It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 78 Polar Guardians

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Time flies. In a blink of an eye, two days have passed.

In the middle area of the death forbidden zone, a teleportation array that reached ten meters high could be seen across there. Light blue rays of light pierced through the Phoenix Smoke and scattered around. It attracted everyone’s attention like a lighthouse in the dark.

There were thousands of figures standing around the teleportation array. These people were all cultivators. Being able to get there was not about being strong but was by having a deep mind.

They all stood a hundred meters away, observing secretly. No one moved first.

“This teleportation array should lead to the Blood Phoenix Nest. Why are you still there? Go ahead!” 

“Go ahead, your head! If you dare, then you go first!”

Those who are afraid of chaos are embarrassed to stand there. These big shots were not easy to fool.

Following the massive boulder in the distance, Luo Liuyan’s group of three people hid there, watching from a distance.

“Dean, aren’t we going in?” Mu Bing asked.

“No!” Wen Renshi smiled slightly, “Where does this teleportation array lead? Is there any danger? We don’t even know!”

“It may not be appropriate if we rush in!” Wen Renshi said.

“Dean, what if they don’t make a move?” Mu Bing asked.

“Don’t worry. Our medicine pills could last for at least one year! They are definitely more anxious than us. Let’s check the situation first!” Wen Renshi said.


The two others nodded together without objection.

The three of them kept an eye on the situation and watched from a distance.

“Dong …”

Time slipped by unconsciously following the sound of the heartbeat. The tension became stronger with every second that passed.

There are more and more cultivators here. But no one rushed to the teleportation array. No one wanted to be that early bird(to stand out).


Somewhere in the Blood Phoenix Nest, two phantoms stood together, looking at the curtain screen in front of them with a smile on their faces. The curtain screen displayed the teleportation array to the east of the Forbidden Land.

“They don’t even move. They just need to use a little brain!”

“So what if they use a little brain? For this second level grand formation, would they even be able to get in if they don’t have the Giant Rock beast’s heart-blood?”

“It looks like the human race is declining. It seems that no one meets master’s requirements!”

“No, look at that little guy. He has the aura of the Giant Rock beast!”

“So, he killed the Giant Rock beast? Quite interesting!”

The two phantoms looked at an ordinary-looking man in the crowd. They nodded slightly.

“Ah, but his talent is still a bit weak, and he is not qualified to get the Master’s inheritance!”

“Yes! The Blood Phoenix can’t be suppressed anymore! I really want to open a channel(losing deliberately) and let him pass, but the rules don’t allow it!”

The two phantoms were talking for a while. Their faces were painted with disappointment.

“The blood phoenix will be able to escape in around a hundred years. By then, the human race will be faced with another disaster!”

“Our strength as the polar guardians is almost exhausted. I really hope an evildoer(1) can gain the Master’s inheritance!”

“Why don’t we watch again?”


Then, the two phantom’s eyes showed a pale gray light. Their visions seemed to cover thousands of miles, sweeping around the eastern teleportation array.

“Huh!” Suddenly, one of the phantom’s eyes appeared a brilliant glow that made it let out a surprised sound.

“What did you find?”

“Look, there are three little guys hiding behind the stone!” 

A moment later.

“What? I can’t see through them. They have a mysterious power enshrouding their body! This mysterious power is not at all weaker than the master!”

“When did such strong people appear in the human race?”

“However, these little guys are terribly talented! They have encountered amazing things! When they get Master’s inheritance, then we will ask them.”

“Okay! In that case, let’s increase the difficulty for them!”

“Increase the difficulty? Then do you not want to give the Master’s inheritance?”

“Isn’t this what the master requested? We must use the evildoer level test for these evildoers!”

“Well, let’s see if they can enter the Blood Phoenix Nest before speaking!”

Luo Liuyan and the others didn’t have any knowledge about this. They were currently staring motionless at the teleportation array.

At this time.

“Woosh …”

Nearly a hundred figures arrived quickly. These people all wore the same clothes. The leader was dressed in a long red gown, with bright red rouge on her lips, looked very coquettish. The appearance of this group of people immediately caused a lot of shocks.

“Who are they?”

“You don’t even know this? Look at their clothes. They are all embroidered with the Fang family’s emblem. They must be from the Fang family in the Northern Territory!”

“What, the Fang Family is here too? That’s a third-class force!”

“If they are there, what are we waiting for?!” In the eyes of ordinary cultivators, third-class forces were like a heavenly existence.

Everyone’s eyes were on the red-dressed woman.

“That’s Fang Xiaoxiao! The famous genius of the Fang Family! Fang Xiaoxiao is said to be the tenth descendant of the Fang Family!”

“Fuck, all these geniuses have come. It’s rumored that Fang Xiaoxiao has survived the Nine Color Thunder Tribulation and stepped into Ascendant Realm!” 

“It seems that the Fang Family is bound to win the treasures in Blood Phoenix Nest!” 

Numerous lines of sight swept all of Fang Xiaoxiao’s body. At this moment, she became the focus of everyone. The corners of Fang Xiaoxiao’s mouth rose, and a touch of arrogance came out inadvertently. She radiated a seductive aura.

“Miss, this is only the teleportation array to enter the Blood Phoenix Nest. Would you like me to send someone in to try?” A man stood in front of Fang Xiaoxiao and bowed respectfully.

“No.” Fang Xiaoxiao waved her hand. The corners of her mouth were full of charm. She glanced at a crowd of cultivators and said: “There is one thing this miss needs to ask ten elder brothers to help! Of course, it won’t be for free! As long as you are willing to help this miss, everyone will be rewarded with a piece of top-grade spiritual source!” Fang Xiaoxiao said.

As soon as the words came out, there was a shock all around.

“What? Top-grade spiritual source, this is equivalent to one hundred top-grade spiritual pills!”

“The Fang family deserves to be the number one power in the Northern Territory. They are really rich!”

Many cultivators showed a look of greed on their faces.

But ….

No one rushed over.

Among the crowd, a cultivator walked out and said: “Miss Fang, please tell me what the matter is about.”

“It’s very simple, go into the teleportation array!” Fang Xiaoxiao waved her right hand, ten crystals sparkling purple crystals appeared in front of the crowd.

“This will be given to the first one to come to my side.” After she said that, hundreds of figures rushed forward with a woosh. It looked like a hungry tiger rushing for food.

“Huu …” Fang Xiaoxiao waved her right hand, and a stream of air flowed from her hand, sending back all the cultivators behind. Only the ten people who rushed over were left.

“Take it.” Fang Xiaoxiao said.

“Thank you, Miss Fang!” The ten cultivators received the spiritual source.

“Go in together, dead or alive, depends on your fortune.” Fang Xiaoxiao said lightly.

“Yes, Miss Fang!” After speaking, ten people showed a fierce expression on their faces, and they rushed towards the teleportation array without much thought. 

When they come near the teleportation array, the dazzling blue light lit up. Above the teleportation array, there were layers of ripples, directly blasting the ten people into the air.

“Boom …” The ten people fell heavily, and they were totally disgraced. Fortunately, they were only slightly injured.

“What? We can’t get in!”

“What’s going on?”

“Is this teleportation array fake? Then why did it appear here?”

The group of cultivators stared at this scene with disbelief written on their faces.

  1. 妖孽 (yāo niè) evildoer. Don’t sue me; that’s what it said.

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  1. These foolish people and those phantoms will end up seeing how glorious the MC is and instead of corrupting him prob turns this so called blood phoenix into a pet or something 😅

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