The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 7 You are that Chen Hong

Translator: Aida Hanabi Editor: Mystified

When this family elder grabbed at Lu Yiping, his amazing aura swept over him, causing the surrounding family masters to be startled.

“Life-Seizing Realm!” a family master exclaimed. The one who made a move was clearly an elder of the Xiao family in the Life-Seizing Realm.

Above the Golden Core, it was the Violet Palace, and above the Violet Palace, it was the Life-Seizing Realm!

A master at Life-Seizing Realm was enough to suppress one party.

The Life-Seizing Realm meant to take one’s life to the sky, and the longevity would be significantly increased. Once you break through the Life-Seizing Realm, you could break through the thousand-year life longevity limit.

Some masters in the Life-Seizing Realm didn’t look like they were beyond seventy or eighty years old, while in fact, they were actually old monsters who had lived for hundreds or even thousand years.

Upon seeing this, Lu Peng was about to step forward, desperate to intervene, but suddenly at this moment, the Scarlet Flame Sword shot out red flame light, and everyone heard a heaven-shaking lion roar at this instant.

They saw a huge full-body fire lion flying out of the Scarlet Flame Sword, and the huge lion claws were instantly piercing into the chest of the Xiao family’s Life-Seizing Realm elder.

It happened so fast that people couldn’t react at all. When everyone reacted, they saw the Xiao family elder falling from the sky.

There was a bang, and dust splashed on the ground.

“It’s a weapon spirit! Scarlet Flame sword’s weapon spirit! An ancient alien beast, Scarlet Flame Lion!” A clan ancestor looked at the high-altitude fire lion and exclaimed in surprise.

Hearing the scream of the family ancestor, everyone remembered the legend about the Scarlet Flame Sword. It was said that the Scarlet Flame Sword sealed the soul of a powerful ancient creature, the Scarlet Flame Lion.

However, Lu Yiping was just a mortal with a mortal body, without a trace of true essence, how did he summon the Scarlet Flame Lion soul of this Scarlet Flame Sword?

When everyone was surprised, Xiao Changfeng rushed to the fallen elder Xiao and said in shock: “Uncle Yuan!” When everyone from the Xiao family came to the side of elder Xiao, they saw the great red fire crazily destroying the elder’s life.

The Xiao family’s old breath was gone. Upon seeing this, Xiao Changfeng’s eyes surged with killing intent, and he turned his head to stare at Lu Yiping: “You dare to kill the elder of my Xiao family!” The Xiao family was the strongest family in the Wuji Dynasty.

Xiao Dong, the ancestor of the Xiao family, Tai Wuji, the ancestor of the Wuji Dynasty, Yang Cheng, the ancestor of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect, and Bi Luo, the master of the Poison Shadow Gate, were the four masters of the Wuji Dynasty.

For many years, nothing like this has happened.

Even for the Xiao family, the death of the Life-Seizing Realm elder was not a trivial matter.

Lu Yiping said indifferently, “If you kill, then kill, so what?”

If you kill, then kill, so what?  The voice was not loud, but it was clear to everyone’s ears.

All the experts around were startled, and their expressions were strange.

This young man dared to talk to Xiao Changfeng like this!

 Did he really think that with the Scarlet Flame Sword, he could challenge the Xiao family?

Although the soul of the Scarlet Flame Lion was powerful, it was only a divine soul after all, and its strength was limited.

“You want to die!” Xiao Changfeng’s expression became cold, and he was about to let everyone in the Xiao family take action. Suddenly, he saw a large group of masters flying in the distance. It was the elders of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect who came first.

Not far behind the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect elders were Princess Taiyan, Zheng Yue, and others who had followed.

Princess Taiyan, Zheng Yue, and others saw from a distance Lu Yiping holding the Scarlet  Flame Sword.

“It turned out to be him?!” Princess Taiyan stared wide-eyed with disbelief.

The sword genius who pulled the Scarlet Flame sword out turned out to be this blue-shirted young man?!

Tai Hongtao was also all stunned and surprised. He had seen this young man with his blue eyes. The other party was indeed a mortal with no true essence at all.

This mortal young man with no true essence drew out the Scarlet Flame sword! Zheng Yue stared at the Scarlet Flame sword in Lu Yiping’s hand, and his face sank.

The elders and disciples of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect who rushed to see Lu Yiping holding the Scarlet Flame Sword were all surprised and looked at each other.

“Did you draw the Scarlet Flame Sword?” An elder of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect couldn’t help but look at Lu Yiping suspiciously.

Lu Yiping also didn’t respond to the elder of Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect. At this time, the artifact Scarlet Red Flame Lion came to Lu Yiping, crawled down, with its eyes full of fear, and then bowed respectfully.

Everyone was astonished.

What happened?

Even if this young man had pulled out the Scarlet Flame Sword, there was no reason for the Scarlet Flame Lion to be so respectful, right?

Lu Yiping looked at the Scarlet Flame Lion, who was crawling in front of him submissively, and smiled with indifference: “You little fellow, I haven’t seen you for so many years, and you haven’t changed at all.” He patted the Scarlet Flame Lion on the head.

Then with a thought in his mind, the Scarlet Flame Lion returned to Scarlet Flame Sword.

The elder of Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect, who had initially suspected Lu Yiping, was dumbfounded.

Regarding the Scarlet Flame Lion, the artifact spirit of the Scarlet Flame Sword, they also had heard some legends. It was said that this artifact spirit was extremely violent. How did it become docile in front of this young man today? And even let this young man pat its head!

Listening to this young man’s tone, he seems to know the Scarlet Flame Lion? But how was it possible? The Scarlet Flame Lion had been sealed in the Scarlet Flame Sword and had not appeared for tens of thousands of years. How could this mortal young man know it?

At this time, dozens of amazing sword lights came down from the sky, and everyone was stunned when they felt the oppressive sensation of the people coming. At first sight, many family elders were shocked.

“Yes, it’s Chen Hong, Senior Chen Hong!” An elder of the family said, and all the masters on the scene hurriedly greeted them, including Princess Taiyan and others.

The person who came was Chen Hong! Behind Chen Hong was a group of Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect elders and Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect leader Song Ning.

“Greetings to all the seniors of Chen Hong!”

“Sect Master Song Ning!” Before Chen Hong, Song Ning, and others arrived, the Princess Taiyan, Xiao Changfeng, Zheng Yue, and the masters shouted loudly from a distance.

The younger generation of family disciples even knelt down on the ground. Chen Hong was a disciple of Yang Cheng and had extremely high seniority and was the senior uncle of Song Ning, the lord of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect.

“Get up all.” Chen Hong asked everyone to get up, then scanned the scene, and his eyes fell on Lu Yiping.

Like the previous Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect elders, whether it was Chen Hong and Song Ning and others, when they saw Lu Yiping holding the Scarlet Flame Sword, they were all stunned on the spot.

Chen Hong looked at the elders of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect with questioning eyes.

An elder of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect stepped forward and carefully said, “Old Ancestor, the Scarlet Flame Sword was pulled out by this young man.” Chen Hong was greatly disappointed when he got the confirmation.

It was said he wanted to take a final disciple. In fact, he did have this idea in mind recently. On the way, he was thinking of examining this sword genius who had pulled the Scarlet Flame Sword and then accepting him as his final disciple.

But now, he had no such thoughts at all.

“Little fellow, since you pulled out the Scarlet Flame sword, then come with me to see my master.” Chen Hong settled down and said to Lu Yiping.

Listening to Chen Hong calling himself a little fellow, Lu Yiping asked flatly: “Are you that Chen Hong?”

As all the masters on the scene heard him calling Chen Hong by name, their expressions changed drastically.

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