The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 6 The Earth Shakes the Mountain

Translator: Aida Hanabi Editor: Mystified

Being stared at by everyone, Xiao Changfeng tried it again for a while longer but finally had to give up. The Scarlet  Flame Sword fell back to its original position.

Xiao Changfeng laughed at himself: “It seems that with my stance, this Scarlet Flame Sword can not be drawn.”

“Only those who have an invincible stance can draw the Scarlet  Flame Sword, the Scarlet Flame Sword that is worthy of Sword God Yang Dong’s successor!”

The expert smiled just now: “Last time, Young Master Xiao Changfeng pulled out one inch, this year he pulled out two inches, and he will be able to pull out in a few years!”

“If Xiao Changfeng’s divine body is unable to pull out the Scarlet Flame Sword, it is even more impossible for other people to pull it out.”

All the masters who had followed Xiao Changfeng before also spoke. Saying words of this kind.

Xiao Changfeng smiled, humbled a little, and then cupped his fist: “I’ll be leaving, please excuse me.” He turned around and left with a group of masters. 

After Xiao Changfeng walked away, Lu Yiping walked towards the Scarlet Flame Sword and came in front of it.

The group of family masters who remained in place and continued to study the Sword Wall were stunned to see a young man in a blue shirt walking towards the Scarlet Flame Sword just as Xiao Changfeng walked away.

“Mortal? What does this young man want to do? He wouldn’t want to imitate Young Master Xiao Changfeng and try to pull the Scarlet  Flame Sword, would he?” A family master chuckled.

“A mortal with a mortal body and stance wants to pull this Scarlet Flame Sword too!” The family master who had just patted Xiao Changfeng laughed: “Where did this insolent oddball come from?”

“Wait a minute, if he touches Scarlet Flame Sword, I am afraid that he will be blown away for a hundred thousand miles by Scarlet Flame Sword’s Sword aura!”

Everyone laughed. Xiao Changfeng, who had already walked away, heard the commotion behind him and looked over. There, he saw a mortal young man also want to follow his example to pull the Scarlet Flame Sword. He couldn’t help but shake his head and smile.

There were really all kinds of strange things in this world, even a mortal who dared to covet the Scarlet Flame Sword.

When Lu Peng saw that Lu Yiping was about to draw the Scarlet Flame Sword, he opened his mouth and wanted to persuade him, but then saw Lu Yiping was holding the hilt of the Scarlet Flame Sword and then drew it from the ground.

When the Scarlet Flame Sword was pulled out by Lu Yiping and completely separated from the ground, an astonishing flame sword pillar rose into the sky. The flame sword illuminated the entire Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect.

The countless peaks of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect’s Gate were all flushed red by this flame sword light.

The earth shook suddenly, and there seemed to be a super earthquake. The astonishing sword aura bursting from the sword’s body filled the world.

A terrifying sword aura suddenly shot out, and the family master who said just now that the Scarlet Flame Sword aura would blast lu Yiping for hundreds of thousands of miles was suddenly disappeared by this sword aura.

Except for Lu Peng, Xiao Changfeng, and others, all were blown back again and again by the Scarlet Flame Sword’s Sword aura, some were knocked down by the people in front of them, and there was chaos around them.

When Lu Yiping pulled out the Scarlet Flame Sword, princess Taiyan, Zheng Jiazheng Yue, and others who had entered the assessment hall initially to undergo the assessment, they all felt the terrifying sword aura that filled the world and saw the flaming sword light that illuminated the world.

“What’s happening?!” Princess Tai Yan was taken aback.

Soon, they see one of the inner disciples of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect rushed in and reporting excitedly to the elders in the hall, “Respectful Elders, it is the Scarlet Flame Sword! Someone has pulled out Old Ancestor Yang Dong’s Scarlet Flame Sword!”

What! The Scarlet Flame Sword! It was pulled out!

Princess Tai Yan, Zheng Yue, and the elders in the hall were shocked.

“Quick, go to the Sword Wall!” Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect’s elders said excitedly. At the moment, all of them were moving excitedly towards the Sword Wall.

Zheng Yue said: “I wonder which demonic sword dao genius has pulled out the Scarlet Flame Sword!”

Princess Taiyan said: “Let’s follow it with speed. We have to make friends with such characters!” The people of the Wuji Dynasty, and the masters of the Zheng family, also rushed out to the Sword Wall.

In the ancestral land of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect, Song Ning, the master of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect, was reporting to Yang Cheng, Chen Hong, and the ancestors of the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect about the sword demon that had come to challenge them when he suddenly sensed the amazing sword aura that swept through the world.

Then, the earth shook the mountains.

Song Ning’s expression changed: “Could it be that the Sword Demon is here?!”

Back then, the Sword Demon Xilai was defeated by their ancestor Yang Dong and fled away. Unexpectedly, after many years, the Sword Demon would appear again. In the morning, Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect received a challenge book from the Sword Demon Xilai.

Since the fiery red sword light could not be seen in the ancestral land, Song Ning thought that the sword demon had arrived.

Yang Cheng felt the amazing sword aura that filled the world, and his eyes flashed: “No! This is not the sword aura of the Sword Demon!”

“You people come with me to take a look.”

Immediately, he, along with Chen Hong, Song Ning, and others, all rushed out of the ancestral land.

When everyone rushed out of the ancestral land, they saw the fiery red sword light illuminating the world.

“This is?!”

“The light of the Scarlet Flame Sword!”

“Could it be?!” Chen Hong, Song Ning, and others were shocked.

Just when Yang Cheng and others were shocked, they suddenly saw a scabbard rising from the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect Ancestor Hall to the sky and then flew towards the Sword Wall.

Chen Hong, Song Ning, and others recognized that it was the scabbard of the Scarlet Flame Sword that was enshrined in the Ancestral Hall.

The Scarlet flame sword scabbard had lain in the ancestral hall, and there had been no movement for so many years, but now, it had flown out of the ancestral hall!

Even Yang Cheng couldn’t hide his excitement at this moment. He excitedly said: “Someone pulled out the ScarletFlame Sword!” His father’s Scarlet Flame Sword was finally pulled out!

“Master, let’s go over to the Sword Wall now to see who pulled out the Scarlet Flame Sword!” Chen Hong was equally excited.

Yang Cheng nodded: “Good, bring him to me at the ancestral land, I want to meet this sword genius personally.” Chen Hong, Song Ning, and others saluted, then turned into sword lights and went towards the Sword Wall.

At this time, the Sword Wall. The Scarlet Flame Sword’s scabbard flew out from the ancestral hall, then turned into a fiery red stream of light and came to a stop in front of Lu Yiping.

The Scarlet Flame Sword was automatically inserted into the scabbard. The sword aura that filled the world slowly dissipated, and the fiery red sword light in the sky gradually faded.

Xiao Changfeng and the others finally stopped rolling when they were no longer blown to the ground by the sword aura.

Only then did Xiao Changfeng and other people climb up from the ground in embarrassment, and everyone stared at the Scarlet Flame Sword in Lu Yiping’s hand with an unbelievable expression.

Scarlet Flame Sword was actually pulled out by the blue-shirted young man in front of them! The most important thing was that this young man was a mortal man! There was not a bit of internal force and not even a bit of true essence.

Xiao Changfeng looked at Lu Yiping and frowned. He couldn’t understand how he was born with the Great Thousand DivineBody was unable to pull out the Scarlet Flame Sword. It was a wonder how this mortal young man pulled out the Scarlet Flame Sword.

Many masters on the scene looked at the Scarlet Flame Sword with fiery eyes. This was the sword of Sword God Yang Dong back then. It would be lying if they weren’t tempted.

However, everyone was in full view, and in the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect, no one dared to take it for now.

At this time, a family elder in the crowd suddenly became violent and grabbed at the Scarlet Flame Sword in Lu Yiping’s hand. Someone finally couldn’t resist making a move.

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