The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 13 Soul Locking Purgatory Array

Translator: Aida Hanabi Editor: Mystified

The Xiao family members looked at each other.

They couldn’t figure out why Song Ning had done this either.

Xiao Changfeng was furious when he saw a large group of Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect’s law enforcement team disciples approaching from afar, led by Yan Ming, the Lord of Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect’s Law Enforcement Hall.

Yan Ming arrived, swept a  glance at the Xiao family experts, his gaze fell on Xiao Changfeng, “Sovereign’s order, all Xiao family disciples are expelled from the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect, within half an hour, all required to leave Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect through mountain gate.”

Xiao Changfeng suppressed his anger and looked coldly at Yan Ming, “Why?!”

He couldn’t figure out why Song Ning had suddenly ordered the expulsion of all Xiao family disciples.

Moreover, he had just passed the test today, and Song Ning expelled him, what did this mean?!

Yan Ming did not respond to Xiao Changfeng and said to the group of law enforcement team disciples behind him, “The Patriarch had said that all the disciples of the Xiao family are not allowed to take away a single thing from the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect when they leave.”

“Later on, when all Xiao family disciples leave, they will be checked before they leave.”

Xiao Changfeng’s expression looked ugly when he heard this.

What Song Ning meant by this was that if a disciple of the Xiao family had a single item of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect on them, they couldn’t even leave if they wanted to?

“I want to see Song Ning!” Xiao Changfeng’s face was gloomy.

Yan Ming shook his head, “To see the Sect Master, you must wait until your father comes.”

Xiao Changfeng’s face became even more ugly, what Yan Ming meant by this was that he didn’t have the qualifications?

Half an hour later.

Xiao Changfeng and a group of disciples from the Xiao family stood at the foot of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect’s clan gate, with their faces pale.

“Song Ning is bullying people too much!” A Xiao Family’s expert shouted angrily.

“Young Master, that young man, should we continue to monitor for him?” A Xiao Family’s disciple hesitantly stepped forward and asked Xiao Changfeng.

Xiao Changfeng’s face was gloomy, he shook his head, “Go back to the Xiao Family’s main residence first, that young man, he can’t escape!” 

And within the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect, the experts from all sides looked at the Xiao family disciples who were almost driven out, and all of them were surprised.

Originally, the people thought that the order to expel the Xiao family disciples was a rumor, but they didn’t expect it to be true.

Just like Xiao Changfeng and others, they likewise wondered why Song Ning had done this.

Tai Hongtao, who was standing beside Princess Taiyan, suddenly said, “Expelling the disciples of the Xiao Family should be the intention of Senior Chen Hong!”

Expelling all disciples of the Xiao Family, this was not something Song Ning could decide.

Princess Tai Yan was surprised: “Senior Chen Hong? But why would Senior Chen Hong do that?”

Tai Hongtao shook his head: “I can’t understand it either. Also, I just got the news that Senior Chen Hong is going to accept a female disciple named Lu Xiaoyu as a personal disciple ” “

“Lu Xiaoyu? “Princess Tai Yan was surprised, ”This Lu Xiaoyu, is she very talented?”

“It’s just the Great Derivative Sword Body.” Tai Hongtao said, “I also found out that this Lu Xiaoyu is only a disciple of a second-rate sect, Shura Sect, and three years ago, this Shura Sect, had been destroyed by the Thousand Demon Sect.”

Princess Tai Yan frowned tightly.

Chen Hong dismissed a superior divine body genius like Xiao Changfeng, but now he was accepting Lu Xiaoyu, an unknown girl who didn’t even have an ordinary divine body as a personal disciple.

She couldn’t understand why Chen Hong did this.

“The young man with the Scarlet Flame Sword, I have inquired that his name is Lu Yiping.” Tai Hongtao said, “As for which family he is from, we haven’t found it yet.” 

“By the way, when Lu Xiaoyu came to Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect on her way to take the test, she was with this Lu Yiping.”

Princess Tai Yan was stunned.

With the blue-shirted young man Lu Yiping?

So, the girl sitting beside Lu Yiping was Lu Xiaoyu?

She pondered.


The Battlefield of the Gods was the battlefield where ancient gods had fought. Although countless years have passed since the Gods’ war, the Battlefield of the Gods was still filled with the terrifying power of the Gods and there were ancient arrays everywhere.

Therefore, the battlefield of the gods was sparsely populated, usually, only a few people coming there.

On this day, a golden chariot came slowly to the edge of the sparsely populated The Battlefield of the Gods.

The Battlefield of the Gods was shrouded with boundless deadly gray gas.

And the arrival of the golden chariot, to this boundless gray, brought a touch of glory.

The golden chariot stopped at the edge of the Battlefield of the Gods.

Lu Yiping sat on the chariot and looked at the endless Battlefield of the Gods in front of him with mixed feelings.

Back then, during the war of gods, many of his friends perished here!

Without even a whole body remaining behind.

“Little Jin, let’s go.” After pausing for a while, Lu Yiping said.

The Dragon-horned Golden Bull took a step and slowly moved forward.

The chariot broke through the death Qi of the Battlefield of the Gods and entered it.

After a while, he disappeared into the gray-colored death Qi.

Lu Yiping looked at the thick cloud of dead air around him and frowned. It was said that after so many years, the death air here should have dispersed, but it was still so strong!

Obviously, someone set up the supreme array here, so that the dead spirit here has been condensed but not dispersed!

And it was getting stronger and stronger!

Who was it?

Could it be the black hand that caused the Gods’ war back then?

Thinking of this, Lu Yiping’s eyes were cold.

The chariot was moving forward.

Suddenly, a monster with a body shrouded in death Qi and blood-red eyes came out from the death Qi air and lunged towards Lu Yiping.

This was precisely the spirit of death born from death Qi in the Battlefield of Gods.

In the  Battlefield of Gods, in addition to the dead spirits, there were also dead corpses. These dead spirits and dead corpses devoured the dead Gods’ Qi and their cultivation became powerful, this was also the reason why many sect experts in the Eternal plane did not dare to be lightly involved with the Battlefield of Gods.

However, when the dead spirit came over to the chariot, it suddenly stopped, and then, as if thrown by invisible forces, it flew away and disappeared between heaven and the earth.

The chariot did not stop.

It was not affected at all.

A day passed.

    Lu Yiping came to a certain mountain peak.

This mountain peak has a strange shape, like a sharp blade piercing the sky, the mountain peak on all sides was smooth as a mirror, emitting a heart palpitating aura.

“Soul Locking Purgatory Great Array!” Looking at the huge peak in front of him, Lu Yiping’s eyes were cold.

The Soul Locking Purgatory Grand Array was one of the Ten Great Divine Arrays of ancient times.

It was because of the influence of this Soul Locking Purgatory Array that the deadly aura of the Gods Battlefield did not dissipate by the many years, but instead became more and more intense.

The Soul Locking Purgatory Array was at the bottom of this mountain peak.

There were many restrictions on the mountain peak.

However, Lu Yiping drove directly through the mountain peak’s heavy prohibitions, and came to the bottom of the mountain peak.

After a while, he arrived at a different location.

The surrounding was very wide, and there were dead rivers everywhere.

At the middle of it was a huge altar. On top of it, Soul Locking Purgatory Grand Formation was running, and the dead Qi in the Battlefield of the Gods was constantly channeled to here.

The dead Qi here was very strong, it floated in mid-air and formed a cloud of viscous mist.

Even ancient emperors, or even great emperors, if they entered here and were soaked by this death Qi, would instantly be corrupted.

Lu Yiping’s eyes fell on the four figures wrapped by dead air on the altar.

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