The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 11: The Dark Devil Hall

Translator: Aida Hanabi Editor: Mystified

For a long time, the Sword‌ ‌Demon‌ Xilai struggled to get up, he looked at Lu Yiping with eyes full of fear.

He was extremely confident in his Eternal Sword, even if the Sword God Yang Dong was alive, he might not be able to take it, but now, it was broken by the young man blowing a breath in front of him!

He swallowed hard in his throat and spoke hoarsely, “Your Excellency, who are you?!”

“You, have you reached the realm of True God?!”

True God!

Yang Cheng, Chen Hong, and all the elders of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect’s entire body shook as they held their breath to look at Lu Yiping.

True God? Lu Yiping smiled blandly.

Seeing Lu Yiping but smiling blandly, smiling in contempt, Sword Demon Xilai, Yang Cheng, and others were stunned.

“I come from the Sacred Forest.” Lu Yiping slowly said.

The voice was not loud, but it was clear and cold.

However, it was even more terrifying than the divine tribulation thunder, Sword Demon Xilai, Yang Cheng, Chen Hong, and the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect’s elders were blasted by the buzzing in their minds.

Whether it was the Sword Demon Xilai, or Yang Cheng, Chen Hong, and others, their expressions looked horrified. The Sword Demon Xilai, who was originally just struggling to get up, but now he didn’t know whether it was due to excessive fear or not, his legs turned weak, and he fell limp on the ground.

And Yang Cheng, Chen Hong, and Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect’s elders were all trembling.

“God of Sacred Forest!” said the Sword Demon Xilai, his tongue stiffened.

Sacred forest!

These two words seemed to carry supreme magical power, making heaven and earth silent.

He was completely out of ideas.

“Senior, you, you are?!” Yang Cheng stared at Lu Yiping with wide eyes as he swallowed the truth.

Lu Yiping looked at Yang Cheng and threw a token over.

Yang Cheng saw the token, and shocked, did not dare to hesitate anymore. Trembling in excitement, he prostrated down to Lu Yiping, “Yang Cheng, son of Yang Dong of the Thunder SparrowSword Sect, bows to Your Excellency, longevity to Your Excellency!”

“We didn’t know that Your Excellency had descended, we didn’t welcome you from afar, this is a sin worthy of ten thousand deaths!”

When Chen Hong and a group of sect’s elders saw Yang Cheng’s attitude, they had not known that Lu Yiping was that supreme existence, and they were scared and quickly prostrated.

Looking at Yang Cheng, Chen Hong, and others who were not kneeling, but prostrated, on the ground, Lu Yiping was not surprised and said blandly, “All of you get up, I just came here to see Yang Dong, that kid of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect.”

Only then did Yang Cheng, Chen Hong, and others carefully get up, however, they did not dare to straighten up, still bent over and not daring to breathe.

Suddenly, Sword Demon Xilai clasped his fist and said, “So your Excellency is that Lord of the Sacred Forest, I come from the Dark Demon Hall, please spare my life for the sake of the Dark Demon Hall.”

“What, Dark Demon Hall!” Yang Cheng, Chen Hong, and others were shocked.

The Dark Demon Hall, a mysterious force that had only appeared in the last few tens of thousands of years, and was now one of the most powerful forces in the Eternal Plane.

Yang Cheng and the others did not expect that Sword Demon Xilai had joined the Dark Demon Hall.

“Yes, the Dark Demon Hall!” Sword Demon Xilai smiled sunnily.

Lu Yiping suddenly reached out his hand and pulled Sword Demon Xilai toward himself.

Sword Demon Xilai was startled: “You!”

“Dark Demon Hall? Never heard of it.” Lu Yiping blandly said, and the light of lightning appeared in his hand.

Feeling the destructive power of that lightning, Sword Demon Xilai terrified and pleaded, “My Dark Demon hall’s master is a supreme existence that you can not imagine!”

Although he also knew the Sacred Forest legend, it was only the legend of it. However, he had seen with his own eyes the appalling strength of their Dark Demon Hall Master.

“An unimaginable supreme existence?” Lu Yiping smiled at his words, “Then I would like to see it.” After saying that, the Universe Cauldron appeared in his hand.

The Universel Cauldron was filled with a gas that looked like gold and not gold, precisely the Qi of the Open Heaven Xuanhuang.

While Sword Demon Xilai was stunned, the Universe Cauldron instantly absorbed him, and then the great array inside the cauldron moved to refine him.

Suddenly, a black light blasted out of the Sword Demon’s body.

Immediately above the ancestral land appeared a huge black palm that covered the sky, “How dare you! Who dares to touch my Dark Demon Hall’s supreme elder!”

This huge black palm covered the sky and blasted down at Lu Yiping.

The power of destroying heaven and earth, rampaging heaven and earth.

This destructive power was many times more powerful than the Sword Demon Xilai’s previous Eternal sword.

Looking at the black palm that came down, Yang Cheng, Chen Hong, and other people’s faces showed horror.

This was the power of the true gods?

Lu Yiping grunted coldly, and a fist blasted out at random, a huge golden fist print instantly blasted through the huge palm, but Lu Yiping’s golden fist print did not stop, it severely blasted through layers and layers of sky and through space-time.

It blasted onto a great divine hall that was many thousands of miles away through space and time.

The light of that great divine hall surged, and the power of the great array burst out as it tried to block the golden fist print.

But it was useless!

Under the golden fist print, the heavy array was like a chicken caught by a dog. It instantly burst apart as the fist print blasted on top of the great divine hall.


The huge shrine, which was located many miles away, burst into countless pieces like a shattered sandcastle.

And within the temple, a loud roar sounded.

A human figure shot up into the sky.

At this time, Lu Yiping through space and time, picture a huge claw fiercely slamming it down.

The human figure looked at the falling claw in terror and despair.

“The God of Blood Transport!”

“Open to me!” His whole body’s blood light surged, spilled out all the divine energy, turned into a light, and vanished away before Lu Yiping’s huge claw grasping down.


The huge claw fell, and all the mountains below and around the divine hall turned into pieces.

Lu Yiping withdrew his power and said indifferently, “He escaped quite fast.”

Seeing this, he did not pursue.

The other party was hit by the aftermath of his fist power, and then he did not hesitate to lose his divine energy and cast the blood vanishing method to escape. He was already seriously injured, and it was impossible to recover without it taking hundreds of years of time.

Yang Cheng, Chen Hong, and others were shocked, although they did not see the scene outside the space and time, but they also knew that just now Lu Yiping should have fought with a certain expert of the Dark Demon Hall, and the Dark Demon Hall’s expert was defeated.

The Universe Cauldron in Lu Yiping’s hand burst out with light. The formation was activated completely. Sword Demon Xilai let out a terrified scream, but immediately afterward, there was no more sound anymore.

Soon, golden pills flew out from the Universe Cauldron.

The Golden pills fragrance filled the ancestral land, golden pills surface a law, divine light intertwined.

Yang Cheng, Chen Hong, and others looked at the golden pills. It was difficult for them to calm down. The Sword Demon Xilai, a deity who had passed the Divine Tribulation Thunder, just got refined into divine golden pills.

A deity, devouring heaven and earth spiritual energy, sense the laws of heaven and earth, condensing divine power, were refined. The preciousness of the golden pellet, it goes without saying.

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