I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 107 Military Merit Exchange

Anyway, all the Xu family members were dead, so Shiqi could say whatever he wanted. The Breeze City Guards leader would not talk too much; after all, he has got enough benefits.

“Hum! Most of the family sects are cancer and tumors of the country!” Zhou Yiran’s voice was quite dissatisfied with the family sects, speaking of them with murderous auras, “It’s just a small family that dares to obstruct us. If they dare to do it, they will be extinguished.”

Shiqi knew that this matter was over.

“By the way, I heard that you not only broke through but also understood the artistic conception?”

“It’s a fluke to comprehend the artistic conception!”

“Don’t tell me those imaginary ones; let them out and let me see!”

Shiqi didn’t refuse, holding the hilt of the sword, a trace of blood flashed in his eyes, and the tyrannical blood and killing aura enveloped the entire camp.

Zhou Yiran was absent instantly, and there was a smell of madness, blood, and chaos. Something called fear gripped his heart.

The killing intent quickly subsided, and the surrounding air was no longer depressed as if everything just now was a dream.

Zhou Yiran took a deep breath and looked at Shiqi and asked, “What you understand should be the artistic conception of killing?”


“Very good, very good!” Zhou Yiran looked at him with envy and said, “Even in our military, there are very few masters who can understand the artistic conception of killing.”

Shiqi asked with some doubts, “Military masters, are there very few people who can understand the artistic conception of killing?”

In his view, soldiers were born for killing, and only by killing could they understand the artistic conception of killing. In this respect, soldiers should occupy a great advantage!

Zhou Yiran said helplessly, “It’s not easy to understand the artistic conception of killing without superb talent. Do you really think it’s so simple to understand the artistic conception of killing?” Let me tell you this. Artistic conception is actually a double-edged sword. It not only enhances your strength but also gradually affects your character. It happens that the artistic conception of killing that you comprehend is challenging to comprehend and control. Ordinary artistic conception does not require the will of users. Even if the character changes, it will not cause any big troubles … But like the artistic conception of killing, it is very demanding on the will used! “

“I’ve read the ‘Mind Concentration Arts’ that you sent me. The rare Black-level auxiliary skill is just what you need urgently. I have to say that your luck is excellent. If you really asked to exchange for the black-level auxiliary skill like ‘Mind Concentration Arts,’ I’m afraid it won’t be enough for you to spend all your military strength!”

“Thank you for reminding me, commander!”

Zhou Yiran sat back in his chair and said, “What is there to thank for. I am a person who has not understood the artistic conception. I explain the artistic conception to you who understand the artistic conception… Speaking of it, it’s amusing!”

“Now, I should no longer be your commander. With your credit, your promotion is expected!” Zhou Yiran thought for a moment and then stared at Shiqi said, “Us city guards in Bauhinia City are the reserve army of Bauhinia Legion. Some rare resources, martial arts, and cultivation methods in the Southern Cloud Kingdom are prosperous. I know that you are a person who can’t stay idle. I suggest you first exchange all your military skills and consolidate your strength!”

Back to the tent, Shiqi turned over the ‘Mind Concentration Arts,’ and the ‘Mind Concentration Arts’ pages were stained with a few drops of solidified blood, which was the blood of the Xu family!

After carefully reading the “Mind Concentration Arts,” he probably knew that when he was executing the Baishi Mountain Bandits captives and accused him of killing innocent people when he was executed as a thief in Baishishan. He was a big devil. Why could the Xu Dizi, whose strength was only the peak of Qi Ocean Realm, didn’t change his face in his killing aura?

“Mind Concentration Arts” was an auxiliary cultivation method of the black-level, which had almost no substantive combat power. Still, it could allow warriors to condense their minds and enhance their spiritual power, especially for those who have been overwhelmed by long-term killings.

Because the creator of “Mind Concentration Arts” is an evil master who suffers from a strong killing intent! Although a strong killing intent could make many enemies who saw the aura change, it also could put the warrior into desperation.

Shiqi was an example. His killing intent had invaded his body, merged into the true qi, and influenced his personality. Further, it was likely to invade and influence his mind … He couldn’t even answer the arithmetic problem given to him by the Lord Sword Spirit!

He didn’t want to become a fierce beast entirely out of control before seeing Lan Yanlin!  After clearing up his mind, he soon entered the cultivation state.

He looked at more than 2,300 military merits at the Military Merit Department and then looked at the exchange list, which was a bit embarrassing. 

“Is there anything to recommend?” Shiqi directly asked the young military officer in front of him.

The young officer said carefully, “I don’t know what commander Chen needs?”

Almost the entire city guards of Bauhinia City knew about the foul name of Chen Pengfei. In this campaign, his military merits had surpassed several 1000-man commanders, entering the top three!

Shiqi thought a little and said, “Body Forging Method!”

Among the techniques he learned, only the forging technique was not of the black level. He really couldn’t bear this!

“How about the Silver Body Forging Method?”

When I heard the name of this cultivation method, he immediately made a decision and said, “I want it!”

“The black-level inferior grade ‘Silver Body Forging Method’ is also superior in all forging methods of the same level and requires 1000 military merits!”


Since there is the “Silver Body Forging Method” of the black-level inferior grade here, will there be…

“Is there a ‘Flash Step’ of the black-level inferior grade?”

“Yes, there is!” The young officer nodded affirmatively.

If you ask him the yellow level cultivation method and Wushu, he may not answer, but Xuan level achievement method Wushu, he will remember very clearly.

Since he took office in the Military Service Department, he had turned over and stared at the name of the black-level martial arts almost every day, drooling and dreaming in his mind!

“How much military merit is needed?”

“It takes 1,100 military merits!”


After the exchange, there were only over 200 military merits left, and he became poor again!

However, he is also eager to get the black-level inferior grade “Flash Step.”

“Flash Step” was full of explosive power, which could make him suddenly approach the enemy in a short time, so it was very suitable for his fighting style!

“Commander Chen, do you want to improve your strength quickly?”

“Hmm?” Shiqi looked at the young officer as if he meant something.

“I have a good recommendation, which can make your physical strength improve quickly. The most important thing is that if you are cruel enough to yourself, the cost is very low!”

“Tell me if you can satisfy me; this is yours!” Shiqi pulled out an amethyst coin, and the purple light dazzled people.

“Our Bauhinia City has a training room open for soldiers who practice forging skills, called the Flame Forging Room. It has a miraculous effect on quenching the body of fighters. It only takes 50 military skills to enter once. After coming out, the physical injury is completely treated by Bauhinia City.”

“Is it really so good? Then why haven’t I heard of it? “

The young officer smiled, “I heard that people who have been in the flame forging room said that the pain is simply unbearable for people. It is as if there is a flame burning the body. People who dare to go in once almost do not dare to go in for a second time … The longer they persist, the stronger the effect will be. However, if they can’t stand the pain, they will come out in less than a few minutes, and the 50-point military work will be wasted, which is very uneconomical. Therefore, more and more people will go there later.”

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