultivate the evil ghost technique, Wu Mo had killed countless experts, and these resentful souls were the souls of the opponents he had devoured.

“So many resentful souls in your body, yet you say you have not devoured blood nor killed?” Lu Yiping’s expression was cold.

Wu Mo’s expression changed greatly, and he didn’t expect that Lu Yiping could force out all the resentful souls in his body with just a casual flick.

Suddenly, he transformed into countless death Qi and then vanished into the void.

“Trying to escape?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed heatedly and suddenly tilted its head up, letting out a heaven-shattering roar at the sky.

Under the sound wave of the bull’s roar, the entire location of the unknown area unexpectedly began to crumble like the earth was cracking.

The power of violent chaotic space crazily poured out.

Under the power of the violent chaotic space, Wu Mo, who had turned into dead Qi to escape, fell from the void and hit the ground. His body was covered with blood, as he looked at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull with a horrified look, fear encroached into the depth of his soul.

Previously, he had made a guess about the strength of the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, but now he found out that the strength of the Dragon Horned Golden Bull was far beyond his prediction.

Space, how solid.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull just roared and made the space crack!

Looking at the dying Wu Mo, Lu Yiping drew out his soul with one hand and searched it.

After a while, Lu Yiping stopped.

He has been in seclusion in the Sacred Forest for too long and did not know the current situation of the Eternal Plane. Just now, he had searched the soul of the gray-haired old man and learned a lot about the current situation of the Eternal Plane.

After the soul search, Wu Mo was just about to speak when he saw a purple thunderstorm come down from the air.

Looking at the purple thunder, Wu Mo’s expression changed greatly. Was this the Void Thunder?!

The Void Thunder, since ancient times it had not appeared in the world!

Because ever since the ancient times, no one had been able to summon the Void Thunder.

The young man in front of him could summon the Void Thunder!

Could it be that he really was an old monster from the ancient times?!

At this time, when the Void Thunder fell, Wu Mo lost consciousness with his eyes gone black.

Lu Yiping extinguished Wu Mo’s soul, and then Wu Mo’s whole body turned into countless strands of flesh and blood. The blood and flesh of Wu Mo’s whole body were collected into four small streams, which flowed into the four ancient corpses.

With the infusion of Wu Mo’s blood and flesh, the four ancient corpses, which originally looked quite dead, gradually disappeared as new flesh and blood grew from their decaying bodies at speed visible to the naked eye.

Several breaths later, the four corpses were completely transformed into living people.

The original dry hair of the four people also turned completely black.

“Give me the Eye of Reincarnation now!”

Lu Yiping suddenly grabbed the void.

In the void, a huge vortex appeared and in the middle of the vortex was a strange eye. This eye seemed able to see everything in the world as if it gathered the life and death of all living beings in the world.

Lu Yiping’s eyes suddenly burst out with a horrifying light, shining into the vortex of reincarnation, and then, in one shot, the four souls were pulled out, and Lu Yiping placed them into each of the respective four ancient corpses.

The eye of reincarnation disappeared in a blink of an eye.

From within the Universal Cauldron, Lu Yiping took out four  god armors and threw them to the four people, “You guys put them on.”

“Yes, master!” The four people said respectfully in unison.

After Lu Yiping had just reversed the Yin and Yang and incorporated their new divine souls, the four of them could be said to be no different from the Ancient God powerhouses except for their lack of a god physique.

After the four put on their divine armor, Lu Yiping put Wu Mo’s divinity into the soul sea of one of them.

Even the Lord of the gods in the ancient times could not integrate other people’s divinities into another person’s soul sea because it involved too many aspects.

But Lu Yiping did it.

And it was as easy as the breeze.

Afterward, Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull left the other dimension.

Before leaving, Lu Yiping had the Dragon Horned Golden Bull destroy the Soul Locking Purgatory Grand Array altar.

After Lu Yiping left the other dimension, he arrived at the cultivation cave of the gray-haired old man Wu Mo in the Battlefield of the Gods.

All those years, Wu Mo had collected a lot of good things in the Battlefield of the Gods, some even the objects of the heavenly gods. Lu Yiping didn’t need these things, but they could be useful for others in the future.

After taking all the things from Wu Mo’s cave, Lu Yiping took the chariot and continued to move forward in the Battlefield of the Gods.

Four people were clearing the road before the chariot.

The four people, named Zhang Jin, Zhao Wen, Wei Bing, and Chen Yongyuan, respectively.

With four people, the dead souls and corpses on the road didn’t need the Dragon Horned Golden Bull to handle them, the four people were instead directly handling them.


Battlefield of the Gods was in a fierce battle.

Dead spirits and undead were almost pouring out of their nest.

Although they were not scary, it was very tiring to kill them.

“Stop at the valley ahead, we will continue the journey tomorrow.” Lu Yiping pointed to the hidden valley in front of him.

Zhang Jin and the others nodded respectfully.

Soon, the chariot entered the valley.

Lu Yiping scanned the valley’s environment, drove to a mountain wall in front of the valley, and then stopped. He then instructed Zhang Jin and the others to build a campfire and began to roast meat and drink.

The fragrance of meat was pervasive, and the wine was strong.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull suddenly flicked its tail and killed a mosquito that was attracted to it.

This mosquito, surprisingly, was the size of a fist. Its mouth turned cold.

“Holy shit, even in the Battlefield of the Gods mosquitoes are so big, if I was bitten, I’m afraid this old bull’s ass would become twice as big.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull said.

Lu Yiping laughed, “Even without these mosquitoes, your butt is still too big.”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed: “I can’t help it. I have to kick my legs frequently with my master. They are all trained.”

Zhang Jin and the others smiled and could not help but laugh.

“What are you laughing at.” The Dragon horned Golden Bull laughed: “When the mosquitoes come for you four, you can’t move or use divine power.”

Zhang Jin and the other three instantly had bitter expressions.

While they were joking around, not far from the valley, two figures arrived. They were an old man and a beautiful young woman with an oval face.

“Master, this Battlefield of Gods, with such a heavy death aura, is there really a Phoenix God Tree?” The woman opened her mouth, and her voice was pleasant and melodious.

“There is no mistake.” The old man mused and then looked towards the valley: “There is a valley ahead, let’s go in first to take shelter for the night, and then make our way tomorrow.”

The old man and the woman went to the valley and then smelled the fragrance of roasted meat and wine. They couldn’t help but be surprised.

The two followed the scent of roasted meat and wine and walked over.

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