I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 103 Rich Returns

In the middle of the night the next day, after confirming that the old ghost of the Blue Devils was in his lair, Xiao Ming broke into the Blue Devils’ lair with Shiqi and two deputy leaders in the early stage of the True Origin Realm

After Shiqi showed great power and beheaded two bandits’ masters one after another, the Old Blue Devil finally made a move.

Even the veteran masters of the late True Origin Realm were still crushed and beaten by Shiqi with his heavy sword!

At this time, Shiqi was no longer as immature as he used to be. His combat experience was not inferior to that of the Blue Devils Bandits leader. He had practiced the profound middle-grade technique “Blood River Secret Art,” and his martial arts and footwork were almost superior to the opponent. Coupled with the natural supernatural power and with the Crimson Blood Devil Sword’s acquired feedback, the Blue Devil Bandits leader was entirely at a disadvantage in his hands!

Combined with Xiao Ming, the master of the middle stage of the true origin realm, it was almost a foregone conclusion to defeat each other.

The other two deputy commanders at the early stage of True Origin Realm helped them deal with the miscellaneous fish of the Blue Devils and release signals.

Fireworks bloomed on the same day, and the city guards of Molan City and Bauhinia City soon arrived and surrounded the Blue Devils’ compound together.

Let the city guards of Molan City appear after they entangled the Blue Devils leader, which Shiqi urged.

After all, the Blue Devil Gang was a veteran gang entrenched in Molan City. If they hadn’t planted spies in the city guard, they would be really idiots!

Before attacking the Blue Devils, the news was only known by one of Xiao Ming’s most trusted deputy commanders. The city guards were assembled in advance just because an evil path master sneaked into Molan City and needed to be on guard.

The evil aura opened, and the blood-red aura instantly enveloped the blue devil old ghost.

“Beheaded!” The Blue Devils looked at the silver-faced man in front of him in shock and touched the bloodline around his neck.

He couldn’t believe it. He just paused a little! Shiqi took the sword and stood, standing in front of the corpse of the old Blue Devil, without moving for a long time.

He was realizing, just now, he seemed to have caught something. That feeling was mysterious and familiar. Around him, the city guards were like wolves and tigers, killing the members of the Blue Devils.

The sound of weapon collision, screaming, cursing, and screaming all seem illusory illusions.

He seemed to be the only person in the whole world. His heart was as cold as ice, and he appeared to be numb. Only when he heard the faint screams before death did he feel some excitement!

Those who feel alive!

A master of the Blue Devils Gang hated the silver-faced man who was very obvious in the crowd and quickly rushed towards Shiqi, but just as soon as he ran in front of Shiqi, he was in a different place.

Before he died, he unwillingly glanced at each other. The other party still didn’t open his eyes. The astonished Xiao Ming looked at Shiqi not far away, with jealousy, regret, and loss in his eyes.

In the end, he sighed deeply and then stood not far from Shiqi to protect him. Xiao Ming understands that after today, Chen Pengfei’s innate road was smooth! If he didn’t fall, the military was sure to have another innate strong man!

When the battle was about to end, Shiqi opened his eyes. He thanked him: “Thank you, Mr. Commander, just now!”

Xiao Ming glanced at the other person’s expression with a natural look, always feeling that the corners of “Chen Pengfei”‘s mouth seemed like a smile but not a smile, and there were other meanings in his words.

Through the mask, Xiao Ming couldn’t distinguish Shiqi’s expression.

“Commander Chen is too serious, and epiphany can’t be met. In this case, why don’t I help!” Xiao Ming laughed and said. “This epiphany, your innate road is expected!”

“Then thank you, commander, for your good words!” Shiqi’s words are not at all polite. But Xiao Ming didn’t care. He was even more worried that the other party would hate him!

Chen Pengfei’s reputation in Blackwater County was not very good.

At the end of the battle, the city guards led by Shiqi did not lose much. He had told them beforehand that they would let Molan City’s city guards go first, run away if there was danger, and hide if there was hard resistance. Anyway, the city guards of Moran City didn’t lose many people. They also carried out Shiqi’s order well.

The spoils were counted until the next morning and afternoon when Xiao Ming handed over two hundred amethyst coins, three hundred inferior spirit stones, and more than ten martial arts books to him; Shiqi was shocked!

However, with his present talent, he didn’t reveal his presence.

“Master Commander, this is…”

“This is your share of the spoils!” Xiao Ming laughed. “This time, if it weren’t for brother Chen, our whole city guards would be dispatched. I’m afraid I can’t keep the old ghost of the Blue Devils. This time, you are the great hero!”

“It seems to be too much, right?”

“There is also my brother’s heart. Please accept it, and I will send it later!” Xiao Ming’s mind was not clear, but it must be quite a lot.

Shiqi didn’t have the slightest dislike for being called ‘brother.’ If every old man gave gifts like this, he would be his own old man in the world.

He knew Xiao Ming’s concerns. Last night, the Blue Devils who rushed to him during his epiphany was probably the result of Xiao Ming’s intentional indulgence.

The gangmaster is about the peak strength Qi Ocean, and Xiao Ming was not far away. How could he not be able to stop him if he wanted to stop him?

I am afraid that most of the gifts in front of him have been compensated by Xiao Ming, hoping that the matter could be resolved.

Shiqi did not let Xiao Ming waited for a long time, and directly replied: “Okay, I accept!”

Kill Xiao Ming, he could do it, but Xiao Ming, as the guard of Molan City, he didn’t want to pay the price that may need to be paid!

“Well, my brother is happy enough!” Xiao Ming smiled lightly as the boulder fell to the ground in his heart.

Shiqi was arranged in Xiao Ming’s house and carefully counted all the gains in the room. He was delighted. The harvest this time was quite rich, and it had surpassed the yield he had gained all the way to Bauhinia City last time.

After all, he was only one person at that time, and it was not easy to kill all those forces. How could he have time to search for property carefully?

In the evening, the servant of Xiao’s family took him to eat. But what surprised him was that there were only four people at the entire dinner table.

One was a beautiful woman in her thirties, who should be Xiao Ming’s wife, and there was a young girl. She was tall, had a crooked nose, looked good, has wheat-colored skin, and looks healthy and rosy, so she should be a warrior.

She sat on the table, and when Shiqi entered the door, she secretly peeked at him several times.

“This is my little daughter Xiao Li. She has a good talent. She is 16 years old and is already a fighter in Qi Ocean Realm.” Xiao Ming said with a smile, “Of course, she is far behind you!”


At the dinner table, Shiqi silent, relying on Xiao Ming’s lively atmosphere. After dinner, he left, and only three of the Xiao family were left on the dinner table.

Xiao Ming’s wife whispered, “Do you think this can be done?”

Xiao Ming shook his head regretfully and said, “He didn’t even look at my daughter for a meal. How can she succeed?”

Xiao Li put down her chopsticks angrily and said in anger, “Well, he is wearing a mask. Maybe he is ugly. I am not surprised!”

Xiao Ming said with a straight face, “Don’t say such things in the future, remember, even you If you are not happy, don’t show up in front of him. If you offend him, don’t blame me for not acknowledging your daughter!”

Xiao Ming said it in a heavy tone.

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