The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 9 True God?

Translator: Aida Hanabi Editor: Mystified

When everyone was already in a panic, they saw countless swords Qi pouring out in the void.

These swords Qi, filled with heavy demonic aura, condensed into black waterfalls, which were then suddenly blasted towards the Ancestral Land of Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect.

A sky-shaking sound rang out.

The entire Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect was shaken.

Some of the mountain peaks near the Ancestral Land of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect were already falling down one by one when they were hit by the aftermath of these sword Qi’s blast.

The mountains collapsed, and the ground cracked.

Countless boulders splashed and rolled down, sand and dust rolled, just like the end of the world.

The boulders hit some of the family disciples who were unable to dodge, and their flesh and blood flew across the ground.

“Thunder Sword’s Wind!” Song Ning, the lord of Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect, yelled, streaking through the air, frantically pushing his body’s true essence and shooting sword Qi violently. At the same time, he triggered the lightning from the Void and formed a layer of Thunder Sword Astral Qi on his body.

“Thunder Sword’s Wind! This was the Supreme Sword Art of Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect! A supreme magical skill that drew thunder from the world and merged it with its own sword! It could be offensive and defensive!”

“It’s incomparably powerful!”

“And Sect Master Song, has already cultivated to the tenth level! He has already obtained the true essence of the Thunder Sword’s Wind!” Tai Hongtao of the Wuji Dynasty exclaimed.

At this time, in front of the spectating crowd, Song Ning, the Thunder Sparrow Sword Master, whose whole body flashed with lightning and whose sword aura filled the air, met the Sword Demon’s heavy sword aura.

When he came to meet Sword Demon’s sword aura, Song Ning suddenly slashed out.

A ten-thousand-foot sword aura pierced the sky.

From a distance, it looked like a sky bridge across the high sky.

But the moment when the ten-thousand-foot sword aura cut Sword Demon’s sword aura, Sword Demon’s sword aura light fiercely rose, and all the light of heaven and earth were lost, Song Ning’s ten-thousand-foot sword aura, like a chicken caught by a dog, was instantly disintegrated.

And Song Ning himself felt as if a massive object hit him, and he was slammed directly from the high altitude to the ground.


The ground trembled, and the loud noises spread to everyone’s ears.

The dust rolled, and a vast crater was revealed.

Everyone watching was stunned.

Song Ning, the Sect Master of Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect, was unquestionably strong as the Sect Master of Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect. However, even with the use of the Supreme Sword Technique of Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect, Thunder Sword, he was so vulnerable in front of Sword Demon’s Sword Qi!

Sword Demon Xilai was laughing wildly: “Ants trying to shake mountains! You don’t know your own strength!”

“Junior, you have been hit by my Dead Soul Sword Qi, in less than a day, your soul and spirit will definitely be scattered, and even the Buddha cannot save you!”

Hearing the wild laughter of the Sword Demon Xilai, everyone’s hearts sank. Didn’t that mean that Song Ning, the Master of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect, was unable to win?!

At this time, a family expert fled in panic. Just as he was about to escape from the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect area, he suddenly struck an invisible sword wall.

Immediately, he was cut into countless pieces by the sword Qi of the invisible sword wall.

Everyone was shocked.

“Hey, Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect, I have already laid the supreme sword array, today, no one can leave!” Sword Demon Xilai’s indifferent voice sounded.

Princess Tai Yan’s, Xiao Changfeng’s, Zheng Yue’s, and other families’ elders had their faces change color.

Sword Demon Xilai meant that not only would he destroy the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect today, but that he would kill all of them present as well?

There were experts from all sides of the Wuji Imperial Dynasty on the field, and they were all shocked and angry at the words.

Xiao Changfeng said aloud, “Senior Xilai, I am Xiao Changfeng of the Xiao family, my ancestor Xiao Dong, I have nothing to do with Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect. Please Senior Xilai let me leave.”

“Xiao Dong?” Sword Demon Xilai smiled. “Boy, do you think I will let you leave if you bring out Xiao Dong?”

“Today, even if Xiao Dong was here, he would die!”

All the experts of the Xiao family were furious.

At this moment, suddenly, Yang Cheng’s majestic voice rang out.

“Nine Heavenly Thunders!”

Immediately afterward, an amazing sword Qi shot up from within the Ancestral Land and went straight into the nine heavens.

These swords of Qi contained purple thunder.

It was the Silent Purple Thunder of the Heavenly Thunder.

Even if one were an emperor-level powerhouse, they would instantly turn into powder in the face of this extinguishing purple thunder.

The Sword Demon Xilai watched the countless purple thunder swords of Qi rising from the sky and laughed wildly: “Nine Heavenly Thunders? It’s a sight to behold.” He didn’t show off, only waved one hand, and countless demonic Qi swords rolled down like a massive river of fury, carrying the power to destroy the sky and the earth.

“Sword of Demon Slayer!” 

The Sword Demon’s Sword Qi collided with the Nine Heavenly Thunders.

The empty sky exploded with a heavenly thunderbolt.

Countless giant mushroom smoke rose.

The demonic aura and huge smoke completely obscured the initially sunny sky, and the world fell into darkness in an instant.

Nine Heavenly Thunders’s sword energy dissipated.

In the Ancestral Land, Yang Cheng made a dull sound, bleeding from the corner of his mouth.

“Master!” Chen Hong was shocked, and the expressions of the elders of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect changed drastically.

With the blow just now, it was evident that Yang Cheng had been injured.

Sword Demon Xilai laughed and said,” Boy Yang Cheng, although your Nine Heavenly Thunders trick is good, it is only half as powerful as when your father used it back then.”

“Today, the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect will be destroyed!”

Princess Tai Yan and the others, who initially held faith in Yang Cheng, all had their expressions turn gloomy.

Even Yang Cheng couldn’t resist the power of this sword demon!

 Wouldn’t they all die here today?!

At this time, the astonishing sword aura condensed high in the sky. Obviously, that the sword demon was about to strike a final blow on the Ancestral Land of the Thunder Sparrow Sword.

“The Ancestral Hall is guarded by divine light. Quickly enter the ancestral hall and do not come out!” Yang Cheng felt the terrifying sword qi condensing in the sky and told Lu Yiping anxiously.  

The ancestor shouted: “Full power to activate the Sky Ascending Sword Array!”

The Sky Ascending sword array was the strongest sword array in the Ancestral Land. Back then, Sword God Yang Dong had personally set it up.

At once, Chen Hong and the elder of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect held their positions, and they all squeezed out their spells to trigger the Sky Ascending sword array in the Ancestral Land.

Yang Cheng entered the Sky Ascending Sword Array and did not conceal his aura, which was like a huge wave, rolling and sweeping through the nine heavens.

Everyone was shocked by Yang Cheng’s aura.

“So strong, Lord Yang Cheng, even if not as strong as Sword God Lord Yang Dong back then, is still extremely close!” A family elder said joyfully.

At this time, the sword aura condensed by the Sword Demon turned into a mountain of swords and finally descended.

But under the full urging of Yang Cheng, Chen Hong, and others, the sword light of the Sky Ascending sword Array rose up, covering the world with the ocean-like sword aura.

Sword Demon’s Sword Qi and the Sky Ascending sword light collided with each other.

Intense, loud noises sounded out.

The two sides were in a stalemate.

When everyone saw this, they all became excited.

But then, abruptly, a golden light appeared in the Sword Demon Sword Mountain.

Sky Ascending’s sword light was blasted away instantly as it was destroyed and decayed.

Sword Demon Sword Mountain blasted directly into the Ancestral Land.

Yang Cheng, Chen Hong, and others were hit hard, and they all shot backward with blood spurting from their mouths.

With a single stride, Sword Demon Xilai passed through the heavy prohibitions of the Ancestral Land and arrived before the Ancestral Hall of the Ancestral Land.

“God Qi, you, have crossed the Divine Tribulation Thunder!” Yang Cheng looked at Sword Demon Xilai in disbelief.

Chen Hong and the elders of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect were shocked. Survived Divine Tribulation Thunder? That meant the Sword Demon Xilai was already a deity!

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