It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 74 Vibration Disappeared, Phoenix Smoke Gradually Dispersed

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Thousands of miles to the north of the Great Demon Mountain, there is a death forbidden zone: the Blood Phoenix Nest.

Blood Phoenix Nest was an endless death forbidden zone, and above it, red phoenix smoke enveloped the surrounding area.

Like blood, the smoke enveloped the surrounding area tightly.

“Boom!” In the death forbidden zone, there was a continuous sound of vibration, low and rapid.

The sand on the ground shook slightly.

These days, the vibration became lighter and lighter, and finally, it gradually disappeared.

In the sky, the red phoenix smoke also gradually went down.

North of the death forbidden zone.

“Woosh …” More than a dozen black whirlpools emerged.

Men dressed in black armor and masks emerged from the whirlpool.

Their whole body was covered by black energy, and their figures couldn’t be seen clearly.

Two of them, called Shi Hun and Shi Ming, are leaders of the evil clan.

Besides the two men, there are ten warriors.

“It seems that the high priest did not make a mistake. In a few days, Phoenix Smoke will sink for the most part. When that happens, you can see the inside clearly and enter safely!” Shi Hun said.

“Yes, but did he have to send us for a Soul Calming Pearl?” Shi Ming said, his voice filled with doubt.

“How can I understand what the high priest and the patriarch are up to? I only know to follow orders!” Shi Hun said.

“Ai, it can only be so. However, this Blood Phoenix Nest is still a death forbidden zone in the end. Is it safe for us to enter it?” Shu Ming said.

“Ka Ka …”

Shi Hun pointed at Shi Ming and gave out a weird laugh, “If it’s you, would you still choose to live?” When he heard this, Shi Ming’s expression looked sluggish, and he nodded unwillingly.

“Okay, let’s hide first!”

“En!” The 12 figures slowly disappeared as if they had never appeared before.

Shortly after that, at the south entrance of the Blood Phoenix Mountain.

“Woosh …” A rainbow landed quickly and turned into a middle-aged man.

He looked inside the death forbidden zone, and his eyes were shining brightly.

“The vibration has disappeared, and these phoenix smoke are sinking too!”

“It seems that the Blood Phoenix Nest is about to open! The Patriarch must be notified as soon as possible!”

After speaking, the man took out a piece of bamboo jade slip and scribbled text on it quickly. Afterward, the jade was reduced to a ray of light with a light pinch and disappeared into the horizon.

“Okay.” The middle-aged man turned into a long rainbow and left quickly. 

Not long after he left, several figures flew in quickly.

After they glanced at the death forbidden zone, their eyes were gleaming, and apart from anything else, they each took out the jade slips and sent messages.

Within half a day, the news that the Blood Phoenix Nest was about to be opened had spread to many forces throughout the Tianluo Continent. 

Tianluo Continent, Central Region’s Holy Land, in a large hall of Xuanyuan Family.

Patriarch Xuanyuan Yi sat in the main seat, watching the news on the jade slip in his hand, his eyes bloomed with a strange light.

“The vibration of the Blood Phoenix Nest disappeared, and Phoenix Smoke sank!” Xuanyuan Yi said.

With these words, the eyes of a group of elders in the other seats lighted up, they began to whisper and discuss.

“What, the vibration disappeared? Is the Blood Phoenix already powerless to struggle? Isn’t the Blood Phoenix Nest about to open in this way?”

“Great! It is said that there is a Soul Calming Pearl inside!”

“What’s the use of the Soul Calming Pearl? I don’t know at all! If I could obtain the Blood Phoenix Demon Core, it would be extremely fortunate for my clan!”

“Blood Phoenix seems to have a Devouring Heaven Demonic Technique. If at that time I can get that technique, then my Xuanyuan family will definitely become the first family in the Tianluo Continent!”

These voices kept ringing.

It was only after Xuanyuan Yi waved his hands that the scene gradually became quiet.

“Dear elders, since you all are determined to get the Blood Phoenix Demon Core, who amongst any of you wants to go there?”

There was dead silence all around following this sentence.

All the elders bowed their heads and kept silent.

“Humph …” Xuanyuan Yi snorted upon seeing this scene and shook his head for a while.

This group of elders has been pampered for a long time. They were usually very difficult to deal with, but once they were told to do some dangerous things, they would instantly become a group of cowards.

Xuanyuan Yi’s eyes flashed with killing intent.

“Who wants to go to the Blood Phoenix Nest?” Xuanyuan Yi’s voice increased.


At this moment, a woman’s voice sounded.

Everyone turned their gazes to this woman, and they couldn’t help but look stunned.

“What? It’s her! Xuanyuan Shi?”

“She’s got the courage and so careless. She even dared to go to the Blood Phoenix Nest. Did she want to die?” 

“It’s just right to have her go!”

That group of elders talked under their breath.

“You?” Xuanyuan Yi frowned slightly.

“Yes, Patriarch! As a member of the Xuanyuan family, it is my duty to do something for the family!” Xuanyuan Shi said.

“You are still young, and your strength is still weak, so don’t get involved with this matter!” Xuanyuan Yi waved his hand.

“Patriarch, I …”

“Step down!” Xuanyuan Yi said.

“I …” Xuanyuan Shi was stunned silly for a while.

“Patriarch, I have something to say!”

At this moment, the Grand Elder stood up.

“Elder, please speak.” Xuanyuan Yi said.

“Xuanyuan Shi is 80 years old, not too young! In addition, her strength is already in the second stage of Ascendant, and she can be ranked as the number one in the entire Tianluo Continent!”

“As the family’s descendant, it is only right for her to shoulder some of the family’s responsibilities!”

“In addition, this journey can be considered as a chance to grow for Xuanyuan Shi. Rather than keeping her at home, it is better to let her go out to exercise!” said the Grand Elder.

“Patriarch, I also think Xuanyuan Shi can go!”

“Exactly. Patriarch, you won’t raise her like a flower just because she is your daughter, right?”

“You are presumptuous!” Xuanyuan Yi was furious.

“What? Do you honestly want to kill me, Patriarch?”

“Patriarch, if you do this, we will be disappointed!”

Soon, Xuanyuan Yi was accused by a group of elders, and it immediately made him annoyed.

“Father, I’m willing to go!”

Xuanyuan Shi said at this point, her eyes swept to the elders, “Elders, don’t worry, I will go to the Blood Phoenix Nest!”

“That’s good! Niece, don’t have to worry. We will guard the Xuanyuan family well and won’t let other families succeed!”

“Don’t worry, as long as you get the demon core back, the first heir position is yours!”

The elders patted their chest and promised her.

When Xuanyuan Yi saw this scene, his chest surged with anger.

He looked at Xuanyuan Shi and sighed inwardly: “Little Shi, father is useless, being the head of the house, father is also isolated!”

“Remember what you said!”

Xuanyuan Shi turned around, took a step back, and strode out of the hall.

After that, she turned into a long rainbow and hurriedly flew towards the place where the Blood Phoenix was suppressed.

Not long after, she left.

“Woosh …” A phantom image slowly condensed into shape.

He looked in the direction of the hall and sighed quietly, “Patriarch, you must be careful when I am away!”

After finishing speaking, he followed Xuanyuan Shi’s direction and left quickly.

In the hall.

The corners of the mouths of several elders raised slightly, and their expressions were triumphant.

“He really sent her out. Xuanyuan Yi, you are quite confident!”

“This is interesting, Xuanyuan Yi. What would you do?”

“Oh, this Xuanyuan family is going to change! I’d better be careful!”

Several elders looked at Xuanyuan Yi with different expressions.

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