The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 8 No One Can Survive

Translator: Aida Hanabi Editor: Mystified

Even Song Ning, the lord of Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect, trembled with fear.

While he was the Sect Master of Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect, when facing Chen Hong, even he had to be respectful, and he didn’t dare to breathe.

This grandfather is a good one, even calling him by the name of his uncle’s ancestor straightly.

Chen Hong was stunned for a moment, apparently, he did not expect Lu Yiping to dare to call him by his own name.

At this time, the elders of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect and the Supreme elders reacted and were about to scold Lu Yiping, but Chen Hong shook his hand to stop everyone and then smiled at Lu Yiping, “You are not afraid of me?”

Lu Yiping Looking at Chen Hong indifferently, “Are you one that I need to be afraid of?”

Millions of years ago, before he went into seclusion, an existence like Chen Hong could be crushed to death ten thousand times with a finger!

As for now!

Chen Hong was startled.

He looked at Lu Yiping and suddenly gave a hearty laugh, then smiled and said: “You are right, I am not terrifying.” Then, he smiled warmly: “What is your name?”

“You will know later.” Lu Yiping shook his head.

Chen Hong stared at Lu Yiping and laughed again: “Okay, then I look forward to you telling me your name in the future.”

He somewhat liked this young man in front of him. It was a pity that he was born with a mortal womb, otherwise, he could really become his final disciple.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to see my master.” Chen Hong smiled.

Lu Yiping nodded, he also wanted to ask Yang Cheng about Yang Dong’s whereabouts.

Everyone felt weird. At this time, everyone could see that Chen Hong not only did not blame Lu Yiping but rather appreciated him.

Did big shots have such weird quirks as liking it when people called them by their first name?

Before leaving, Lu Yiping looked at Lu Peng.

Upon seeing this, Chen Hong said, “He is with you?” Then he instructed the elders of Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect to take Lu Peng to the inner hall and wait.

Only then did Lu Yiping follow Chen Hong to the ancestor of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect.

Chen Hong considered that Lu Yiping was a mortal and could not fly, so he sent out a ball of true essence, lifted Lu Yiping, and flew directly through the air.

Xiao Changfeng’s face sank as he watched as Lu Yiping was taken away.

“Young Master, Elder Xiao Yuan!” a Xiao family elder who came behind Xiao Changfeng said with a sad voice.

“Don’t worry, Uncle Yuan won’t have died in vain!” Xiao Changfeng said coldly.

The princess Tai Yan looked at Lu Yiping that was taken away by Chen Hong, and asked Tai Hongtao: “Uncle, is he really a mortal?”

Tai Hongtao knew what Princess Tai Yan was thinking and said with a wry smile: “I just used blue-eyed pupils to take a look again. He is indeed a mortal, it is really true!”

Princess Tai Yan frowned: “A mortal body can draw a Scarlet Flame Sword?”

Tai Hongtao shook his head: “This is indeed weird.”

He also couldn’t understand how Lu Yiping pulled out the Scarlet Flame sword.

In fact, not only he but everyone else couldn’t understand.

Zheng Yue smiled lightly and said: “Perhaps we have all got it wrong. Perhaps this Scarlet Flame Sword requires a mortal with a mortal body and who has not practiced before to be pulled out.”

Everyone was startled.

Xiao Changfeng was also taken aback. Was that true?

It didn’t take long for Lu Yiping to follow Chen Hong and a group of old ancestors of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect to the Ancestral Land of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect.

Chen Hong waved his hands to open the ancestral formation restriction and walked into the Ancestral Land with Lu Yiping.

The Ancestral Land had mountain peaks straight into the sky along with countless waterfalls between the peaks and below. On top of the mountain peaks, all kinds of exotic flowers and plants were everywhere.

Over the top of the mountains, clouds and mists were lingering, and these clouds and mists were actually condensed from spiritual energy.

Above from the sky, it could be seen that there were a lot of birds and animals.

The sky was as blue as crystal, without a trace of impurities.

The Ancestral land and the outside were like two different worlds.

Chen Hong looked at the ancestral land of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect, which is like a fairyland, and smiled at Lu Yi Ping: “This is the first time you see such a fairyland, right? Beautiful isn’t?”

Between words, he was rather proud.

Lu Yiping looked at the Ancestral Land of Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect and smiled indifferently: “It’s just normal.”

Although the Ancestral Land of Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect was good, it was far comparable to his sacred forest.

Just normal?

Chen Hong and the elders of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect were almost choked. Chen Hong looked at Lu Yiping and smiled: “Little fellow, I find that I like you more and more.”

Then he looked at Lu Yiping up and down: “It’s a pity Ah, what a pity, your qualifications! Otherwise, you could be my final disciple.”

Lu Yiping smiled.

Be your final disciple?

He remembered that the little fellow, Yang Dong, had knelt in front of him for ten days and ten nights, begging him to ake him as his disciple.

But in the end, he forfeited and allowed him to stay in the sacred forest for a few years, and occasionally even gave instructions on Yang Dong’s swordsmanship.

It didn’t take long for Chen Hong and the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect elders to bring Lu Yiping to Yang Cheng.

Yang Cheng was equally surprised when he saw Lu Yiping.

He looked at Lu Yiping and then at the Scarlet Flame sword in Lu Yiping’s hand. He couldn’t connect Lu Yiping with the sword genius he imagined to be able to pull out the Scarlet Flame sword.

Like Chen Hong, he felt disappointed in his heart and even more disappointed than Chen Hong. The Scarlet Flame Sword was his father’s sword. For so many years, he had been expecting a peerless sword genius to draw out his father’s sword. Then he would inherit his father’s dao.

After waiting for so many years, now, he was uprooted by a mortal young man.

Maybe this was God’s will?

Yang Cheng looked at Lu Yiping and groaned, “Since you have pulled out the Scarlet Flame Sword, then this Scarlet Flame Sword is yours. I hope you will cherish this sword. You will stay in Thunder Sparrow  Sword Sect in the future. My Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect’s sword technique secret books, you can look through them to practice.”

Lu Yiping shook his head, “I didn’t come for this Scarlet Flame Sword. I have so many swords like this.”

“As for the swordsmanship secrets, I am not lacking either.”

Yang Cheng, Chen Hong, and others were all stunned. What did this young man mean? There were so many swords like Scarlet Flame Sword?

Yang Cheng frowned. This young man didn’t seem to know what level of treasure sword the Red Flame Sword was.

Suddenly, at this moment, there was a loud bang from the heavens and the earth, and the entire Ancestral Land felt like it was hit by the ancient sacred mountain.

The expressions of Yang Cheng, Chen Hong, and others changed.

This is?!

A burst of arrogant laughter resounded all over the world: “Yang Cheng kid, I, Sword Demon Xilai, have arrived, why don’t you quickly come out to greet me!” The sword demon Xilai!

Yang Cheng, Chen Hong, and others’ moods sank.

Outside the Ancestral Land, all the masters who participated in the assessment of the disciples of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect were shocked when they heard the laughter from all over the world.

Princess Tai Yan’s pretty face changed expression: “The Sword Demon Xilai? Could it be the Sword Demon Xilai who lost under Sword God Lord Yang Dong back then?!”

Tai Hong Tao’s expression was extremely grave: “Legend has it that the Sword Demon Xilai had reached the realm of the Sword of the Heavens before! This time, he must have already surpassed the realm of the Sword of the Heavens!”

“The Sword Demon Xilai is bloodthirsty and sacrifices people to his sword. If Lord Yang Cheng is defeated, I’m afraid that none of the tens of thousands of disciples of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect will survive!”

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