I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 108 Redeem Again

“But I think Commander Chen is different from us, and I think you could definitely last longer than them!”

“Is there anything else that needs attention in the flame forging room?”

“The fighters in the forging room must keep awake. Only by keeping a clear mind can the forging room be effective. If you pass out, the array in the forging room will automatically close!” The young officer whispered, “The flame forging room was excavated from the ruins, and the military array mage did not even understand the principle.”

“Well, this is yours!” Shiqi threw the amethyst coin in his hand to the young officer and said, “I’ll come back in a few days, and you can show me.”

“No problem, Commander!”

A day later, the Shiqi practiced “Mind Concentration Arts” to get started. The influence of his body’s killing intent was reduced, and the evil spirit aura barely opened to 30%. He finally got rid of the state of being influenced by intense killing intent all the time.

Shiqi didn’t relax, put aside the newly obtained “Flash Step” and “Silver Body Forging Method,” bought a lot of ice magic pills in Bauhinia City, and took the time to practice “Mind Concentration Arts.”

Half a month later, when he opened his eyes, they were clear, and his mind was also clear, and he felt that his mental state was better than ever.

“Mind Concentration Arts” reached perfection, and the influence of the killing aura in his body reduced again. He estimated that the evil spirit aura could be opened to almost 50%.

He was lying in bed and fell into a deep sleep, sleeping directly through the night!

When he opened the tent, he looked at the snow in the distant mountains outside the tent and said to himself with a smile, “I really don’t waste my excuses to destroy the Xu family!”

Initially, the Xu family jumped out to scold him a few words, it must be undeniable, but it was a pity that the Xu family of Qi Ocean Realm was too “excellent” in front of Shiqi’s evil spirit aura!

Even in 20% of the evil spirit aura field, he could keep his face unchanged. This surprised him the most.

After he captured the Xu family, he was forced to ask him the secret of not being affected by the evil aura. As a result, he found out the black-level auxiliary skill “Mind Concentration Arts.”

The other party cultivated half of the “Mind Concentration Arts” and cultivated it to a level close to perfection.

So Shiqi, who was in desperate need of this kind of cultivation method, hit the Xu family with his idea. He united with the commander of Qingfeng City, and the two parties quickly reached an agreement to arrange a charge for the Xu family, wipe it out, and share all the property of the Xu family!

“Commander Chen, 1000-man Commander orders you meet him!”


Seeing Zhou Yiran, he knew what the other party asked him to do.

“The Bauhinia Legion is at a loss on the front line and needs to replenish the source of troops. Our city guards need to send two thousand elites to the battlefield and enter the legion. The commander intends to let you go to the front line. What do you think?” Zhou Yiran thought for a while and said. “If you don’t want to go, Lord Commander won’t force it. He values ​​you very much.”

“I will go!” He said firmly.

In Blackwater County, almost all the bandit gangs with little influence were suppressed. If he continued to stay in the city guards, he could hardly find any way to enhance his strength quickly.

Besides, his original intention as a soldier was to go to the battlefield!

“Good boy, I know I didn’t misread you!” Zhou Yiran slapped Shiqi’s shoulders fiercely, “Your heart is poisonous! Your hands are cruel! Born to be a good soldier, you went to the Bauhinia Legion. Surely we won’t be ashamed of our city guards!”

 Shiqi chuckled in a jealous smile…Is this complimenting him?

“When you are on the battlefield, Let the butchers of the Black Blood Kingdom take a good look and let them know that the warriors of our Southern Cloud Kingdom are not muddled but also full of blood!”

“Commander, I understand!”

“Well!” Zhou Yiran nodded. Speaking of cruelty, Chen Pengfei was absolutely top-notch, and everyone in Blackwater County could testify! The nickname of Bloodhand Butcher was not blown out but piled up by heads. If it weren’t for the city guard’s identity, Zhou Yiran believed that Shiqi would definitely be able to do more outrageous things.

Chen Pengfei was able to exercise restraint at all times, which was why the commander took a high look at him.

“Commander, can I take my men to the front line this time?”

“Since you are going, of course, they must go with you!” Zhou Yiran said with a smile, “I know you are reluctant to train the men and horses. Don’t worry, when you go to the Bauhinia Legion, the position will be a 100-man commander. Your brothers are still under your control!”

“Thank you for kindness!”

“You’re welcome, and this is what you have won desperately!” Zhou Yiran smiled and then asked with some doubts, “I heard that you trained your men very well. Some people even said that your men were like a group of crazy people when they were fighting bandits … I went to your side last time and felt that your men were really well trained and their strength was much faster than that of the recruits in the same period, but their spirit was quite normal!”

Shiqi said with a smile, “That was the time when you did not see the bandits. ! look, even I have met some fear.”

“Hahaha …” Zhou Yiran laughed and said, “Yes, that’s what soldiers should do!”


Zhou Yiran asked in a low voice, “Also, the leader asked me to ask you, do you have a secret method to condense killing intent?”

“There is!” Shiqi answered directly without concealing it. The evil aura came from the secret of the Crimson Blood Devil Sword. On the battlefield, he couldn’t use it, and he could only resist!

“Lord Commander means…can you hand over this secret method of condensing killing intent?” Zhou Yiran whispered, “Relax, Lord Commander, will give you satisfactory compensation!”

Finally, we have arrived!

Shiqi knew this day would come. He said firmly, “Your subordinates can’t!”

“Well, then forget it!” Zhou Yiran was somewhat disappointed.

“Thank you for your understanding!”

“I understand, I understand!” The military couldn’t force soldiers to hand over their unique martial arts practice, which was the bottom line for every fighter to join the army.

He was now an officer of the city guard, not a servant of the Lan family.

“Then you go to report! Remember to leave in ten days!” Zhou Yiran was not angry, but his tone was only slightly lost.

This makes Shiqi somewhat satisfied. He smiled and asked, “I don’t know if the commander is not interested in my master’s “Blood River Secret Arts” and “Blood King Fist.” They are both black and middle-rank martial arts!”

“I think he should be interested!”

The black-level medium-rank martial art was enough to become the inheritance achievement of the first-class family sect. To say you had no interest must be false.

For many years, both the military, the family sect, and the clan had devoted themselves to collecting all kinds of high-level martial arts.

The “Blood River Secret Arts” and “Blood King Fist” thrown by Shiqi were enough for the military to pay attention. Not everyone dared to bring out their own unique martial arts, especially the black-level martial arts!

“What do you want?”

“Black-level swordsmanship, black-level body forging method, it is best to have another black-level movement arts!”

“Blood River Secret Arts” was a black-level intermediate cultivation method, which had always been of high value in martial arts, so it was not too much to change two martial arts copies of the same level.

In addition, Shiqi had just asked Chen Hao, the sword spirit, for the “Blood River Secret Arts” and “Blood King Fist,” and it was approved.

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