The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 14 Please Don’t Torture Me To Death

Translator: Aida Hanabi Editor: Mystified

Those four figures were filled with an astonishing divine aura.

But their bodies were permeated by a strong aura of death. Moreover, their bodies were lifeless. It was obvious those were dead bodies! And was already born out of the spirit of the dead body!

And, these four dead bodies, before dying, were true gods!

After their death, the bodies of the four True Gods were refined into dead bodies, and they were cultivated here day and night with the help of the Soul Locking Purgatory Array.

Lu Yiping walked towards the altar.

Since he did not conceal his presence, the four True God Realm dead corpses awoke at once and looked towards Lu Yiping in unison.


The four dead corpses let out a hissing roar and then simultaneously lunged at Lu Yiping.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull was about to make a move when Lu Yiping said, “No, I’ll do it.” After saying that, he pointed his finger in the air.

An invisible force swept away like a wave. The four corpses took a heavy blow and shot out backward together.

Then, Lu Yiping pulled the four corpses toward him. No matter how much the four dead bodies struggled, they couldn’t break free at all.

From Lu Yiping’s finger point, four motes of light were shot toward the middle of the eyebrows of the four corpses.

Someone controlled the four corpses, so now he needed to remove the seals in their minds.

Not long after that, the four corpses, which had been struggling and hissing madly before, finally stopped moving and became quiet.

Lu Yiping then waved his right hand, and countless runes flew out.

These runes were formed from the supreme dao laws.

The rune instantly entered the four corpses in the middle of their eyebrows and then branded deep into the four corpses’ minds.

Just when Lu Yiping removed the seals from the four corpses’ minds, in an unknown place at the Battlefield of Gods, a gray-haired old man with an evil aura opened his eyes.

The gray-haired old man had a surprised expression.

There was someone who had lifted the seals on the four ancient corpses he controlled?

Who was it? He questioned

These four ancient corpses’ seals were planted when he first entered the God Realm, and the fact that they could be lifted meant that the other party was at least a God.

A God?

The old man laughed coldly and stood up. He directly tore through the void and went over to where the Soul Locking Purgatory Array was.

Just as the old man rushed over, Lu Yiping turned his head to look into the void, his face was calm. “They came over quite quickly.”

He lifted the curse on the four corpses to lure the person behind all of this.

“Master, this one, leave it to me.” Dragon Horned Golden Bull when it sensed the other party’s aura.

“Keep them alive,” said Lu Yiping as he looked at the excited Dragon Horned Golden Bull. “Don’t torture them to death.”

“Do not worry master, I won’t abuse them till they die.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull grinned.

Not long after the Dragon Golden Horned Bull uttered those words, he saw a flash of light above, and a person appeared.

It was the gray-haired old man who had rushed over earlier.

The gray-haired old man glanced at the four corpses that had been released from their seals and were standing there motionless.

He looked over to Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, and when he found that Lu Yiping didn’t have a trace of divine energy or true essence in his body, he couldn’t help but be astonished.

At this time, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull looked at the gray-haired old man and grinned, “Mid-True God, not bad, I just don’t know what kind of Godhead it is.”

The gray-haired old man, Wu Mo, was surprised and looked at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, this bull could actually see his realm?

“Who are you?” Wu Mo opened his mouth and asked.

He was about to strike, but he hesitated.

Lu Yiping did not speak.

Instead, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull rose up in the air and walked slowly towards the gray-haired old man Wu Mo.

“Little fellow, don’t say that this old bull is bullying the small because I’m bigger, you make a move first.” Dragon Horned Golden Bull shook his head and laughed, then smiled harmlessly.

Hearing this, Wu Mo smiled, and his expression sank: “Pretending to be a god!” Both palms suddenly slapped out.

“Ten Thousand Ghosts Devouring God!” 

The fearsome ghostly qi roared out like a giant sea of extinction and transformed into ten thousand evil ghosts to kill the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

Each of these evil spirits had power comparable to a God!

In other words, each one of them was no weaker than the previous Sword Demon Xilai.

And there were ten thousand of them.

However, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull did not pay attention to them. As soon as his leg was patted forward, a light suddenly burst out of it like the sun.

The ten thousand ghosts were instantly shot through by the golden light.

And the gray-haired old man Wu Mo himself was directly shot out, smashed into a huge river of death in the distance.

The river of death exploded with a loud bang, and its water splashed out,

splashing the dead water on the river surface.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull shook his tail and came over to the river of death. Looking at the bottom of the river of death, he spoke: “Come out, little fellow, I was only using one in billion of my power just now, you can’t die yet.”

The river’s surface exploded, and the gray-haired old man Wu Mo broke through the river’s surface and came out.

Wu Mo looked at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, and there was a shock in his eyes.

Although he was a middle True God, but he was extremely strong in battle, even when facing a late True God powerhouse, he still had a fighting chance, but this Dragon Horned Golden Bull!

Just now, was it really one in a billion?

Wu Mo suddenly flashed, turned into a gray light, and went to grab Lu Yiping.

Seeing this, Lu Yiping smiled lightly, and it seems that the other party thought he was a pushover?

Just as Wu Mo was about to grab Lu Yiping, Lu Yiping suddenly gave a cold hum, which had power like ten thousand times of nine tribulation thunders. Wu Mo fell down from the sky, and his whole body was shattered, and along with the mouth, eyes, nose, and ears were spewed full of blood.

“You, you!” Wu Mo looked at Lu Yiping in horror.

This young man was even more terrifying than that golden bull!

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull walked over and grinned: “Little fellow, in the ancient times, even the Lord of the Ten Thousand Gods didn’t dare to strike my master. Do not think he is weak, he is much stronger than this old bull.”

Ancient times?

The Lord of the Gods?!

Wu Mo’s heart was shocked.

This pair of master and servant, what kind of monsters were they?

One hundred thousand years ago, it was the near ancient period.

Five hundred thousand years ago, the middle period.

In the ancient times, it was a million years ago, did that mean that this pair of master and servant was a million years old!? Maybe even older! Because, even in the ancient times, the Lord of the Ten Thousand Gods did not dare to make a move against them!

But how could they live so long! Even an existence beyond the true gods could not live a million years.

As Wu Mo was thinking, Lu Yiping said indifferently: “This Soul Locking Purgatory Array, did you set it up?”

Wu Mo swallowed in his throat, “Yes, I set it up, I got the secret book of Soul Locking Purgatory Array by chance in the Battlefield of the Gods, However, the script is incomplete, so I didn’t arrange it completely.”

No wonder.

Lu Yiping had previously wondered how so many corners were missing from the Soul Locking Purgatory Array structure.

Suddenly, Wu Mo kneeled down and cried, “Lord, although I practice evil ghost technique, but I did not drink blood or killed, I hope you understand my cultivation is not easy, please spare my life!”

(The book Realm: Foundation Establishment, Innate, Transcendence, Golden Core, Violet Palace, Life-seizing, Legendary, Celestial Being, Ancient emperors, Great Emperor, God, True God, Celestial God, and Supreme God)

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