The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 5 The Sword No One Can Pull

Translator: Aida Hanabi Editor: Mystified

After leaving, Lu Yiping and the other two came to the largest inn in Snowfall City, Jinfeng Inn, for one night.

The next day, they continued on their way.

Lu Yiping sat on the chariot, holding a pot of SnowFall wine, took a sip, and shook his head. This SnowFall wine became more tasteless the more he drank it. Its taste was far from the taste of the old.

“Do you know who is the oldest ancestor of Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect?” Lu Yiping asked Lu Peng.

Lu Peng quickly replied: “It’s Master Yang Cheng.” 

“Master Yang Cheng is not only the number one master of Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect, but also one of the four masters of our Wuji Dynasty. However, Master Yang Cheng has not appeared for many years.”

“But recently. It has been rumored that Master Yang Cheng’s disciple, Master Chen Hong, intends to accept disciples.”

This was probably why Xiao Changfeng, Princess Tai Yan, Zheng Yue, and others had come here?

“Where is Yang Dong?” Lu Yiping asked suddenly.

Yang Dong! Lu Peng looked shocked: “Your Excellency is asking about the sword god Yang Dong?!”

In Shenwu Continent, only three people could be revered as the sword god in 100,000 years!

Sword God Yang Dong? Lu Yiping was surprised and nodded immediately.

Lu Peng took a deep breath and said, “Sword God Yang Dong has been missing for forty to fifty thousand years!”

“Missing?!” Lu Yiping frowned.

Lu Peng nodded: “The disappearance of Sword God Yang Dong is the great mystery of Shenwu Continent, but Master Yang Cheng should know the whereabouts of Sword God Yang Dong.” 

“Master Yang Cheng, is the son of Sword God Yang Dong.” 

Yang Dong’s son?

Lu Yiping thought.

That kid Yang Dong had been missing for 40,000 to 50,000 years? In other words, less than ten thousand years after he left the sacred forest, he had disappeared?

After half a day, the chariot came to the foot of Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect’s Mountain.

Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect was already crowded.

At a glance, the disciples of the major families who came to participate in the registration assessment almost filled the peaks.

“Your Excellency, let’s go and sign up for the assessment first.” Lu Peng respectfully said to Lu Yiping.

“Well, go ahead, I’ll take a casual walk.” Lu Yiping said.

Therefore, Lu Peng led his daughter Lu Xiaoyu away and went to the registration place to sign up, allowing his daughter to participate in the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect disciple assessment.

And Lu Yiping kept the Golden Bull chariot into Universe  Cauldron and walked leisurely.

Just a few steps away, Lu Yiping heard the commotion of the crowd. It turned out that Princess Tai Yan of the Wuji Dynasty and Zheng Family’s Zheng Yue arrived.

When princess Tai Yan was about to go up the mountain, she suddenly saw a figure in a blue shirt in the crowd. And she couldn’t help but be stunned, it was him!

“Third Uncle, that’s the young man!” Princess Tai Yan said to a middle-aged person next to her.

Tai Hongtao followed the princess Tai Yan’s eyes, and his eyes fell on Lu Yiping, surprised: “Is that the young man in the Golden Bull chariot you mentioned yesterday?”

“Yes, Third Uncle, you have the pupil blue eyes, do you see if that young man has something special?” Princess Tai Yan said.

Tai Hongtao’s eyes were surging with blue light. Under the light of his blue eyes, Lu Yiping’s meridians, dantian, qi, blood, and bones were revealed one by one.

Soon, he retracted his gaze and shook his head: “It is indeed true that he is a mortal.”

Princess Tai Yan felt disappointed when she heard the words. She always felt that this young man in a blue shirt was mysterious and not simple after going back yesterday, but she did not expect that he was really a mortal.

The blue-pupil eyes of her third uncle were one of the ancient gods’ eyes, which were able to see through all the essence. Naturally, there would be no falsehood.

Seeing that princess Tai Yan paid such attention to Lu Yiping, Zheng Yue chuckles: “I said a long time ago that he is a mortal, but you don’t believe it.” Then he sneered: “It seems that he really came to take the assessment for the disciple of Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect!”

Then, the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect elder welcomed Tai Hongtao and Princess Tai Yan into the assessment hall.

Lu Yiping strolled to a sword wall.

Only to see the sword wall engraved with countless sword moves. In front of the sword wall, there were numerous family masters. These masters were all comprehending the sword moves on the sword wall.

“Your Excellency,” At this time, Lu Peng, who had led his daughter Lu Xiaoyu to register, came over to find Lu Yiping. When Lu Yiping looked at the sword wall, he said, “This is the sword wall left by Sword God Master Yang Dong back then.”

“Back then, Sword God Lord Yang Dong said the sword wall can be comprehended by any people who love swords in the world. Therefore, no matter if it is a disciple of Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect or another family, all sect disciples are welcome to comprehend it.”

“Sword wall has a total of nine hundred and ninety-nine sword moves. But, for so many years, there have been only a few people who can comprehend more than a hundred Dao.”

As Lu Peng explained, Lu Yiping’s eyes fell on a big sword inserted next to the sword wall.

The big sword was as tall as two people tall, and the blade was very wide, several times wider than an ordinary long sword.

“This is the Scarlet Flame Sword of the Sword God Yang Dong. It has been inserted here for tens of thousands of years. Whoever can pull the Scarlet Flame Sword out, will own this Scarlet Flame Sword.” Lu Peng shook his head: “However, for so many years. No one can pull it out, even Master Yang Cheng can’t pull it out.”

Scarlet Flame Sword?

Lu Yiping looked at the familiar scarlet flame sword in front of him. But when he was about to go and pull it out, he saw a sixteen or seventeen-year-old tall boy approaching. Behind the young man, a large group of masters followed.

“Little God Xiao Changfeng!” When the masters of the family saw the tall teenagers, they were all taken aback, and a commotion stirred.

“Young Master Xiao Changfeng!” 

“I have seen the Little God!” All the masters in front of the sword wall hurriedly stepped forward to say hello. Xiao Changfeng smiled and nodded to everyone.

“Last year, I came here to draw the Scarlet Flame Sword, but I couldn’t draw it. This year, I have gained some understanding of swordsmanship. I want to draw it again. I didn’t bother you, right?” Xiao Changfeng said to everyone.

“No, no.” The masters shook their heads quickly.

A master smiled and said: “The last time Young Master Xiao Changfeng almost pulled out the Scarlet Flame Sword, this time, the young man came with confidence. I think he will be able to pull out the Scarlet Flame Sword.”

In fact, Xiao Changfeng only pulled out an inch the last time. It was just an inch. It was a hundred and nine thousand miles away from the so-called close pull of the master.

Xiao Changfeng listened to this master’s flattery, smiled, and then came to Scarlet Flame Sword, his whole aura was released, and divine light shot out from his body.

“It’s the Great Thousand Divine Body!” exclaimed from the crowd.

Xiao Changfeng urged the blood of the Great Thousand Divine Body to the extreme and took a deep breath, his robe disappearing automatically and the astonishing sword aura spreading from his body.

The surrounding family masters, the weaker ones, were all startled and then retreated.

Xiao Changfeng suddenly shouted in a deep voice, sounding like thunder, suddenly grasped the hilt of the Scarlet Flame sword with both hands then pulled it upwards.

Suddenly, the Scarlet Flame Sword flickered. Xiao Changfeng’s body blazed, and the Scarlet Flame Sword finally slowly moved.

Soon, he had pulled out an inch.

Xiao Changfeng gave it a roar again and pulled up with all his strength. Finally, the Scarlet Flame Sword rose slowly again and was raised an inch higher again, but then, no matter how Xiao Changfeng urged the Great Thousand Divine Body, no matter how the sword aura rose, he could not pull it any higher.

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