It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 75 Making Preparation

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The Blood Phoenix Nest had opened, and many Tianluo Continent forces went out to head to the Blood Phoenix Nest.

For a period of time, a storm was brewing on the horizon.

At this moment, the death forbidden zone has become a gold mine, and all forces want to get a share of the pie.

As the Evil Slayer Alliance leader, Luo Liuyan learned about the upcoming opening of the Blood Phoenix Nest in the first place. She immediately contacted Wen Renshi and asked them to gather quickly at Jade Lake Palace.

“Unexpectedly, Young Master had already predicted that the Blood Phoenix Nest was about to open!” Luo Liuyan looked towards the Great Demon Mountain with a look of admiration. 

“Young Master, don’t worry, we will definitely deliver this Soul Calming Pearl to you! This Blood Phoenix must be obliterated!” Luo Liuyan clenched her fist with a firm expression on her face.

Sun Hao naturally did not know about this matter. At this moment, he is playing the guqin with Huang Rumeng.

The guqin’s sounds joined together, forming a harmony, and the rhythm fluctuated. The two tunes blend perfectly, creating a moving melody. Those who heard it would feel happy.

The demon lotus flower trembled crazily. Two cherry blossom trees danced gracefully, and their branches shook. All the flowers and trees in the backyard garden, medicine garden, and tea garden were dancing …

Suddenly, Huang Rumeng pressed her chest, revealing a look of pain.

“Child, come here, I can’t stand it …”

“Only the descendants who have the Divine Phoenix’s blood can hear my voice! My legacy could not be destroyed here. It needs to be passed onto the future generations as soon as possible!”

“If you heard these, come to the Blood Phoenix Nest …”

Lines of ancient voices rang in her mind. Her heart was beating violently as if it was about to burst. It was extremely uncomfortable for Huang Rumeng. 

Big beads of sweat slowly overflowing from Huang Rumeng’s forehead.

“Rumeng, what’s the matter?” Sun Hao quickly walked to Huang Rumeng’s side and helped her up.

“Young Master, I’m fine. Sorry for making you worried about me!” Huang Rumeng showed a pale smile.

“It’s okay, your face is so pale!” After speaking, Sun Hao took Huang Rumeng’s hand and began to feel for her pulse.

“Your heart rate is unstable. It should be affected by a certain dream-like sound wave. Did you hear some certain sounds?” Sun Hao voiced his analysis.

Huang Rumeng made a startled expression, and she looked at Sun Hao like she was seeing a monster and then silently nodded.

“Young Master, the ancestor is calling me. I may have to leave for a while.” Huang Rumeng informed him.

“Ancestor? What ancestor?” Sun Hao asked.

Huang Rumeng looked at Sun Hao, sighed quietly, and started to explain.

“Young Master, in fact, in my body flows the blood of the monster race. My ancestor: The Blood Phoenix is ​​calling me!” Huang Rumeng said.

“Blood Phoenix?” Sun Hao frowned. He had never heard of this name.

He has always lived in the mountains and knew very little about the world.

Suddenly, he seemed to think of something. He took out a map from his arms, pointed to the three characters of the Blood Phoenix Nest, and asked, “Are you going to go here?”

“Yes, Young Master!”

Huang Rumeng nodded, “I came to the Great Demon Mountain this time to investigate the Blood Phoenix Nest by the mother empress’ orders.” 

Sun Hao did not speak, but he stared at the three scarlet characters of the Blood Phoenix Nest in a daze. The system produces this map—crimson red means extreme danger.

“When will you go, and how long will it take for you to come back?” Sun Hao asked.

“Young Master, I don’t know. It can be as short as a few months and as long as several decades.” Huang Rumeng said.

Hearing this, Sun Hao’s heart quivered.

That long? Without her, would he become a lone person again? How can that be?!

Looking at the beautiful fairy in front of him, his face showed a dazed expression. It was unknown when it started, but he seemed to have been fascinated by her. When he heard that she was going to leave for some time, there were all sorts of feelings in his heart.

As a mortal, he can only live for several decades. Perhaps he would already have turned into a pile of bones when she saw him again. That’s too depressing!

Sun Hao looked at Huang Rumeng, “Rumeng, can you not go?”

“Young Master, this …” Huang Rumeng shook her head slightly, “The ancestor is calling me. It’s unlikely for me not to go!” 

The Blood Phoenix Nest was very likely to be a treacherous place. It may be too dangerous to go by herself! That’s right. She has an expert protecting her back! That expert can even control the weather! Besides, she just went to her ancestor’s tomb. There might not be any danger present.

What danger can be ignored? Don’t you know that red represents the death forbidden zone? You will die if you go in! It’s hard to be reborn, it’s hard to live again, so you want to die just like this?

What about the promised happiness? What about the promise of being free? Don’t go!

No, I definitely want to go! Otherwise, I won’t be able to pass this hurdle in my heart.

Two voices sounded in Sun Hao’s mind. Currently, he was very entangled.

“Rumeng, where is your cultivation level now?” Sun Hao asked.

“Young Master, I have reached the fifth stage of Ascendant!” Huang Rumeng said.

Ascendant fifth stage? That sounds powerful!

“In this Western Region, how many people can beat you?” Sun Hao asked.

“I should be the number one among cultivators.” Huang Rumeng replied.

What? Number one? That means invincible? What more is there to be afraid of then!

With Rumeng’s protection, he could walk sideways in the Western Regions.

“Rumeng, let me go with you!” Sun Hao said.

When Huang Rumeng heard this, her expression was frozen, “Young Master, it’s dangerous there!” 

“Won’t you be there, Rumeng? Won’t it be okay if you protect me?” Sun Hao said.

“But …” Huang Rumeng’s expression changed into uncertainty.

There wouldn’t be any major problem to go this time with the Young Master’s strength. However, if Young Master’s Dao heart is damaged, she will never be able to forgive herself!

“Don’t worry, Rumeng. I’m afraid I will have trouble sleeping and eating if you left me alone at home!”

“It just so happens that we’ll see your ancestors together, right?” Sun Hao held Huang Rumeng’s hands, his face filled with affection.

Huang Rumeng lowered her blushing face. Her heart was torn and entangled.

At that time.

“There must be a reason for the Young Master to go to accompany you. Don’t refuse!” came the lotus demon’s voice.

Hearing this, Huang Rumeng nodded, “All right, Young Master. You can come with me. I will protect you!”

“Good!” Sun Hao’s face was full of joy.

It was good enough as long as she said those words.

Since the security problem has been solved, the rest would be up to their luck.

“Rumeng, will there be cultivators in where you are going this time?” Sun Hao asked.

Huang Rumeng frowned slightly, revealing a thoughtful look, “Young Master, the Blood Phoenix Nest is about to open, and there must be some cultivators who will go.”

Hearing this, Sun Hao’s eyes shone brightly.

Many cultivators?! Wouldn’t that means he can give a lot of things and reap a lot of blessing points? This was a huge opportunity. This time he might be able to farm blessing points and possibly gain a supreme physique, then started to cultivate.

“Rumeng, come with me!”

“Yes, Young Master!”

Then, Sun Hao brought Huang Rumeng to the carving room and pointed at the statues, “Rumeng, help me store these and bring them together with us.”


Huang Rumeng waved her right hand and put the hundreds of statues into the space ring.

Then, she followed Sun Hao to the smithing room.

“Store these things too.” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, Young Master.”

After giving her reply, Huang Rumeng waved her right hand again and stored the hoes, rakes, kitchen knives, and other things.

In this way, Sun Hao took Huang Rumeng and walked around every room, collecting everything that could be collected.

The last one is the study room.

Sun Hao rolled up all the scrolls and put them away.

“Ai, there are only dozens of paintings. Would this be enough?”

Sun Hao sighed inwardly. He turned to look at Huang Rumeng and asked, “Rumeng, when will we leave?”

“A few days later, the place has not opened yet.” Huang Rumeng said.

“That’s OK. I’m going to paint a few more in these few days. If you’re bored, go practice the guqin!” Sun Hao said.

“Young Master, it’s a pleasure to watch you paint. How can it be boring? Besides, I will help you grind the ink.” Huang Rumeng said.

“That’s good!”

Sun Hao stood in front of the rice paper. He took a deep breath. After Huang Rumeng ground the ink, he shook his brush and moved quickly.

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