I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 104 Snatching Military Merit.

When Shiqi saw Zhou Qianhu again, Zhou Yiran’s first sentence was, “Chen Pengfei, why are you back? Could it be that the attack on Black Dragon Village failed?”

Shiqi’s corners of the mouth twitched and directly reported back, “The subordinates have completed the task, and the Black Dragon Village and the Blue Devil Gang gangsters have already been killed!”

“Really?” Zhou Yiran asked in disbelief.

He clearly remembers that Shiqi was the first one among all the city guards who participated in suppressing bandits.

It has only been over twenty days. From Bauhinia City to Molan City, a little slower, and it takes more than 20 days to go back and forth.

“Of course it’s true, the military merit certificate is outside!”

“It’s a great sin to kill and take merits!”

Shiqi  said in a deep voice, “The subordinates guarantee his lives!”

“That’s good, that’s good!” Zhou Yiran almost believed in him. After all, if he really dared to kill good people and take merits, it would be easy to find out. “Then you should rest for a few days and wait for orders!”

“1000-commander, we agreed earlier that if I can quickly complete the task at hand, you will give me more tasks!”

In Shiqi’s heart, there was always a sense of urgency to become stronger. He didn’t want to stop!

Zhou Yiran smiled. It was both comforting and helpless. If other people did not obey his orders, he was still angry.

But facing desperate subordinates like Shiqi, he couldn’t get angry at all.

So he politely advised him, “Chen Pengfei, I know you just joined the city guard and are eager to do meritorious deeds, but you have wiped out the Black Dragon Village, the Seven Stars Bandits, and the Blue Devils in succession. I’m afraid there aren’t many people left under you?”

“I need to report to the upper side to supplement your manpower!”

“It’s just a loss of sixteen people. It’s okay if you don’t replenish my manpower for the time being!”

Zhou Yiran couldn’t believe it. “What, sixteen people?”

“Yes, ten people died, three were seriously injured and lost their fighting ability, and the other three, I intend to eliminate them. They are not suitable for doing things under my hands.”

The three men had been unable to adapt to his evil spirit aura. They did not distinguish between the enemy and friend in the evil aura, and he could only give them up.

“After more than 20 days of my tempering, the overall strength of my soldiers has not decreased but has increased a lot!” Shiqi continued, “Moreover, not long ago, when the Black Dragon Village was annihilated, the subordinates were lucky enough to breakthrough, and I am in the mid-stage of True Origin Realm.”

Lucky break?

Zhou Yiran looked at the inappropriately young seventeen and said slowly, “OK, but you must take your men to rest for two days. I will resupply you with sixteen people. Two days later, I will send you out to help others according to the situation!”

“Thank you, 1000-Commander!” Shiqi was already very satisfied with the task. And he didn’t think that the city guards could really wipe out all the bandits in two days.

The Bauhinia City Guards were powerful, but on the premise that they were not dispersed. After Seventeen left, Zhou Yiran pondered for a long time and said with some exclamation, “The younger generation is terrifying!”

There were few tasks assigned to Shiqi, but not only to take care of him as a newcomer but also to sharpen his spirit. Black Dragon Village and Blue Devils were hard bones! Zhou Yiran didn’t expect him to conquer two small forces easily!

Initially, he was waiting for Shiqi to attack the Black Dragon Village, asking him for help!

In the afternoon, sixteen soldiers who were supplying Shiqi squad arrived.

He just looked at it and knew that 1000-commander had given him good seedling, and they were no older than twenty. The strongest one was in the early stage of the Qi Ocean Realm, and the weakest one was the peak of Qi Condensation. All of them were strong and didn’t look weak!

Shiqi took them to start adaptive training.  There was no need for adaptive training for the remaining veterans. It was not a good thing to be stimulated by the evil spirit aura too many times.

“You said, how long can the dozen recruits persist in the killing intent of 100-commander?” The trained veterans smile happily standing in the distance, pointing to a group of new recruits said.

“I bet half of them will run away!”

“Maybe they will be scared to pee! I secretly tell you that Chen Ergouzi was scared to pee first. I didn’t know at the time. I happened to see that kid when I returned to the tent. Changing pants…”

“Then what?”

“What else can there be?” The veteran didn’t understand at first, but after seeing the person next to him smile, he suddenly realized, then kicked up and blushed and shouted, “Fuck off, I like women!”

The veteran’s eyes, full of bad taste, made the recruits feel deep malice.

In the past two days, Shiqi didn’t waste any time. He bought the medicinal materials for practicing the “Bronze Body Forging Method,” based on the past. He cultivated the “Copper Body Forging Method” into perfection.

After the “Bronze Body Forging Method” was completed, his skin was slightly bronzed, and he felt that his strength and physical defense had been further enhanced!

He intended to continue to use the remaining medicinal materials between tasks and strived to cultivate the “Bronze Body Forging Method” to completion as soon as possible! 

He came to the martial arts field and went straight to the two biggest iron locks. Grasping with both hands, taking a deep breath, relying on the body’s strength, two iron locks weighing 1,000 kilograms were slowly lifted by him.

Lifting it above his head, then he shook his head disappointed… a little too light! The iron lock on the martial arts field really didn’t suit him.

Throwing the iron lock to the ground, there was a huge bang, and both the veteran and the recruits shrank their necks.

Soon after the Shiqi left, Xiong Tingzhi sneaked up to the side of the iron lock, holding an iron lock in his hands and lifting it, but the iron lock was still motionless!

“Old Xiong, what are you doing?” Wu Guang walked over and asked with a smile.

Xiong Tingzhi’s face turned red, and he immediately stood up and said, “I just want to try it, or you can try it?”

“Then forget it, I don’t have the strength of the commander!”

Shiqi met Zhou Yiran again. This time Zhou Yiran did not refuse and directly gave Seventeen Tasks to assist Wang Lun, Wang Dongfeng, Liu Hongjie and attack the Black Iron Fort!

“Wang Lun, Wang Dongfeng, and Liu Hongjie are all fighters in the early stage of True Origin Realm, and their strengths are not weak. However, the black iron castle master Tie Family brothers are also powerful. The eldest Tie Yun is a mid-stage True Origin Realm, and the black iron castle defense is rigorous. They have attacked for more than ten days, and there is no result. You just broke through, go and help them!”

“What about after helping them conquer the Black Iron Fort?”

“You can pick a task in each of them, let them help you, or complete it independently, and there is no punishment for failure!” Zhou Yiran said with a smile.

“What if they don’t want to?” Shiqi knew that robbing others for tasks would sometimes be taboo. Military merit was significant to every officer.

Seventeen needed to use military merits to exchange for an auxiliary cultivation method that can calm the mind. The Bauhinia Legion backed bauhinia City. It killed red eyes and madness on the cruel battlefield. You need a similar cultivation method to kill the crazy soldiers. There was no reason why they could not be exchanged.

Once converted to Shiqi’s necessary exercises, his strength could be raised to another level, and it could also temporarily suppress the hidden dangers of his body.

“Just say it’s my order!” Zhou Yiran looked at him and said, “The leaders of this mission and the city lord attach great importance to it. Our progress is a bit slow!”

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