I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 102 Commander of Mo Lan City

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Shiqi knocked out several city guards who could not distinguish from each other, he had included them in the shortlist for elimination. They were too weak-willed, unable to distinguish between the enemy and their own people, it was very likely to cause a big mess in the evil aura!

After the people in the Black Dragon Village were wiped out, the city guards began to clean the battlefield, cutting off the left ear of the bandits, and searched for valuable property. There were very few prisoners in battle, and Shiqi ordered them to be executed on the spot.

If the prisoners were taken in, it would be necessary to divide the troops to escort the bandits to Bauhinia City, which would slow down his task completion speed.

Xiong Tingzhi rushed over and said, “My Lord, come and have a look. Those people,  what should I do with them!”

“Kill them!”

“But they are not bandits.”

“Then let them go!”

“You will know when you take a look at them!”

Seeing Xiong Tingzhi’s face turned awkward, Shiqi nodded. Xiong Tingzhi led him into a shack next to the Black Dragon VIllage, and an awful odor could be smelled from far away.

Xiong Tingzhi covered his nose and opened the door. Inside the door, there were seven or eight undressed women hiding in hay. When Shiqicomes in, they look at him blankly.

Their eyes were full of numbness!

“My lord, these women should have been kidnapped by the people from The Black Dragon Village.”

Shiqi shook his sword and finally said, “Go and see if they are still awake. If they are awake, let them go back if they are willing to go back, and let the people of Liu An chamber of commerce provide escort. If they are not awake, you can deal with them directly!”

Xiong Tingzhi whispered, “I can’t do it!”

“You are the city guard now, you have to obey the order… You just have to tell yourself that this is my order!” Shiqi patted him on the shoulder and left.

The Black Dragon Village had been doing evil for many years. Although bandits didn’t like saving money, the wealth left in the village was still rich.

According to the regulations, after the city guards destroyed the bandits, 50% of the acquired property needed to be handed over, and the remaining 50% was distributed by the Shiqi.

Shiqi was undisturbed, and no private possession was allowed, and all the belongings were given out at once after returning to Bauhinia City. If everyone brought so much possessions, who had the heart to continue fighting? If you couldn’t take it away, it was very simple. Let Liu An chamber of commerce handle it. They were professional in handling goods!

In fact, the Liu An Chamber of Commerce did not carry many goods. Many boxes were filled with stones… just to look more like a fat sheep! Don’t worry about whether they could take it away, you could also let them take away other seized property by the way.

It was very convenient.

Seeing that woman from the Liu An Chamber of Commerce was happy, Shiqi thought that they could make a lot of money. After all, they were all ordinary goods, but the quantity was large, and they were all converted to them at low prices.

Shiqi suddenly remembered: “By the way, what’s your name?”

“Me? Liang Anyin!” Answering Shiqi’s question smoothly, Liang Anyin suddenly realized something was wrong! She felt her lungs were going to explode!

Shiqi, with the city guards, continued to destroy bandits. If you didn’t know the opponent’s lair, reduce the caravan guards and mercenaries and occasionally cause the carriage caravan to get into trouble, waiting for the bandit to take the bait.

Although this strategy was simple, it was indeed very effective when used to deal with bandits who didn’t know the Bauhinia City Guards operation.

If you know the old lair, it’s even simpler. Take a bunch of city guards to train your troops. After his strength was restored to the middle stage of the True Origin Realm, none of the bandit leaders along the way was his opponent, nor did they encounter bandit camps that were difficult to conquer like the Black Dragon Village.

In the evil aura, the city guards under Shiqi’s lead had almost no rivals! The casualty rate was also very low!

Step into Mo Lan City, he met the deputy leader of Mo Lan City Guard and settled down his staff. He planned to let them rest for a period of time. People were not made of steel after all. After a long battle, they were exhausted.

The leader of Mo Lan City was named Xiao Ming, who is in the mid-term strength. He was in the mid-True Yuan realm. He was over forty years old. He was a little short, with a beard and a long sword at his waist. His eyes were full of trickery.

When he saw Shiqi, he looked calm and didn’t move his butt.  Although the leader of Mo Lan City and the leader of Bauhinia City were the same, their power and strength were vastly different.

However, Shiqi did not care about the contempt of the other party and directly saluted, “Humble one, Chen Pengfei, pay homage to Lord Commander!”

“Stop the ceremony!” Xiao Ming waved his hand and said, “I already know your intentions. The Blue Devils are strong.  But not much stronger than our Mo Lan City Guards, the Blue Devil old ghost is a master in the late True Origin Realm after all, with our strength, I am afraid that we can’t beat the opponent!”

“If the old ghost of the Blue Devils is really in the late True Origin Realm, This humble one is sure to entangle him and kill him … it is not impossible!”

“What a big tone, that’s a master of the True Origin Realm !” The deputy leader of Mo Lan City stood up and said, “You are only a 100-man Commander. Do you really think you can be better than the leader of the Blue Devils?”

Xiao Ming smiled mockingly, then shook his head, not even thinking of talking to Shiqi. In his eyes, this Chen Pengfei was a kid who didn’t know the height of the sky.

Shiqi replied sternly, “The humble one is called Chen Pengfei. Recently I joined the Bauhinia City Guards and served as the post of one hundred man commander!”

Chen Pengfei? Just joined the city guard?

Xiao Ming pondered over Shiqi words, and then his eyes stayed on his silver mask.

“Are you the blood-hand slaughter Chen Pengfei?”

“It is indeed this humble one!”

Xiao Ming slowly stood up from his seat and said, “It turned out to be Brother Chen. Please sit down quickly. Come and bring tea to Brother Chen!”

Xiao Ming had also heard of Chen Pengfei’s foul name, but he did not expect that Chen Pengfei would join Bauhinia City Guard as a hundred man commander and come to him. As the leader of Mo Lan City, his position is much higher than Chen Pengfei!

You can’t look at him directly.

But anyone with a little bit of intelligence that as long as Chen Pengfei had no accident, he would have a great future! There were probably not many in the entire Southern Cloud Kingdom with such a young master of the True Origin Realm!

The genius Lan Haoyu that the Lan family had recently boasted about was probably no better than Chen Pengfei in front of him. Thinking of someone in his forties and his strength still staying in the middle stage of the True Element Realm, he looked at Chen Pengfei more solemnly.

Shiqi had the qualification to be valued by him!

Xiao Ming said in a very polite tone, “Brother Chen rushed to Mo Lan City all the way, should you stop taking rest a few days.”

“No, time is precious here. The city guards of Bauhinia City have been dispatched on a large scale. While the news has not spread, the Blue Devils have not prepared yet. The sooner you start, the better!” Shiqi said in a deep voice, “Moreover, the Blue Devils are my last task. I want to solve it as soon as possible and return to my city!”

Xiao Ming looked at him in amazement, “I only received the notice from the Lord of the city four days ago. Aren’t there still Black Dragon Village and Seven Star Bandits in your mission?”

“I have cut off their ears!!”

“It’s only four days, right?”

“Well, we didn’t leave any prisoners, and I asked the people from the Liu An Chamber of Commerce to take care of the wounded!”

Even if no prisoners were left, the speed would still be a bit terrifying!

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