I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 101 Breakingthrough The Village Gate

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In the end, they still didn’t open the village gate. Shiqi actually expected this.

In the black dragon village, even if someone wanted to open the village gate, it was impossible to succeed in the presence of the two masters at the early stage of the True Origin Realm.

Wu Guang whispered, “My Lord, what should we do next?”

“Strike!” Shiqi shook off the blood on his heavy sword and said, “I’ll forcefully open the village gate, and you will follow!”

“But, my Lord, there are two True Origin Realm masters on the other side!”

“Well, I happened to breakthrough just now. It should be no problem to open the village gate by force!”

“My Lord, you … broke through?”

“Yes, is there a problem?”

“No!” Wu Guang now knows what genius was! As far as he knew, the commander shouldn’t be sixteen years old, right?

Before he was sixteen years old, he became a mid-True Origin Realm master. There were probably not many geniuses of this level in the entire Southern Cloud Kingdom, right? With the commander’s strength and means, maybe he could indeed become a big shot in the South Cloud Kingdom in the future!

With this in his mind, Wu Guang’s heart suddenly became hot.

When Shiqi reached the middle stage of the True Origin Realm, He found that the true qi in his body was more profound than before.

Even the killing aura hidden in the True qi had become a bit docile. Its influence on his rationality had been reduced a lot. Seeing that the other city guards were ready, he raised the heavy sword and rushed towards the Black Dragon Village gate.

“Release the arrow!”

The true blood-red qi wrapped Shiqi’s body, and a dense array of arrows shot at him. Except for a few arrows shot at his vital parts, he used his body to block the other arrows. Soon there were more than ten arrows in his body! But these more than ten arrows caused no more than skin trauma to Shiqi!

Just as he approached the village gate, Shiqi’s legs kicked off, and his whole person flew into the air and landed directly on the village wall.

“Kill this bastard for me!” A True Origin Realm master in the Black Dragon Village shouted. 

At this moment, the Black Dragon Village people were close to each other and besieged the Lan Shiqi. Their hatred of Shiqi was genuine! After all, under the black dragon village, the hundreds of corpses were still warm, and their blood had not yet drained!

If it was just now, Shiqi had no breakthrough, and he was still in the early stage of the True Origin Realm. In the face of such a siege, he was really likely to be injured.

But now, Shiqi was a mid-True Origin Realm master! He stood on the village wall, brandishing his sword, and abruptly fought his way out.

There were two masters in the early stage of True Origin Realm in the Black Dragon Village, he directly beheaded one, and the other was knocked down the wall by his sword.

When he opened the village gate, the end of Black Dragon Village came! The city guards rushed in through the gate, and Shiqi stood in the middle of the village gate.

He faced the city guards and said, “I have a test for you. In my aura, kill all the bandits!” The 20% of the evil aura was turned on, and the cold and terrifying aura rushed out.

Almost all the city guards felt the freezing chill and the fear from their hearts!

“Rush in!”

“Yes, Commander!”

The city guards shouted enthusiastically.

Shiqi were satisfied with their momentum in the evil spirit aura field! In fact, the city guards were also satisfied with this hundred-man commander! For this hundred-man commander, they were now convinced.

Designing the ambush of the leading force in the Black Dragon Village proved his mind! Opening the gate of the village alone proved his strength! Holding a heavy sword, without changing his face, he decapitated more than a hundred Black Dragon Village bandits while talking and laughing, which proved his cruelty!

This was a world that advocates military courage. No soldier was unwilling to follow such an excellent officer! Their morale had also reached its peak! Coupled with the usual adaptive training to the evil aura, the negative effect of the incomplete evil aura on them had been reduced to the limit.




Facing the panicked bandits, the city guards rushed forward like evil wolves! Shiqi didn’t make a move, so he stood among the city guards, carefully observing their reactions.

What he needed now was training! In the past few days, he had been madly conceiving the use of evil spirits on the battlefield in his mind! He needed to keep trying to perfect his training plan.

The bandits didn’t flee directly as expected. They rely on the Black Dragon village terrain that was difficult to conquer, but when the black dragon village fell, the dangerous terrain also made them lose the possibility of escape!

Forced to, they could only fight with the city guard to death! The city guards were fighting against the bandits!

In the beginning, the city guards could not show their strength in the evil aura, but the bandits were even worse than they were! There were a lot of people who had lost their resistance, turned around, and fled!

In the evil spirit aura, the city guards had an absolute advantage!

The next scene made Shiqi stunned and ecstatic!

When a city guard in the early stage of the Qi Condensation Realm killed two bandits in a row, his eyes turned to blood–red, and then his whole person chased down the other bandits like crazy!

This state of madness was precisely the same as Shiqi! They became crazy when they saw blood in the evil aura! Shiqi took a deep breath, and his idea seemed to come true.

When the evil aura was turned on, everyone in its range would have adverse effects such as fear, madness, etc. But fear was also a kind of power. After killing people under the stimulation of fear, the intense spiritual stimulation would probably make them go to another extreme!

Imposed your inner fear on the enemy and released your fear by killing! At least, this was what Shiqi had analyzed so far.

“Shiqi, the evil aura is slowly increasing!” The lord sword spirit interrupted Shiqi’s thinking.


Chen Hao slowly replied from the devil sword, “Although it can’t match the speed of killing people with your own hands, it is indeed increasing. The evil aura is like a magnetic field, slowly absorbing death energy. The method you came up with is even better than expected!”

“Does that help the Lord Sword Spirit evolve?”

Chen Hao said helplessly, “It is only the evil aura that has been enhanced!! But it should not be far for me to evolve again. I can feel it! “

“Ok, Lord Sword Spirit, I will try my best!”

“I believe you. Your talents and efforts are much better than other swordmasters!” The sword spirit fell silent again, and Shiqi looked at Xiong Tingzhi and Wu Guang.

His line of sight had never left them just now, even when he was talking to Lord Sword Spirit. The two of them are the strongest, and their resistance to the evil aura is also the strongest, but as the killing continues, their state has gradually begun to change!

After Wu Guang killed ten bandits, he was completely crazy. Xiong Tingzhi killed two more bandits than Wu Guang before he went crazy!

Shiqi said to himself, “If it is not a 20% evil aura, but a stronger stimulus, they will definitely go crazy faster!”

However, Shiqi was aware of his current endurance ability. Since the last time he forced a breakthrough to the True Origin Realm’s late-stage, his true qi mutated, and the chaotic murderous intrusion invaded him. His whole sanity was permanently affected by the killing aura. Once the evil aura exceeded the 20% limit, he would lose his sanity first!

What would he do if he lost his mind? Shiqi was not going to try.

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