I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 106 The Xu Family’s Secret

After breaking into the Black Iron Fort and slaying all the Tie family brothers, the Black Iron Fort, which had lost its leader, was completely chaotic. The warriors in the fort fell sharply, and the attack by the city guards was almost unaffected without any effective resistance.

After capturing the prisoners and cleaning the battlefield, the sky was already bright.

Seeing that the other three commanders were counting their spoils, Shiqi volunteered to deal with the prisoners’ issue. When he reappeared, his body was stained with a layer of red, and the army boots seemed to be filled with water, and every step he took, there would be a weird noise.

One bloody step at a time.

Wang Lun saw the killing intent on Shiqi’s body that was so depressing that he couldn’t breathe. He asked, “Brother Chen, did you fight just now? Is there anyone escaping from the Black Iron Fort? “

“No, I just went to deal with the prisoners!”

Before Wang Lun continued to ask, Liu Hongjie rushed over and asked angrily, ” Brother Chen, why did you kill all the prisoners?”

He had worked hard to control his emotions. Wang Lun and Wang Dongfeng all looked at Shiqi. They remembered that there were quite a few prisoners in Black Iron Fort, hundreds of people.

Shiqi said flatly, “They are all bandits. Is there anything wrong with executing bandits?”

“But we said at the time, surrender and don’t kill!”

“That’s what you said. I don’t remember saying that at that time!” Shiqi smiled and said casually, “I’m doing this for your good. What’s the use of keeping the captives? It’s totally useless! The captives will only slow down our marching speed and consume our energy. Master Commander is already very dissatisfied with our progress!”

“There are so many ordinary people in the captives, don’t you have any guilt?”

“What are you guilty of?” Shiqi asked, “I was just ordered to kill bandits. They are all bandits!”

At this time, Wang Lun stood up and said, “Liu Hongjie, you should talk less. Brother Chen said it is very reasonable. Now we must hurry to complete the task, and the prisoners are dead, just to save some time and let us free up our hands.”

Wang Dongfeng also said, “Yes, anyway, the prisoners are dead, and it is useless to say more!”

Seeing that the two colleagues were completely on Chen Pengfei’s side, Liu Hongjie couldn’t beat him, but he could only hold back his breath.

Seeing that everyone didn’t mention the prisoners anymore, Shiqisent Zhou Yiran’s order and asked them to surrender a task. Wang Lun and Wang  Dongfeng agreed almost without hesitation, and Liu Hongjie naturally did not dare oppose it.

After thanking them, Shiqi took more than one hundred people to leave. When he left, Liu Hongjie finally couldn’t help it and complained desperately, “You two, you see how arrogant that kid is, you are all old subordinates of the 1000-man commander,  are you just going to tolerate him like that?”

Wang Lun looked at Liu Hongjie and said, “If you really want to trouble him, go by yourself. I won’t participate!”

Wang Dongfeng also waved his hand and said, “Don’t look at me. I won’t go either!”

Liu Hongjie angrily said, “If you endure it like this, aren’t you afraid that others will shit and pee on your head?”

“Even if he shits on my head, I will endure it!” Wang Lunlian didn’t even think about it and replied directly.

Liu Hongjie almost choked to death by Wang Lun’s words.

Wang Dongfeng said next to him, “Hong Jie, don’t blame my brother for not mentioning you. You should never provoke Brother Chen in the future. He is not a generous person … Silver mask, Chen Pengfei, the real strength in the middle stage of True Origin Realm, killing people without blinking … Didn’t you think of anything?”

Over the next two months, Shiqi took more than 100 people and once again became famous in the whole Blackwater County! For all his mission objectives, there will hardly be a living thing.

Even bystanders would feel unbearable!

Even if the enemies dealt with by Shiqi were bandits and mountain thieves, they were not officially registered as gangs who commit crimes. Because of his aggressive style, he had become a character who stopped children from crying!

Many evil path masters were stronger than him, but who could kill in Blackwater without scruple and wouldn’t be pursued by the righteous path. There was only Chen Pengfei.

After all, he was wearing the Southern Cloud Kingdom’s military uniform and obeyed the military’s orders. The military of Blackwater County was extremely capable, second only to the capital.

Without the deep hatred, the family sect master would not touch him at all; after all, the gain was not worth the loss.

More than one hundred soldiers led by him were also growing rapidly in successive battles, perhaps because of too much killing or perhaps because of the evil aura’s subtle influence. Those soldiers’ strength improved very quickly, and their killing aura was stronger than that of ordinary soldiers.

Under his leadership, they wiped out nearly ten small forces. They hardly encountered any failures. The losses were extremely low. Successive victories made every soldier full of confidence!

Many soldiers even began to worship Chen Pengfei, who continued to bring them victory crazily.

After more than three months of suppressing bandits, when he counted his harvests, they were a little unbelievable!

He got one Black-level low-level exercise, one Black-level low-level swordsmanship, and an auxiliary cultivation method, “Mind Concentration Arts,” that he had always dreamed of. For other yellow-level cultivation methods and martial arts, he stuffed a small wooden box.

These were all copied and preserved by him, and the originals were handed over to the military. By the way, he also sent a set of copies of the seized black-level martial arts to Zhou Qianhu.

Zhou Qianhu didn’t refuse his kindness. At that time, Zhou Qianhu was in a good mood. He was the first one to complete all the tasks of suppressing bandits.

After receiving the notification from the messenger, all 100 to 1000 commanders gathered in the camp.

In front of all the other hundred households, Zhou Yiran praised Shiqi fiercely!

Wang Lun also smiled and said, “Brother Chen is famous in Black Water County. My last task was to fight Shenfeng Village. That time, It was very hard at the time. When I got angry, I shouted at the door of Shenfeng Village. Say, ‘your Shenfeng Village is very strong, I can’t beat it, I’m going to ask Chen Pengfei for help…’ Guess what happened?”

“What happened?” 

Shiqi also looked at Wang Lun with curiosity.

“The second master of Shenfeng Village contacted me that night. He hopes that I don’t contact Brother Chen. They are willing to betray the castellan and open the village gate to let us in. Just don’t run into brother Chen and give them a way to live!” Wang Lun laughed. “As a result, Shenfeng Village was taken down!”

Shiqi didn’t know whether the story Wang Baihu told was true or false, so let’s consider it true for the time being! After the meeting, Zhou Yiran ordered him to stay. The other 100-man commander all glanced at him with envy.

Shiqi, at that time, did not pay attention to the back of Liu Hongjie, quickly disappeared in the doorway … Didn’t find him just now. Within the camp, only Zhou Yiran and Shiqi were left.

Zhou Yiran said, “Chen Pengfei, a 100-man commander, has reported to me that you went crazy… and then killed all the prisoners?”

“The subordinates are trying to lighten their burden…”

Zhou Yiran rubbed his forehead and said, “Let’s not mention this first, and don’t do it again in the future. After all, everyone is a colleague!”

“The subordinates obey!”

How could there be such a good thing in the future?

After this clean-up, the bandits in Black Water County could not recover in ten years.

“Also, what happened to the Xu family? I want to hear from you?”

“When I cleared the Baishishan bandits, the Xu family jumped out to stop our city guards from moving … so the subordinates thought that the Xu family and Baishishan bandits had collusion!” He continued, “I told the leader of the city guard in Qingfeng City. He also thought that there was something wrong with the Xu family, so we went to the Xu family. They didn’t cooperate with the investigation and moved first, so we finished them.”

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