It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 71 Silent Handprints

The Great Demon Mountain Range was right in the center.  Hundreds of great monsters gathered in one place to hold a demon master trial. The trials were extremely rough, and whoever has the strongest strength would be the next demon master.

A big tiger with big eyes and white forehead jumped up and stood on the stage with his eyes swept away.

“Bai is not talented, willing to be the demon lord. If you refuse to accept it, just stand up!” 

After he said that.

“Roar…” The tiger roared in the mountains, and the earth trembled. The great demons were shocked, and their faces changed drastically. Many great demons stepped back one after another, with a panic expression on their faces.

“The White Tiger actually reached the Mahayana Perfection Realm, and one step is short of reaching the Crossing Calamity Realm!”

“Frightening, the position of the demon lord is the White Tiger!”

Hearing this, the eyes of the big white tiger flashed, and his face showed a bit of pride.

At this time.

“I’m not convinced!” A two-headed rhino stood up.

“Boom! Boom … ” The two-headed rhino shook the ground with every step. His huge body was twice as big as the white-headed tiger. His body exuded a metallic luster and looked indestructible.

“Hmph, since you want to challenge, then you must have been ready for death!” After speaking, the big tiger rushed towards the two-headed rhino.

The demon wind burst and the waves were billowing. The aftermath whistled and attacked the Quartet. The lesser demon who was close didn’t even have a chance to struggle, so he was blasted to pieces on the spot.

Throughout the forest, the explosion sounded constantly. It looked terrifying.

For a long time. The sound of fighting gradually ceased. The two-headed rhino was bruised all over. The white-headed tiger pressed him hard, and its claws buckled its deadly position. “Can’t you accept it?”

The two-headed rhino looked listless and sighed secretly. “The demon master is in charge, and the servant is convinced!”

“Haha ……”

The white-headed tiger burst into laughter and swept his eyes. “Who else is not convinced?”

Everywhere he looked, all the great demons bowed down to the ground. Seeing, the white-headed tiger was about to ascend the position of the demon lord.

At this time.

“Haha, the position of the demon lord belongs to this seat.” The words were over. Soon, a figure slowly condensed. He was dressed in black, and no one could see his face clearly.

The extremely dangerous atmosphere caused the surrounding great monsters to retreat. The black shadow pointed to the white tiger, “You, you can come down!”

Hearing this, the great white tiger was furious. After finally becoming a demon lord, some cultivators came to make trouble.


“You are a human being; is it appropriate to be the demon lord?” White great tiger said.

“Oh, are you questioning me?” Black Shadow said lightly.

“Doubt what? Do you really take yourself seriously?” After speaking, the great white tiger turned into a gust of wind and went straight to the shadows.

“Boom!”There was a loud noise.

The black shadow flew out like a broken kite, hitting a rock hard. The whole rock exploded directly.

“Hey, don’t overreach yourself!” The white great tiger face showed disdain.

In the next second, his face changed drastically. He saw that the shadow had come to him at some point.

“In this case, I’ll let you see the power of this seat!”  After speaking, the black shadow’s body changed rapidly. His head is divided into two and from two into four.  Finally, it turned into nine heads.

Long neck, stretching up. Black qi surged crazily on it. Seeing this scene, the faces of the surrounding monsters changed drastically.


“How did this great demon come here?”

“It is said that Hydra was born in the Mahayana Realm, depending on its strength, let alone the ascendant state!”

The white tiger saw Hydra, which scared his guts out. It prostrated on the ground, shivering, “Demon Lord, have mercy!”

“Dare to challenge the seat of divinity, die!”

“I don’t think so. The big princess’s life and death are unknown, and he needs it to help him find her!”

“There is not much more, not much less, and it is the same!”

“I think so!” Nine heads made different sounds. Most of the heads supported the extermination of the white tiger.

The white-headed tiger sank to hell and instantly lost its spirits.

“Zi …”

Hydra Xinzi vomited wildly and rushed towards the great white tiger. Seeing this, the white-headed tiger will be torn to pieces.

At this time.

“Shout …” A figure appeared in front of Hydra.

Her white clothes were better than snow, and her body was suffocatingly beautiful. The person coming was Huang Rumeng.

“Hydra, it really is you!” Huang Rumeng looked at Hydra and said calmly.

The nine heads had different looks. There was horror, pride, and disbelief…

“Princess, it looks like you are not dead yet!”

“Unexpectedly, you have not only recovered, but your strength has increased a lot!”

“Now that you know everything, it’s no wonder that it’s coming down!” The words just fell off. Hydra rushed into a flash of lightning and hurriedly rushed towards Huang Rumeng.

Its nine heads sprayed out different poisonous mists, and in an instant, they enveloped Huang Rumeng.


“Princess, you are really sluggish, and you don’t understand the principle of starting first!”

“Yes, we have been with her for so long, so stupid!” Nine heads uttered different voices.

However, in the next second, Hydra’s expression changed drastically. They looked at Huang Rumeng and kept shaking their heads.

“This is impossible; this is impossible!”

“This is a dream! Ouch, why did you bite me? It hurts me.” The exclamation constantly rings. It saw that when the poisonous mist touched Huang Rumeng, the clothes on her body evaporated the mists into nothingness.

You can’t get close at all.

“It can isolate our poison. At least it is the best spirit armor!”

“If you grab it and send it to the master, it will be of great benefit!”

“Send a fart; naturally, it is for our own use!” 

Hydra stared at Huang Rumeng, just like staring at a piece of baby.

“Oh, it depends on whether you could live to enjoy it?” After speaking, Huang Rumeng gently waved her hands. What she used was the handprint of death that she had sensed from Sun Hao!

“Om …” Space was still. Time freezes. The only thing that was moving was Huang Rumeng’s handprints.

Hydra stayed where he was and could only watch the handprint come, and he could do nothing about it.

“This…what is this? It’s terrifying!”

“It’s over. It’s over. The princess’s strength is at least three steps Ascendant Realm!” These thoughts had just formed, and the Handprints of Death blasted on the Hydra.

“Boom! Boom…” The explosion sounded continuously. The eight heads and eight necks of Hydra were directly fried into powder. The rest of the head, lying on the ground, shivering.

“Princess, spare my life. I didn’t betray you. They betrayed you!”

“I really tell you the truth, please spare my life!” After he said all that, Hydra, no, it was a snake now,  kept kowtowing.

Huang Rumeng looked at the snake, and her voice was cold. “You are still alive because you have not betrayed me!”

“From today, you will be the demon lord. Any trouble must be reported to me!” Then, Huang Rumeng threw a jade slip and threw it in front of a snake.

“Thank you, princess! Thank you, princess!”

“I will surely complete the task next time!” The snake kept kowtowing.

“Listen to me again!” After speaking, Huang Rumeng took out the guqin and began to play.

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