It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 77 Ice Rock Giant

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“That’s the mark of the Red Refiner Sect. They belong to the Red Refiner Sect.”

“What? People from the Northern Territory are here?”

“The sixth-class sect is so arrogant!”

Many cultivators talked in low voices, not daring to face those baldies. More and more onlookers watched when they heard the sound of fighting.

The burly man looked at these baldies with a look of unwillingness. He sacrificed dozens of brothers before killing the Lion Rock Beast. He was going to open the lion’s stomach immediately and took out the Lion Rock’s core. But now, someone from the Red Refiner Sect came unexpectedly.

Damn it! He’s unwilling to give the core directly to them!

Lion Rock Core’s worth was no less than the top-grade spirit stone! After decades of hard work, he may not be able to obtain a top-grade spirit stone!

Humph, he was going to risk it all!

“What do you want to do?” The burly man raised the giant hammer, pointed it at the baldies in front of him, and shouted angrily.

“Go!” Without any nonsense, the baldies went straight for the burly man.

The burly man raised his hammer, aimed at a light head, and smashed it hard.

“Weng …” There was a loud explosion sound as if he was hitting an ancient bell.

The baldy flew upside down and smashed into a rock.

Immediately afterward.

The baldy immediately stood up. He shook his head while he gritted his teeth and rushed towards the burly man like a beast. Seeing such a scene, the expressions in the eyes of the other cultivators changed drastically.

“The Red Refiner Sect is really strong, and this physical defense is not much worse than the Lion Rock Beast!”

“It’s terrible, but fortunately, we didn’t have any conflict with them!”

Next to the Lion Rock Beast, more than a dozen baldies looked fierce like a tiger. They want to kill the burly man.

At the beginning, the burly man was able to cope, but later on, he was quickly defeated. The burly man was covered in bruises.

“Boom …” He fell straight down like a cannonball, falling into the distance. He struggled to stand up while he looked at the group of baldies and quickly left without looking back. His subordinates also promptly followed him. 

The group of baldies completely ignored them. They came to the Lion Rock Beast’s side, raised the long sword to break its stomach. However, the Lion Rock Beast’s skin was as hard as iron, and it was extremely difficult to break open. It took a lot of strength to cut an opening.

It took a full half an hour before they took out a fist-sized red crystal core from the Lion Rock Beast’s stomach. As soon as this thing came out, it instantly attracted hundreds of greedy eyes.

“Lion Rock Core!”

“This is completely a top-grade spirit stone!”

“This thing is better to absorb than a top-grade spirit stone!” The baldy carefully put away the Lion Rock Core. They then stepped forward and left at great speed.

Luo Liuyan and the two others watched this scene without any waves on their faces. Following Young Master, their horizons have been completely opened. This kind of coarse thing did not interest them at all.

“Let’s go too, try to stay hidden and save our strength!” Luo Liuyan said.


Then, the three figures rushed forward quickly. No one noticed them under the cover of Phoenix Smoke.



 West of Death Forbidden Zone.

“Woosh …” A figure wearing a pale green long gauze was flying. 

That person was a woman, with a touch of determination on her pretty face. She is Xuanyuan Shi, the daughter of the Patriarch of the Xuanyuan Family.

“Father, when I get the Blood Phoenix Demon Core, you will surely be able to make a breakthrough. By then, you won’t have to look at those elders’ expressions anymore!” Xuanyuan Shi muttered, still rushing forward.

Suddenly, she stopped. She looked at the big blue rock not far away, and frowned slightly.

“Hong long long …” The rubbing sound of a boulder sounded.

Xuanyuan Shi’s scalp tingled, and she backed away repeatedly. She hid behind a rock, watching from a distance.

“Woosh …”

At this moment, several figures galloped in Phoenix Smoke.

“Brothers, hurry up. We’ll be in the center soon! Once we find the entrance and enter the Blood Phoenix Nest, we may get the Blood Phoenix Demon Core! More than that, there is the Devouring Heaven Demonic Technique. With that technique in our hands, the world is ours!”

“Hey, what is that?”

Several figures looked at the blue boulder in the far distance. They turned into rainbows and hurried away, standing on the blue boulder.

“Hong long long …” The rumble sounded like thunder.

Their scalp became numb, and the hair on their body stood up.

“Shoo …”

Several air-breaking sounds could be heard beside their ears.

Blue tentacles instantly penetrated several people’s chests, tying them up like rice dumplings. Then, those tentacles withdrew to the giant blue rock.

“Boom …” The giant blue rock opened its monstrously big mouth and swallowed a few people into it.

“Rumble…” The rubbing sound of the stone continued to sound.

It was calm again after a while.

Till their death, those few figures did not even let out a scream.

Xuanyuan Shi looked at this scene. Her pretty face showed a lingering fear.

“It turned out to be an Ice Rock Giant! Maybe a seventh stage Ascendant is not its opponent! This death forbidden zone is really terrifying. II have to be careful!” After that, Xuanyuan Shi changed direction and ran away quickly.

After one day

It was tranquil around the ice giant beast. Most of the cultivators have entered the inner section.

On this day, two figures came quickly from a distance. It was Sun Hao who was walking in the front. He looked around. His lips raised slightly.

It was said that this death forbidden zone is extremely dangerous, and those who enter wouldn’t be able to find a way out. However, that is for the weak. He had Rumeng, this expert, following next to him.

After walking for a day, not to mention the danger, there was no monster beast. Apparently, after sensing Rumeng’s aura, they were all scared away, and they didn’t dare to approach.

“Since Rumeng is so strong, I don’t have to stay at home all the time. II have to go out and go shopping!” Sun Hao looked at Huang Rumeng and nodded inwardly.

Then, he took Huang Rumeng’s little hand and led her forward. Suddenly, Huang Rumeng stopped and looked ahead, frowning slightly.

“Young Master, stay here to rest first.” Huang Rumeng said.

“There is a monster?” Sun Hao asked.

“Well, it’s an Ice Rock Giant beast. I’ll be back soon!” After speaking, Huang Rumeng’s figure flew away, and she quickly left.

“Monster?” Sun Hao looked at the figure of Huang Rumeng, looking around.

“Rumble …” A deafening voice sounded.

He saw a blue boulder stood up. It has three thick legs that stood high like three pillars supporting heaven(1). On the leg was a giant blue boulder. It looks very strange.

“This kind of monster is too weird, right?” Sun Hao stared blankly, and his face was full of surprise.

“Woosh …” Huang Rumeng flew in front of the Ice Rock Giant. She calmly looked at it.

“Shoo…” Suddenly, dozens of air-breaking sounds came.

Tentacles flew out of the Ice Rock Giant beast, and they flew straight towards Huang Rumeng. The tentacles seemed to contain extreme cold. The surrounding temperature drops rapidly.

Huang Rumeng didn’t have any change of expression when she saw this. She stretched out her hand forward unhurriedly and made a waving motion. Although it seemed like she only waved once, the strength in that single wave was immeasurable. Numerous handprints fused together, aimed toward the Ice Rock Giant, and exploded.

“Boom …” There was a very soft voice, and the tentacles were rapidly cracking.

“Rawr …” The Ice Rock Giant beast let out a buzzing mournful roar, shaking the whole world.

Sun Hao, who saw this scene, let out a cold sweat. It was fortunate that he was far away. This was really terrible!


Huang Rumeng yelled softly, pushing Nirvana’s Handprint on the ice giant beast.

“Kacha!” The sound of cracking rocks sounded. Cobweb-like cracks spread all over the Ice Rock Giant beast.

“Boom!” There was an explosion!

The Ice Rock Giant burst out directly and exploded into dust.

“This …” Sun Hao stared at this scene blankly, with shock on his face.

Slapped to death? Such a terrifying monster can’t bear Rumeng’s slap? He couldn’t imagine Rumeng’s strength. Then what else did he have to worry about! Speaking of this, the corners of Sun Hao’s mouth raised, and his whole person was extremely relaxed.

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