I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 105 The Tie Family Brothers

Black Iron Fort, formerly known as Fengyun Village, was located within Nine Clouds City jurisdiction.

Fengyun Village was just an ordinary small mountain village. Because bandits often invaded it, a retired army captain surnamed Tie proposed the idea of ​​building a fortress, which was supported by the whole village.

The fortress built in Fengyun Village had been continuously built and improved by generations of people and had become stronger and stronger. After successfully defending against bandits several times, it attracted many nearby civilians to join… and later changed its name to the Black Iron Fort.

Referring to the way of the regular army, Black Iron Fort organized hunters and strong peasants to carry out militarization training during non-agricultural busy hours to deal with bandits and mountain thieves. Their original intention was good, but with the overall strength of Black Iron Fort increasing, Tie Yun’s ambition, the owner of Black Iron Fort, was also growing.

Not long ago, Nine Clouds City guards discovered that the Black Iron Fort had robbed caravans in private in recent years.

Their tactics were concealed and agile. If it weren’t for someone to escape by chance and recognize the leader of the Black Iron Fortress, no one would have thought that the Black Iron Fortress would become a new bandit!

This time the military decided to eliminate hidden dangers in the rear, and the Black Iron Fort was on the list as it should

After rushing for six days, Shiqi finally met the three 100-man commanders, Wang Lun, Wang Dongfeng, and Liu Hongjie.

They were all martial artists in the early True Origin realm. The oldest, Wang Lun, was in his 50s, and the youngest, Liu Hongjie, was in his forties. As a martial artist, their martial arts road had almost come to an end if there was no adventure.

After the meeting, they were a little bit resistant to Shiqi’s arrival. After all, this was a signal that the 1000-man Commander was dissatisfied with their progress.

Shiqi didn’t care about their resistance. He was meant to be a nuisance.

The black iron fort was a hard bone to chew. The three 100-man commanders of the Bauhinia City had hundreds of guards, and more than 300 city guards had besieged the Iron Fort for more than ten days with almost no progress.

Speaking of this, Liu Hongjie complained, “The Tie brothers have been camping in the black iron fort, and they will not confront us head-on. They don’t know when to recruit a group of good fighters and prepare many strong crossbows. I didn’t know at first. I suffered a big loss when I attacked it. That is a tortoise shell!”

“Brother Chen, you chose to come to us. You really chose the wrong one!” What Liu Hongjie said made Shiqi feel quite unhappy.

“I have destroyed the Black Dragon Village, the Seven Stars, and the Blue Devils … Is the Black Iron Fort much better than the Black Dragon Village?”

“We don’t know which bastard leaked the sound of the wind. When we arrived near the Black Iron Fort, it was already ready!”

Shiqi coldly waved and said, “I don’t want to listen to nonsense. You can keep these words and tell them to Master Commander! I am now a warrior in the mid-True Origin realm, encircling and suppressing the Blue Devils Gang. At that time, I killed the powerful Blue Devil in the late True Origin Realm!”

Liu Hongjie clenched his fist, his face flushed, he wanted to say something, but he didn’t say anything, then turned to look at the other two 100-man commanders.

The oldest Wang Lun asked, “I congratulate Brother Chen for further advancement, but I don’t know what your plan is?”

“The plan is simple. I rushed in and killed the Tie Family brothers. You attacked!”

“Hmph, I thought it was a great strategy!” Liu Hongjie snorted coldly.

Shiqi was squinting at Liu Hongjie and said in a flat tone, “There is no need to plan against the black iron fort, only the weak need to find ways to make up the gap with the strong from other aspects!”

“What do you mean?”

“It means literally!” Shiqi suddenly stretched out her hand, and the big fan-like hand firmly grasped Liu Hongjie’s neck and lifted him up. Shiqi stared at his bloodshot eyes one by one. He said, “I mean, you are too weak, do you understand this explanation?”

His eyes were red, and the surging killing intent instantly wrapped Liu Hongjie.

Liu Hongjie only felt cold all over, and he didn’t even dare to resist. Intuition told him that if he did, he might die! In the end, Shiqi put down Liu Hongjie, and Liu Hongjie stepped back a few steps, looking pale.

He stared at Shiqi angrily, but he didn’t dare to start attacking!

He could only turn to look at his other two colleagues … If the other two unite with him, even if the other party was arrogant again, I’m afraid nobody can’t be presumptuous!

“I’m sorry everyone, it may be that I broke too fast recently, and I have some problems with my state!” Shiqi said with an apologetic tone, covering his forehead, “Everything is blood red. I want to give a sword to anyone who sees it. The mental state is a bit bad!”

Wang Lun and Wang Dongfeng looked at each other, and they all felt the intense killing intent.

Chen Pengfei’s state was indeed like a precursor to the devil, or the state of his mind being affected by the practice of the evil dao.

Then Wang Lun said, “It doesn’t matter, Brother Liu is not malicious, just a little impulsive. This attack … please, Brother Chen!”

“Thank you for your support, and I will go all out!”

Wang Dongfeng smiled heartily, “Haha, with Brother Chen joining in, breaking the Black Iron Fort is just around the corner!”

Only Liu Hongjie didn’t speak. But his opinion was no longer important for Shiqi. If he dared to play any tricks when attacking the Black Iron Fort, he would definitely report it to Zhou Yiran.

Just after the night came, Shiqi entered the Black Iron Fort.

Although the second half of the night was the most exhausting moment for people, Shiqi didn’t want to wait. Because of the tight time, the city guards did not attack in the second half of the night. They were fully prepared and ineffective.

The Black Iron Fort was built on the mountainside, and the entire Black Iron Fort was deeply embedded in the rock of the mountain.

Find the most central and most prominent house in the fort. The house was brightly lit, and you could directly break into it. You could see three strong men in your eyes.

Judging from the momentum, they were all masters of the Black Iron Fort! The master of the Black Iron Fort hardly hesitated, drew out his weapon, and rushed towards Shiqi.

“Evil Spirit Aura, 20%!” Shiqi held the heavy crimson sword while rushing towards the opponent. Sweeping with one sword, he had almost no rivals.

“Enemy attack!”

“Enemy attack!”

The rapid bell ringing echoed in the black iron fort.

Shiqi was almost unstoppable in the Black Iron Fort, and where the heavy sword passed, no opponent could stand.

The sluggish killing made his eyes crimson, like a devil!

Pulling off the crossbow arrow stuck in the back and beheading a black iron fort master, the familiar pleasure came, and the wound on his back healed at speed visible to the naked eye.

With a backhand, the crossbow bolt killed his original master!

“Where are the Tie Family Brothers?” Shiqi shouted, stepping on the piled corpses on the ground. His rough voice echoed throughout the Black Iron Fort.

He mercilessly stared at the nearby Black Iron Fort bandits, and those people retreated one after another, and several people even ran away directly!

He caught a bandit and asked, “Tell me, where’s the Tie Family Brothers?”

The bandit was pale and trembling all over. When Shiqi was about to lose patience, he was shaking and pointed at Shiqi’s foot!

Shiqi looked at the foot of the body, frowning slightly. He seemed to have a slight impression that the corpse under his feet was the strongest among those who laid siege to him just now.

A stench came, and the bandit on his hand was slapped with a sword.

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